1. R

    Rolling Calendar Attendance and Tardy Tracker

    I'm trying to help my manager create a spreadsheet to track various types of absences and leave. I've linked the spreadsheet here to see what I have set up, but need to figure out how to extract the right data. I am looking for a way to figure out absences based on a rolling calendar year, and...
  2. U

    Recurring Tasks Calendar

    Hello you all! I've been looking for a way to automate a calendar that I use and as of today I fill it manually. It is a calendar of recurring tasks but they change through the weeks of the year. For example I have tasks that are on mondays every 3 weeks. Others that are monday, wednesday and...
  3. S

    Calendar day coloring

    Good Morning, I had a few ideas but most of them involved recreating the calendar and I haven't done that yet...anyway A user came to me asking about formatting a sheet he's got. The workbook is a simple "Planner" for work tours: He inputs a day, then inputs the number of days he's going to...
  4. B

    Ideas on using VBA to build a calendar to schedule conference room

    I have been assigned the task of creating a tool for use by employees in scheduling a conference room. Does anyone have experience with this who could possibly point me in the right direction? My hope was this could be done using VBA. Thanks,
  5. A

    Resource Management and Planning Software

    Hello, I hope everyone is doing good. I am looking for some recommendations regrading the Resource Management and Planning Software. Is there a software, where I can manage and plan my organizational resources (Like a resource planning calendar). Also, everyone should have access to this...
  6. S

    Figuring out current QTR

    Hi, I thought I had this resolved. But starting in October it thinks November is the current QTR. This is my DAX columns I created in the Calendar table. These are the 3 columns i created =IF(MONTH([DATES])-1=0,12,(MONTH([DATES])-1)) = ROUNDUP ([SORT]/3,0) <today(),if(roundup(month(today())...
  7. D

    Utilize drop down to format other cells

    I'm brand new, and struggling. I want to create a drop down menu for a user building a calendar. For example, when the user selects "Weekend" from the drop down menu, the cells within the calendar day are all changed to gray. When they select "Week Day" then it allows the user to make inputs...
  8. E

    Stock market 15 minute calendar

    Hi, So, I'm having a rough go at it trying to create a calendar without manually entering every 26th row. I am attempting to create a 15 minute calendar for Stocks. For example: COL A 9/3/19 9:30 AM 9/3/19 9:45 AM = WORKDAY(A1,1,[holidays])+15/1440 9/3/19 10:00 AM =...
  9. D

    Syncing w Google Calendar

    Is there a way to put a date/time in a cell in Excel and have that then synced to my Google Calendar?
  10. C

    Calendar Coding Using Conditional Formula With A Color Code Of Users Choosing

    I'm having trouble learning this "loop" feature in vba, or even if it's the correct way to do what I'm wanting. I'm looking at changing the day's background fill, or the "interior". I figured out how to do it one box at time, but it seems as though that probably isn't the BEST way to do it and...
  11. L

    Find date

    Hello Mr Excel, I have a calendar that setup to look like a calendar. I need a normal look formula that could find the first day and the last day of an event. <colgroup><col span="9"><col></colgroup><tbody> sun mon tue wen thu fri sat look up a 26-Aug 27-Aug 28-Aug 29-Aug 30-Aug 31-Aug...
  12. B

    VBA Code Question

    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone had a VBA code string to embed an outlook calendar into powerpoint. Thanks!
  13. L

    How to Add a Start & End Date Calendar Boxs to Pwer Bi Dashboard?

    Hi All Greetings, I want to add a start and end date box (Calendar box) in my PowerBi Dashboard is there was of doing it so basically the dash board updates withthe start and end data selected? Example below: Start Date ………………………….. End Date...………………… If anybody...
  14. J

    Booking Tracker

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a booking tracker, for example if I input start and end date per guest/room, this days will be highlighted on calendar. One room can have different guest on different dates range. I was using if(and(vlookup, but only able to have first guest info on the...
  15. Z

    Excel to Outlook Question/Code

    Hello All, Here is my questions / situation. I'm currently working on an excel spreadsheet that has a date of when a document is filed. Once the date is entered, i have a macro that inputs an appointment into my outlook calendar. Now here is what i need to do. Based on information located on...
  16. J

    Calendar form does not pop up after saving from email

    Hello, I'm created an outlook template with a macro-enabled workbook attached. When the recipient saves the workbook, the calendar form doesn't pop up in specified cells even after the person had clicked 'enable content' when the warning message about macros popped up. Is this a problem that...
  17. S

    Excel function for distinct count based on dates match

    Hello, I have data set where order ID's get created for every purchase transaction, whenever there is a change in transaction same order id gets updated and forms a new row. Now i wanted to distinct count how many orders i received per calendar day where the calendar dates sits out side of the...
  18. E

    making list from calendar

    Hello, May i seek help for the formula I can use to make a list of activities from the given calendar setting?
  19. C

    Highlighting a date range within a calendar

    I have this automatic calendar that goes from January 1st 2019 to January 31st, I am required to create a VBA code or otherwise to select a date range at any point in this calendar so that it can be copied and placed into another sheet, I already have a macro that I can use to copy it to another...
  20. C

    Creating a Leave Tracker/Attendance Tracker

    I'm extremely new to excel, initially I created this program in VBA but after running it, it would take over five minutes to process so I had to start over using Excel formulas. I am familiar with coding that's why I decided to do it VBA but the logic is Excel formulas are so complex to me I...

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