calculating automatically

  1. L

    Calculate total days between two dates in excel based on if another cell is not empty - PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I am sure this has been asked before, but I need all the assistance I can get with this...We have implemented a new tracking system that requires us to calculate the total numbers of days between two dates if one cell contains a date. However, one of the dates you must add one day to it then...
  2. oldeirish

    Help with Pivot Table Data Calculation

    I have data in a Pivot Table that I’m showing Sales by Quarter and Total Sales (Column) and Sales Rep (row). I want to show whether or not the Sales Reps have made the quarterly quota, and whether it’s below or above the quota, and the percentage of the how far away from the budget it is...
  3. B

    Excel re-calculation for almost entire sheet when changing content of empty cell

    Hi peepz, I am really in need of desperate help, I have been trying to find the answer for my question the last 4 hours and haven't got any closer to a solution. The problem has to do with an unexpected change to a small in size "less than 3 mb" but very complex workbook which normally...
  4. R

    Heres a Challenge for anyone!

    Hi guys. ive got a complicated one (i think) if i have a hotel and the room rate is different for each calendar date bracket eg: 01 august - 15 august = £15 16 august - 30 august = £25 Is there a way i can get excel to calulate the price for the customers stay. for example if they were...
  5. V

    Excel is calculating automatically

    I have received one file from somewhere, where putting only 3+2 is giving answer as 5 automatically as well as all "+", "-", "*", "/" are working and giving right answer, my question is, how it become possible?????? Looking forward to have answer.

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