calendar control

  1. brendalpzm

    Power Apps formula in gallery to apply condition

    I am making a booking system for what I am developing a weekly view calendar, I am creating a gallery for the headers of this calendar. The thing is that in the calendar some months contain a few days from other months, like the follwing picture as you see the month is January (Enero) and...
  2. J

    Interactive Calendar for Daily Reports

    Hi, I want an easy way to access daily reports using a calendar as a dashboard. I have already created the calendar in Excel which runs from 2018 and 5 further years to future proof the document. On a separate tab I have created the Hyperlinks for every daily report for the next 5 years so that...
  3. A

    Populate Text from tracking sheet onto 3 different calendars sheets

    New here! But I need some help automating data within an excel sheet. The attached sheet contains 5 tabs. First tab is a tracking sheet, second tab is a US calendar, third tab is a CA calendar, fourth tab is an AU calendar and the final tab is a list sheet for reference. Using the tracking...
  4. Leandroarb

    A way for make a calendar

    Hi guys! I share this file here, it's a simple way to make a calendar. Download: I use simple functions and creativity. The loop does the opposite way of what I believe would be conventional. When dealing...
  5. I

    Pop-up Calendar to choose and display multiple dates

    How will you use a calendar or month view user form for this one? here are my steps: 1. when the active cell is in column B, a calendar will pop-up 2. From the calendar, i will choose multiple dates and hit OK button or ENTER in my keyboard*If I hit the ESC button on my keyboard, calendar will...
  6. A

    Date calculations in Excel 2016 VBA

    ' The following block of code calculates the service user's age and turns on the 'Child' radio button _ if the service user is under 18 years of age. ' This works fine in Excel 2007 but crashes out in Excel 2016 with a compile error (can't find project or library) on the highlighted line. '...
  7. R

    Calendar error in another PC Macros

    Hi, I've made a program using Calendar Controls on excel 2007, and it's running perfectly in my PC, but when I send the file to a coworker with the same excel version it displays a compile error and highlights the Calendar.Value command, and when I click on design mode on my partner's PC the...
  8. S

    userform calendar in excel 2013

    hello again, I have below questions with which I need help/suggestions please. 1. A userform created in excel 2007 which has calendar control option in additional controls - will this work as it is if system having 2013 on it? 2. How do I get Calendar control in 2013? If not, the code? 3. I...
  9. Grizlore

    Suggestions for the most elegant solution for inserting dates into a Userform (avoid Calendar Controls)

    Hi All, (Happy New Year!) I wish to totally avoid the use of Calendar controls, as I have experienced many issues with them as I need to provide a solution for Users who use several different versions of Excel. I have a Userform which needs two dates. The first is normally the current date...
  10. A

    Send lotus reminder based on date table in excel

    Dear All Excel Experts...I need your immediate help...its been years together I am not getting any help on Lotus Calendar and excel integration.. I am working on a MOM. MOM have certain items need to be completed by certain dates. Many of the times I miss the action item deadline. I wish to...
  11. B

    Popup Calendar Tool for excel 2013

    I'm trying to find an OCX file or something that replaced the DateTimePicker / Common Controls ver 6 (mscomclt2.ocx) to use in Excel? I've tried to load the older version, but it doesn't work.
  12. Prevost

    Display current date on excel calendar

    Hi There, I have read some posts but I am still unsure about this. I have a macro on my sheet that runs whenever I double click certain cells. The calendar pops up and I can select a date from that calendar. Now I know that the calendar date defaults to whenever the calendar was created...
  13. L

    Help making an availability calendar/booking calendar

    Hi All, This is is my first post. i would like to create a calendar that can be used on my website to show open or available spots. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only, we have up to 10 available spots, per day. If possible, I would like to be able to go in on the back end and perhaps...
  14. R

    Loop when Calendar Selected

    Hi... I entered code In my UserForm1 to pop up a calendar when TextBox18 is double clicked. Private Sub TextBox18_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) UserForm3.Show TextBox18.Value = DateValueText End Sub The code for my calendar is: Private Sub Calendar1_Click()...
  15. R

    Using Calendar Control 12.0

    I have inserted Calendar Control 12.0 in to a userform and would like to have the results go into to a test box, located on the same userform. I have tried using the following code to have the selection from the calendar control placed in the textbox: Private Sub Calendar1_Click()...
  16. T

    Calendar Control By Excel vbe

    Can I contral like this??? by excel vbe... or control like this???
  17. already

    Date Picker in 2010

    Hi I just did the upgrade from excel 2007 to 2010 and saw that the calendar control was not supported anymore by office 2010. I found the free wincalendar tool but it is not exact what I want. Any suggestion to replace the old calendar.ocx is welcom. Thanks in advance Al
  18. S

    Excwl 2003 - VBA - Zoom & Calendar Object

    Hi, I would lie to know how I can link my calendar object size to the zoom function located on my toolbar. Example , if the use changes the zoom from 100 to 50 then my calendar object size will resize accordingly... thanks !
  19. S

    Date/Time/Calendar Control to work in multi Excel platforms (2003/2007/2010)?

    Need a Date/Time/Calendar Control to work in multi Excel platforms (2003/2007/2010) please... So... I have several spreadsheets created using Excel 2007 with 'Calendar Control 12.0' controls in them. It wont work in Excel 2010 as that control was removed from Office 2010!!! Now... I also...
  20. N

    Pop Up Calendar Help

    Hi, Does anybody know when I add a pop up calendar on a user form, I am able to choose the date and have the textbox filled while using the mouse, but when using the Arrow keys I can move around from date to date, but I cannot make a selection when I hit the 'Enter' key. Does anybody have a fix...

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