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    can't see macro moved from workbook into personal.xlsb

    I am using W10 and excel 365 home subscription I created an excel vba module in a workbook, A, and tested it out. I could test it out in debug, but had no idea how to make the spreadsheet ="see" the code module. I then wanted to move the module into personal.xlsb as I could use this code in...
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    Excel does not display data the same on 2 different computers

    I did a small project for a local company that imports data from 2 source files (2 sets of 1000+ rows) and then looks for matching rows based on identifying characteristics. The project needed a small change because one of the source file providers changed their date entries to text strings. I...
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    Wird behavior of Excel

    Hi dudes, My Excel is behaving wird, always I open a file, I cannot see anything, like I would close all windows into Excel but with the program still running, so I have to restore down and maximize Excel everytime I work with this in order to see the file. Thanks and regards.

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