1. S

    Count unless text is in a list

    In this scenario I am trying to track how many calls a staff member made in Jan. The catch is there are some calls that are not eligable for tracking. The ineligable call statuses are in a list. Is there a way to do this? I'm not great with excel, any help is appreciated! Count if the 'month'...
  2. T

    Call Command Looks For Sheet & If Not found End Sub

    Hi all, I am after some help, I use the following code to call a sheet and then produce it as a PDF, then it sets up the email ready to send - this is setup for 200 sheets and rather than make the button call up on active sheets where I have not used ' to negate the call. Is there a way of...
  3. H

    Excel VBA GetFolder from 2 Drive (2 location)

    I had a code which work very well for 1 location (path) Possible to open and run 2 location? Sub GetFolder() Range("A:L").ClearContents Range("A1").Value = "Name" Range("B1").Value = "ParentFolder" Range("A1").Select Dim strPath As String strPath = "K:\VIEWING" 'strPath(0) =...
  4. M

    How to count all rows between multiple ranges that repeat in sheet

    I would like help in trying to come up with a way (Excel VBA?) that will count the number of calls received each day. The report has all of the data in Column A but has months of data separated by text as shown below. I'm wondering if I could create a range between each "Call Date:xx/xx/xxxx"...
  5. T

    Passing arguments in a loop

    Instead of writing this: Option Explicit Sub Calling() Call Module1.Called(somearg:=1) Call Module1.Called(somearg:=2) Call Module1.Called(somearg:=3) End Sub Sub Called(ByRef somearg As Integer) somearg = somearg + 1 End Sub I would like to use...
  6. D

    Selection from drop down box

    I have a drop down box on a sheet called Start_here with 2 options and each option is a town. When the option is selected and a Continue button is pressed I need a header and footer to be loaded onto the sheet quote_sheet depending on the town selected. The headers and footers are images...
  7. L

    Losing my mind over "call" macro

    Hello all. I have a macro that hides and unhides several rows on a sheet, and works perfectly when on I use a button ON THAT SHEET. I have another sheet that has a checkbox that when selected, should run the exact same macro and for some reason it only runs half of it. I'm losing my mind, can...
  8. C

    Googled but cannot find - Automate a "Run All" button

    Greetings Folks, I have tried to figure this out but I've yet to come across something that will allow me to make this happen. Every morning I have to open an Access File and press the "Run All" button which will do the macro that's found in the "Code" area. Is there a way that I can setup...
  9. A

    VBA stops in middle of SQL routine

    Hi, I have VBA routine that calls several sub routines. The subroutines link to oracle and execute .sql scripts. When I run the sub routines individually they run fine, however, when I run the call routine it stops running in the midst of a couple of the sub routines, specifically 'Call...
  10. A

    VBA stops in middle of SQL routine

    Hi, I have VBA routine that calls several sub routines. The subroutines link to oracle and execute .sql scripts. When I run the sub routines individually they run fine, however, when I run the call routine it stops running in the midst of a couple of the sub routines, specifically 'Call...
  11. ExcelNovice

    Running multiple macros with one command button on userform

    Hi, I'm trying to run the following macros from a userform but continues to get an error each time I try: Private Sub CommandButton1_click() Call Worksheets("Sheet1").CommandButton11_click Call Worksheets("Sheet1").CommandButton12_click Call Worksheets("Sheet1").CommandButton13_click Call...
  12. N

    Passing Text Box value to another Text Box

    Hello, I have an inquiry in a userform, if you may help me I have the following textboxes that calculate some values txtAmount has a calculation which I have the code for it and all the below text boxes as well, unless the "txtPaid" I need "txtPaid" to be the same as the "txtTotal" but to be...
  13. L

    User forms and keeping array variables

    Hello, I am making a user form and I'd like it to contain: a drop down list, and 4 labels + 4 text boxes. The idea is after a choice is made in drop down list, 4 label values are changed depending on array position, and 4 text boxes can update the values of the array. So i fill up my array...
  14. J

    Call Center Occupancy

    Hello, I know that calls and AHT are needed to compute for the occupancy. But just wondering if occupancy can also be computed with just staffing requirement and net schedule staffed? Thanks, Jangjang;)
  15. D

    Adding a waiting 3D animated icon to code

    Hello all, My code is working as intended. There is a long waiting period as a consequence of the code run that I would like to call a 3D animated model I have to just run onscreen while the code is running in the background. I cannot figure out how to call it from VBA to appear as this...
  16. R

    Populate then clear

    I'm trying to take a snapshot of600+ different options quotes using my brokerage's RTD API, but they limit meto 100 requests at any one time.<o:p></o:p> I have a Range of cells that theRTD formulas are pasted into then once values have been generated (each cell inrange is > 0) to delete the...
  17. J

    Pivot table calculation question

    I have a pivot table that looks like this Row Label Appointment Email Phone Call Joe 148 302 86 Kate 129 88 303 Ron 157 398 157 Paul...
  18. P

    Copy cells (values & Formatting) from one worksheet to another.

    First off I'm newish to VBA (so please be kind) I trying to write a Sub that will loop through a number of cells (values and formats) from a "Source" worksheet to a "Target" worksheet. I found some code that copies values and formats (one cell at a time). So I put it into nested For Loops and...
  19. R

    Excel VBA: Filtered data returns 2nd result when calling each row

    My sheet named Database has numerous rows of data. The first 2 columns have titles, and the user can select from these titles in a drop down list and filter the data so it only displays results that contain these titles. In addition to this, I have another subroutine called GetNextResult. The...
  20. S

    call macro from a different document

    I am creating a macro in New Outage OSP reporttemplate.xlsm. During this macro,I open document OSP Staffing All Voice.xlsm. the macro being created is New_Outage_macro. OSP Staffing All Voice.xlsmhas a macro already on it called Private Sub cmdcalculate_Click(). I want to call the...

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