1. G

    Using cell contents to identify sheet in function

    Hi I have a Workbook with 54 sheets in it. I have a sheet for each week and they are named Wk (1) to Wk (52). I have a sheet named "Calculus" that I wish to use to gather the data from each of the 52 sheets to monitor results throughout the year. Currently, I have the following sum in Calculus...
  2. B

    Recalculation of Polynomial Distribution

    Hi, I have a file that I created to calculate a distribution based on time (periods) and total value to create a distribution curve. This is to be used as a forecast/estimate on a project. Output looks like the below. Now that I have my estimated amounts, I want to be able to apply actual data...
  3. C

    Integrals in VBA

    I thought it might be nice to write a function in VBA that would evaluate a definite integral, given a string that represents y as a function of x and the lower and upper limit. Here's what I came up with: Function INTEG(exp As String, min As Double, max As Double) Dim t As Double Dim x As...
  4. K

    Integration, Integrals, Calculus

    I am trying to take a pair of waveforms from an oscilloscope, specifically a voltage waveform and a current waveform, that was acquired from the same source. I want to then multiply the the waveforms together and integrate the resulting product. I want to plot this 'integrated product'...
  5. E

    exponenital growth of referred users

    Hi everyone, I am building a financial model that relies on referrals from current users to drive traffic to the site. In other words, when we sign up a new client, over the course of the next 10 days they will refer 5 other people. Of those 5 people, a % sign up and over the course of the...

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