call a macro

  1. D

    Carryover variable to called sub

    I am attempting to simplify some VBA code as it has gotten fairly long and is taking an extensive amount of time to run. I have multiple cubes that are updated weekly and I need to copy data from those cubes to a new sheet where I can manipulate and make edits. Rather than having three subs with...
  2. larinda4

    Msg box with 3 options - Call A Sub

    Good morning, I have three separate VBA codes and I want it to run a specific sub depending on the option selected from a MSG box? My three options for the msg box: - WI - WI, H&D - H&D The user will select which one and then I want it to call the sub depending on the selection. Can this be...
  3. H

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Not working

    Hi, I am trying to trigger Macros according to the value cell A2 of Sheet1 is changed to. After changing the value in A2 nothing seems to be happening. What am I missing? Cell A2 is merged with everything up to cell B7, but I have also tried without the cell being merged. Private Sub...
  4. J

    How do I Unhide, Refresh Query and Re-hide rows in VBA???

    Hi All, Another stumbling block on my road to VBA proficiency! This is a weird one. I'm currently stuck trying to run a macro sheet 2 from sheet 1. I only want the macro to execute in sheet 2 (sheet 1 should stay unaffected). Furthermore, when I run the macro, I want to remain on the active...
  5. P

    Call Macros

    Is it possible to call Macro and then edit its variables ? Sub Save_All_Files() Call Account_Name_And_Year_1 Call Data_2021_1 Call Account_Name_And_Year_1 Call Data_2022_1 With Account_Name_And_Year_1 With wb With ws...
  6. P

    Call Sub using Concatenation

    How do I call a Subroutine using Concatenation? Example: I have 9 subs and I want to call one of them. They all begin with: Group_Evens_Down_Slots_wo_ (1 through 9) Would it be something like this?: GN = Range("next_slot") ' ' GN = 3 in this case ' ' Call Group_Evens_Down_Slots_wo_ & GN...
  7. C

    Passing Variables between Macros

    Hi Guys, Unsure if you are able to do this. Example 1. Macro - Sub Test 2. Macro - Sub Test2 Within macro "Test " I'm calling macro "Test2" and passing a variable. The called macro "Test2" does what it needs to do and once completed I need to pass variables back to the main macro "Test"...
  8. D

    My sequence of Macros stops running after one of the macros closes another workbook

    Hi everyone, Hope you're having a great Friday! I am running a sequence of macros as follows: Sub RunMacroSequence_Click() Call ClearContentsBelowRowTwo 'Macro1 Call copyDataFromMultipleWorkbooksIntoMaster 'Macro2 Call ExportOpsManPOReconExport 'Macro3 Call...
  9. I

    Trigger a macro via a hyperlink

    Hi there, I have a series of hyperlinks on a tab that when clicked i want to hide/unhide specific rows. I have looked around online and realize i cannot have more than one Worksheet_FollowHyperlink but that i can build a macro that calls on other macros to work around this. i have built...
  10. bobkap

    "Call" to run other macros

    Is there a limit to how many "Call" statements you can make in a macro? I have a "Master" macro that holds the following 4 statements: Call HST_create_sheet Call HST_move_columns Call HST_Mo_Bill_Format Call Format2 When I run the Master macro only the first two of these run. If I do a...
  11. B

    VBA Call Macro From Hyperlink Not Working

    Hello, I am trying to create a column of hyperlinks that either 1) directs to a customer's workbook, or 2) for new customers, creates a new customer workbook and changes the active cell to make it link to their new workbook. I have a macro that completes this task, called NewCustomer, but am...
  12. J

    Code working by itself, BUT not when "call"ed by another code

    Hi all - I have been recieving some help pertaining to finding empty rows. I got the code to work: Dim nLastrow, bFind As Range Dim ii As Integer For ii = 2 To 5 nLastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row Set bFind = ActiveSheet.Range("C5:" & "C" & nLastrow).Find(What:="B" & ii...
  13. K

    Called a macro I got Runtime Error 91: Object variable or with block not set

    Hi, I have a query regarding my code. I am not sure why am I getting this error when I am calling another macro. I found out that when I am at the MasterData sheet macro works fine. I suspect it there is some discrepancy with the find function and I like to know why. The highlighted debug...
  14. N

    VBA Calling Subs - Efficient?

    Hi Everyone, Not sure if this can be answered easily but here it goes: I've created a module in VBA where I've placed a sub macro containing: Sub BG_UpdatingOFF() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual End Sub Sub BG_UpdatingON()...
  15. B

    Calling a function

    I've got a code that searches a loads database, takes the numbers and puts them into a calculator, gets a number from the calculator and then adds that factored load to another database. To perform each of the major steps in my code, I call a function. Now when I call each function in order...
  16. CsJHUN

    run a "call " when opening a workbook for edit

    Hi guys! I have a private sub on "thisworkbook" Private Sub Workbook_open() Call module.macroname End Sub It is a password protected wb for edit. (So if you didnt give the password when opening you can only read and can't save the file) I want to edit this privatesub for dont run that "call"...
  17. M

    Running VBA on workbook B from VBA in workbook A

    Hi All, I am stuck on an intermediate level of VBA that I cant work out. I have a set of workbooks (Called Set B) that use some BeforeSave VBA to shrink themselves down to a more manageable size before they are saved. I have another workbook (Called Set A) that uses VBA to loop through all of...
  18. J

    Worksheet_Change issues

    Hello eveyrone! New to VBA and this forum (thanks for having me!), but encountered a weird issue with Worksheet_Change. So I have a protected worksheet that I unprotect when macros are running. There are 3 fields where I'm checking for changes. But I'm having an issue with cell E2 where there is...
  19. T

    Hide/Display rows based on Dropdown Value

    The spreadsheet we use at my office is clunky in a number of ways. I recently joined the company, and I'm trying to clean things up for them. I dabble in Excel, but I'm no guru, which is why I need your help. We use Excel 2010. Right now in the model, the team can look at up to 225 sites for...
  20. S

    If cell meets condition then run macro

    Hi all, I have an IF statement where I want code in a different macro executed when a cell is populated with a specific value. My code thus far is below: Sub RUNOPT() Sheets("Main Page").Select If Sheets("Main PAGE").Range("L15") = "A" Then Call RUNA If Sheets("Main PAGE").Range("L15") = "B"...

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