1. R

    Automatically shift columns based on start/end date

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project employee capacity-sheet, with several projects and the capacity for each month. I want the percentages (D2:M4) shifted automatically when I, let's say, change the end date to 2023-05. How do I achieve this? Thank you so much in advance! :-)...
  2. E

    Maximum possible allocation given constraints

    Hey Guys, I'm not too sure how to approach this but i think it's a VBA problem and i'm having a lot of trouble figuring it out. Apologies in advance... it's a long one lol TL;DR The problem is i'm trying to find the optimal allocations to result in the highest possible value given some...
  3. R

    How do I make a VBA SUMIFS reference the right sheet?

    Hello hello hello, I'm trying to replace a formula within a Macro to optimise my code a bit. Previously, this was written and references a workbook called Capacity that was already opened previously in the code: Range("Z3:Z" & Lastrow).FormulaR1C1 =...
  4. P

    Is it possible to bold c ertain items in a listbox?

    I have a userform with a text field. Is it possible to bold certain items in a listbox based on the value entered in the text field? For example, I have a worksheet that contains the max capacity of each room. A list of rooms available for booking will be listed in the listbox. In the...
  5. A

    Capacity Constraints and Scheduling...

    I have a list of parts that has x amount of minutes to produce. I have a limited capacity each week. I would like to create an easy way to create a "matrix" that shows how the production minutes can be distributed. I need to be able to change the capacity as necessary...
  6. R

    match multiple columns

    Hello! I need help on using the match function across multiple columns. Here is my example: <tbody> Capacities Angle Angle Angle Width 0 deg 5 deg 10 deg 32 555 444 333 18 433 420 290 12 306 285 222 </tbody> <tbody> Capacity 315 Angle 10 deg </tbody> I want a cell to return...
  7. C

    Index + Match + Min +ABS + IF

    So I started off thinking this was "easy"... I have two values and need to find the best match and return a result (3 columns) Input 1: Distance (Actual) Input 2: Capacity (Needed) Column 1: Distance (Max) - Need to solve for closest larger than (Can do separately) Column 2: Capacity...
  8. K

    month capacity alert

    Guys, I have two text boxes on my user form"start date" & "end date", and I need to compare their values with a table in the excel workbook. for example, if the start date is 4/21/2018 and the end date is 5/15/2018. I need the VBA to search in a table in sheet2 if any of these months has...
  9. L

    Capacity Planning Structure

    Hi guys Am having one of those days ! and really struggling with putting a table structure together to capture info that I require for capacity planning. Can't figure which is the best way and which to use as rows and which as columns etc.. Here's what I need. For a list of resources I need...
  10. K

    How to match the data in different table

    Hi everyone, I have a set of data as Table 1. I would like to have a formula to link the Target capacity in Table 1 to Table 2. Example, in Table 2, date 1, I need the result to return as 68.25 when the machine (G1) when it is running product 2T. Same goes to others machines. Thank you.. Table...
  11. K

    VBA - Colour code a string of text

    Hi, I am currently using the vba code below to turn the sentence "Deal capacity over 95%" to red, however, the issue I am facing is that it turns all text in that cell red, not just the statement "Deal capacity over 95%". Is there a way I can stop the whole cell text turning red and just turn...
  12. J

    Allocating Amounts into Bucket

    Hi There, Here is the problem: Say I have 5 inventory of products (liquids): Jan Feb Mar Milk 5 10 1 Water 7 8 40 Orange Juice 10 32 3 Now say I have the following containers: Container 1 - capacity 1 Container 2 -...
  13. A

    VBA to display borders and cell color from a certain validated data list selection

    Hello, How would I be able to get VBA to display borders and cell color from a selected item from my validated data list? I have some code listed here. The first part the data validation list works just fine. I am wanting to add a if statement that runs with the selection of "of Capacity". I...
  14. H

    calculate the numbers to reach a number knowing the percenage to add to the first number?

    Hi, Sorry if this is trivial, but I can't internet search this properly cause it is difficult to explain my question to a search engine :( I am working on a capacity planning spreadsheet. If can do 100 units of work, but I know that if someone assigns me 100 units of work but it may be 50%...
  15. 9

    Excel capacities - how to deal with a functionally uneditable file (block of large array formulas almost undeletable)

    Apologies if I’m in the wrong forum please redirect me. Large (~300mb) .xlsm project ridiculously slow for months (½ hour just to load). Finally tracked it down I think to somehow a complex array formula referencing several sheets mistakenly copied into 200,000+ cells. Now even trying to delete...
  16. M

    Excel model to affect Outbound Capacity Constraints

    Hi all, Happy bank holiday from the UK. I'm trying to create an Excel model which tracks my outbound capacity from a warehouse and identifies where the capacity is forecast to be exceeded, and adjusts the outbound volume to the weeks where there is spare capacity. <tbody> At the moment I...
  17. B

    Widget order and production vs. capacity simulation

    Hi All, I'd be grateful if you could have a look at the scenario below and contribute any suggestions please: Scenario We have 5,000 widgets available to order We make widgets to order and can produce 50 a day It's important we can tell customers their expected wait time for their widget...
  18. E

    Distributing a number/volume across multiple cells where the max possible value of each cell can be defined.

    I've a list of servers (rows) that I'd like to spread a total load across. Each has a max load, & a recommended % load threshold to prevent issues. Different servers have different max loads. (Note... For the non server nerds equally this could work for team members and tasks rather than...
  19. H

    Raising some variables considering their min and max amounts and the priority of respecting all mins

    Hello guys, I have found the answer of a bunch of my questions through communicating in this website and hope this time be the same. PROBLEM: take some parameters (i) each with a minimum and maximum capacity. I have an amount of entry which can be assigned to each parameter so that at least...
  20. G

    Insert more words and sentence in comment box

    How many lines or words i can insert in a comment box? I am unable to insert more than 11 lines. Need help please. Looking forward to your early help. Many thanks.

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