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  1. S

    How to omit cells from automatic calculation?

    I would like to omit some cells (a single column, as it happens) from automatic calculation, but I don't want to switch the entire worksheet/workbook to manual calculation ("F9"). The reason for this is that the column in question contains some fuzzy matching formulas which can take a long time...
  2. M

    memory-friendly summing of dynamic columns?

    Hello, I have a 'data' worksheet full of raw data, including one column, let's say column AE, that is the 'net amount' column. For various reasons, I need to keep a running total of this column displayed on another worksheet. So far I have been doing this with the formula: =SUM(Data!AE:AE)...
  3. jmckeone

    Sum Product vs. Array ... which is faster?

    I'm aware that there are two different methods =sumproduct(--(condition 1)*(condition 2),SUMRANGE) {=SUM(IF(((CONDITION 1)*(CONDITION 2)),TRUE,FALSE))} I often execute such formulas on big spreadsheets and wondered if there is any benefit to using one over the other.

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