calculation automatic

  1. A

    Inputting raw data from rows and extracting results from temporary formula result into respective rows

    Good day All, I want to input a set of 3 data inputs and extract the results from a formula. The formula itself is linked with many sheets and other formulas and is restricted to 1 row only for the input and result. From the 3 data inputs of a row, I will receive 2 results that will change...
  2. P

    Calculation based on previous transactions

    Hi, I have a problem to solve. I have a data set of 7000 transactions and I need to calculate the amount for each transaction as per below formula. Please note that calculation will be done basis of account number. <tbody> Account Number Value Percentage Amount ABC 1000 0.1 =(B2)*C2-0...
  3. Y

    Calculating variance, sum, average for range of rows during a specific time interval???

    Hello all, I have a huge csv file with a few hundred thousand rows. I would like to perform statistical calculations on it and also obtain the first row value, for each time interval. Example for every 300seconds, I would like to calculate the variance of the total number of rows within the...
  4. H

    Choosing A Flight Dashboard - Any ideas?

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out the best way to create a dashboard that will allow me to find the best flights to book. I have the following raw data: <tbody> Airline Flight # Depart Date Depart Airport Depart Time Arrival Airport Arrival Time Price United UA330 09/28 DFW 5:00pm DEN...
  5. M

    Stamp Duty Calculation formula

    Hi all, I'm creating a property investment calculator and I'm trying to automate the stamp duty calculation with a formula rather than checking the government site for each and every property analysed. Eg, Cell B2 contains the purchase price, Cell J2 needs to show the TAS Stamp Duty payable on...
  6. T

    Calculating end time from a duration excluding break.

    I am currently using a calculation from an older post to calculate end date time using a start date time and a duration. This formula excludes weekends and accounts for a 18hr production day...
  7. L

    Accrued interest Calculation

    Hi all, I have been trying to generate interest calculation automatically for my business. For example if we take one client at a time my business norms is if the balance is unpaid for 10 days then interest is applicable from the date of purchase. II have entered the formula for this and it is...
  8. C

    Is there an easier way?

    Thanks to iliace for the answer to my previous question. I would like find out if there is a simpler or more efficient way to perform the calculations on this excel workbook? It is based on a card game called back alley bridge and automatically keeps score while you are playing the game with...
  9. P

    Workbook autocalculation except in one column

    Dear experts After a few hours of trying different things and not getting anywhere I’ve decided to post something. So basically I have a spreadsheet that will be used as a logging sheet of received goods. The spread sheet is very basic and it has only a few columns that have to be field in...
  10. A

    Cannot reset Application Calculation status to Automatic

    Excel 2010 VBA In order to make the code below run faster, I set the Application to manually calculate formulas. At the end of the code, I turn it back to automatic. However, in the status bar on the spreadsheet it still shows "Ready Calculate". When I hover over "Calculate" is says...
  11. Z

    calculation on every sheet through VBA

    I try to make the same calculation on every specifically named sheet of a file. The structure of every sheet is the same, only the length of rows varies. How can I write this in VBA? Thank you.
  12. I

    Excel 2007 Graphs do not update automatically

    Hi, My excel calculation is set to manual, but even if the cells calculate after I hit F9 or save the file, the graphs plotted from my data sets do not update with the new values. This only occurred today and as a temporary solution, I close and re-open the file for the graphs to update. What...
  13. C

    Help with daily data entry form & calculations

    Hello, I'm hoping I can find a solution. I work in an office where we take daily statstiques which are currently recorded on paper and then coallated at the end of each month. I'm trying to find a solution whereby 1. the same 'form' could be filled in online in excel (this I can do but cant...
  14. 9tanstaafl9

    When exactly DOES calculation need to be auto?

    Many of the posts suggest that unless it needs to be on for some reason, that you should turn calculation to manual at the beginning of your code and back to automatic at the end. Aside from trial and error, are there some basic guidelines for determining when exactly you DO need to have it set...

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