calculate time

  1. C

    Calculate total hours from two entries, with in work hours, skipping weekends.

    Recently found this forum after googling for different how-to's. Came across different tutorials that were a little over my head which includes NetworkDays. I am trying to have 2 date entries with time and date formatted like below, that will add together the hours worked within a working hours...
  2. B

    Calculate total hh:mm in BI

    Hi Team, I have tried creating 'sumx' as a measure to calculate the total talk time where the formula is "total_talk_duration" + "Inbound_duration" however the calculation does not seem to work accurately when i tried tallying. Agents total_talk_duration inbound_duration Crystal 01:09:44...
  3. K

    Display amount of time (minutes) for a macro to run... (MS Access 2013)

    How would one insert an action into a Macro in Design View to calculate the amount of time (in minutes) that it took for a macro to run (in MS Access 2013)? Please and thank you.
  4. D

    Calculating incorret time recording

    <tbody> Name Org Day Start End Minutes Incorrect Person 1 A Monday 5:05 pm 6:00 pm 0:55 0:25 Person 2 B Tuesday 5:05 pm 5:15 pm 0:10 0:10 Person 3 C Saturday 6:15 am 2:50 pm 8:35 0:00 </tbody> Hello all, Hoping someone can provide some assistance with...
  5. R

    Calculate hours worked using start and stop times

    The goal is to calculate the number of hours worked based on entries for start time and stop time. The problem is that it automatically deducts 0.5 hours, unless, the start and stop times cross over 2400. For example: Start Time 0600 with Stop Time 1800 will show 11.5 Hours Worked. However...
  6. M

    Convert Text to duration

    Hello, I've seen this questions posted in other variation in this forum, so I think you guys would know the trick. I have downloaded a large file in excel with a column supposedly showing duration: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Example: 0h 5m 16s 0h 5m 33s 0h 6m 2s </tbody> It is...
  7. Smokeyham

    Calculate Closing Time (Rounded to 1/2 Hour) Based on Sunset Time

    Hello, I am trying to set up a system in Excel 2007 (running under Windows 7) to calculate a facility's closing time based upon "rules" about Sunset time. Using the very helpful information from exceldir I was able to download the Sunset times, and convert them using the formula...
  8. C

    Calculate Time between 2 times but excluding a specific time range

    Hi, After looking through loads of previous posts and seen your answers for some othe questions, I'm sure some one can help me with this problem I have. I want to be able to calculate the amount of time taken to complete a task. Now the task length could span into several days, however I only...
  9. G

    Calculating Total Amount of Time in Excel without Start and End times.

    Hi Mr. Excel, I'm using Excel 2007 and Windows XP. General Question: Is there a way to enter an amount of time, in munitues, that can be reported in hours? Then can excel report a sum of time spent from this? Specifics: Enter amount of time spent on a particular project in a worksheet...
  10. G

    Yet another Time Question

    Is it possible to calculate hours if both the start and end time are in the same cell. Unfortunatly the developers of our scheduling program developed it so when you export the schedule to excel it shows Greg in A1 and 3:00pm-9:00pm in A2. I would like to have excel calculate the 6 hours so I...
  11. J

    Need help converting long time calculation to UDF

    Hi All, I work with a lot of time based worksheets for a 24/7 operation and constantly use the formula: =IF($E17>$D17,(HOUR($E17)+(MINUTE($E17)/60))-(HOUR($D17)+(MINUTE($D17)/60)),((HOUR($E17)+24)+(MINUTE($E17)/60))-(HOUR($D17)+(MINUTE($D17)/60))) to calculate times worked where $D17 is...

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