1. T

    Passing arguments in a loop

    Instead of writing this: Option Explicit Sub Calling() Call Module1.Called(somearg:=1) Call Module1.Called(somearg:=2) Call Module1.Called(somearg:=3) End Sub Sub Called(ByRef somearg As Integer) somearg = somearg + 1 End Sub I would like to use...
  2. mole999

    Sub is this possible

    I'm having a big problem with a set of routines (I won't explain them) Is it possible to call a routine from a Sub, and return the ID of the calling Sub (maybe its not worth doing) I want to list each sub entry and a time stamp to be able to focus down on what the issue is Sub One Reporting End...
  3. B

    Calling a Sub within the Main Macro

    I am having issues with this string of code: Sub Format_Workbook_Pt2() Sub ConvertTextToNumber() Sheets("All_Data").Select Range("C:C").Select Selection.TextToColumns _ Destination:=Range("A:A"), _ DataType:=xlDelimited End Sub End Sub I...
  4. G

    How to detect Userform 'X' or Cancel click from sub that loaded it

    I have a Sub that loads a userform I created. In the sub, I change a label caption in the form and reuse it using a loop to capture the user's option selection for each new context (but with the same options presented). Load frmExample With ActiveSheet For x = 1 To UBound(vValue)...
  5. L

    VBA - How to get the serial number of UNC Drive Without API calling

    Guys For security reasons I want that my workbook can only be used if it is on a network. This network sometimes is mapped by user with different Letters. I would like to find a way to get the serial number of the network drive based on the UNC path instead of Drive Letter. But I would like to...
  6. R

    New version keeps calling up old version

    Hi folks, OK, got myself in a jam again. :confused: In a major re-building of my project (to make use of stuff I learned here :)), I did a lot of copy/pasting procedures from the old version to the new. Obviously I did something wrong, because the new version keeps calling up (or trying to...
  7. S

    Download error checker

    I have a macro that runs/calls 10 other macros that download pdfs from specified URLs online. these aren't big files... like 5-8mb BUT these are coming via a VERY SLOW satellite link... so if I download 10 pdfs via 11 macros (1 macro that calls each of the 10), is there a way/a macro/piece of...
  8. T

    Passing argument via the calling procedure

    Looking at this: in particular this code: CBTProc = CallNextHookEx _ (lCBTHook, idHook, ByVal wParam, ByVal lParam) What is the significance of adding ByVal? My understanding...
  9. R

    Fill Multiple Cells With Different Header Data

    Have an extracted text file that was imported into Excel. This is the exact format subsequent to import: <tbody> RVICE TY PE : TP SU SP ENSE TYPE : I AA REASON : Invalid Service Traffic Stream T139914 1/12/2016 9:53 I 5578457844 7878515342 ST LUCIA 20:00 TP DD C8 I= O=...
  10. S

    deleting OLE control from inactive worksheet

    Dear Mr.Excel, Happy Holidays; In my Add-In I monitor the SheetActivate event, and create an OLE control by calling active sheet's .OLEObjects.Add() method. When the sheet de-activates its SheetDeactivate event is fired and I need to delete the control by calling its .Delete() member. Excel is...
  11. M

    Function is changing a variable in the calling subroutine

    Hi, I am noticing an unusual behavior that a called function changes a variable of the calling subroutine. As shown below, subroutine Change_rows() is calling Clean_formula(). What I am noticing is that when the control comes back to Change_rows() the value in formula1 is the same as that in...
  12. S

    Suppress displayalerts when calling procedure in another workbook

    Hi all, I am calling a procedure in another workbook with VBA. The workbook is already open. I am trying to suppress all alerts with application.displayalerts = False. I added the application.displayalerts in both procedures. But after calling the procedure in the other workbook I am still...
  13. Mackeral

    Why is this Variable

    I have this codeRow_Id = "0a" Call Parse_Line(Prog, 0, Line, Orig_Code, Calling, Row_Id) which calls this function with a line of code in it:Function Parse_Line(Prog, Lvl, Code, Orig_Code, Calling, Row_Id) As Boolean Flag = Parse_Expression(Prog, Lvl, Code, Orig_Code, Calling, Row_Id)...
  14. S

    ThisWorkbook Open Script not functioning

    I have a workbook that works when ran from a button added to one of the sheets calling a Macro called Monster. In the Private Sub Workbook_Open() I have it calling the same function, but it does not handle to code properly.
  15. C

    1004 Error calling Macro from another Workbook---only on some

    Hey all, having a very irritating error that I can't get resolved...I am opening and calling the same Function name from 6 workbooks. 4 of them it works perfecly fine. The other 2, I get the dreaded "Error 1004 The macro cannot be ran or macros are disabled". Everything is right. The...
  16. A

    VBA calling a bat file not working on different workstation

    Hi there, I wrote a macro which is creating a bat file with values from excel cells and calling it as well. The excel and bat file are placed on a network server. Everything is working perfectly(writing the bat file, calling it, running the commands in cmd) when I run it from my workstation...
  17. J

    sub is getting ignored from call subs

    Sub savereport() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False ChDrive Left(ActiveWorkbook.Path, 2) ChDir ActiveWorkbook.Path SaveAsName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(FileFilter:="Excel Files (*.xlsx), *.xlsx") If SaveAsName <> False Then...
  18. E

    Change a section of code when calling it

    Hi I have a simple code i want to call in several occasions. Is it possible to change "qwr" when calling it? ActiveSheet.ListObjects(1).ListColumns("qwr").DataBodyRange.ClearContents Cheers!
  19. R

    Call a Macro from another WB - Run-time Error '1004'

    Hi everyone, I have written several macros to grab data from an external source and copy it to the open workbook but occasionally the exact same codes runs into the Run-time Error 1004. The setup is I have around 20 Workbooks each which have the below code within them referring to a single...
  20. S

    Vba syntax question: Passing variables into Function, returning array of longs

    Something like... dim retArray (0 to 1) as Long reDim retArray ( 0 to 1) retArray = doSomething(wSheet, searchVal, rngStart, rngEnd) ( Function doSomething(w, srch, begin, end) () retArray(0) = 100,000 retArray(1) = 5 doSomething = retArray End function The psuedo-code...

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