1. Jaafar Tribak

    Can we place an Icon and a Caption on a CommandButton ?

    Hi, I have a commandbutton on a userform and I want place on it an icon and a descriptive text below it. Based on a couple of testings, I managed to add an icon to the commandbutton without obscuring the caption text BUT it only works if the icon is very small (16x16) which results in a...
  2. P

    Populate a Userform Caption using a Named Range

    Hi All, I'm new to VBA so hope this question isn't too dumb! I'd like to add a "Key" to a user form that can dynamically update should it need to. Currently the user form has a number of comboboxes which have shortened codes in them to make entering the data faster, and so the resultant...
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    Drawing on UserForm Title-Bar and adding some cool formatting

    Hi dear forum, I am posting here some code that I have been working on in recent days. The code allows users to apply the following cool-looking niceties to their userforms: 1- Change the color of the Non-Client Area and optionally, add a gradient fill. 2- Change the Font of the caption text ...
  4. D

    Command button caption to show what is selected in the listbox.

    Hi, Please can someone help me? I would like my commandbutton1 caption to show what is selected in my listbox1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  5. TAPS_MikeDion

    Formatting a label caption as "$##,###.##"

    Does anyone know why I cannot get the following code to show the digits after the decimal point in my label caption? Budget is the label name. Everything works great except for the fact that I can't get it to display the cents. 1900 displays as "$1,900." 1900.00 displays as "$1,900." No...
  6. B

    Code to change caption of labels

    Hello all, Im using the following code to change the caption of labels rivate Sub Label5_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) Dim stCaption As String stCaption = InputBox("Add new caption", , Label5) If stCaption = vbNullString Then Exit Sub Label5 = stCaption...
  7. Y

    listbox value to label's caption

    I have a listbox with multi column, using this code listbox1.value = label1.caption the label only displays the text on the first column without the remaining columns. for instance, cat pillar the label should display "catpillar"
  8. A

    Lable caption base on last entry in column

    Me.Label15.Caption = Format(Sheets("list").Range("H1").Value, "###,##0") Hello I have a userform and Label15 caption shows the H1 cells data at worksheet"list" Is there any way to change that code will look column H and last entry will populate at Label15 always? Thanks
  9. L

    label.caption = 1

    Hi I just watched a video. He created a form then inserted a label and a command button. Then he made the label Caption =1, then clicked on command button and wrote the code below. So when a user click the button the caption will increment by 1 Why is that? I changed the caption from 1 to Hello...
  10. S

    Userform Caption

    Anyone know if it's possible to set a userform caption to equal the contents of a cell? Thanks
  11. D

    Copy and paste to the caption of a label

    What is the vba code to copy text in a cell I25 and paste it in the caption of a label?
  12. M

    Is there a way to make a checkbox's Caption dynamic

    Hello Excelgurus, I've incorporated a bunch of checkboxes in my workbook. The captions of those checkboxes are the first names of staff members. I've added those checkboxes manually and I also manually changed the caption to that particular person's first name. I was wondering if it's possible...
  13. A

    Dynamically Change Label Caption In VBA

    Hello All, I have created one user form which contains two combo boxes one frame called frame1 and one command button. Inside Fram1, I have 42 labels which are named from Label1 to Label42. From drop down of combo box, I select month and year. Based on these two values, caption of the label...
  14. A

    Option Button Caption to be picked from Cell Value

    Dear Sir I just need a way out that option button caption / name should be pick from cell values; Like option button 1 should be linked with Cell A1 accordingly Option Button 7 linked with Cell A7 When we changed values in cell, option button caption may also be changed. Regards
  15. C

    Embedded files within excel naming

    In Excel, when I go to Insert/Text/Object/Create from File/Display as icon then Browse and find the file I am wanting to embed. Then go to Change icon and ensure that my Caption box is the exact name of the file I am wanting to embed, then click OK. It successfully embeds the file and shows...
  16. F

    VBA: Show custom title in Excel caption

    This is just a small part of my workbook open code, but the only question is about the use of the caption property. Using the With Application makes the caption spread to all open workbooks, but I need this just on the workbook that contains the code. I tried a few examples like...
  17. E

    Simple Question on Screenupdating

    No biggie here. While some of my macros are running, I have ScreenUpdating=false . I update the progress for the user by changing the Caption on a Command Button and then turn on Updating and then turn it off. It works just fine. I was wondering, however, if there was a way around turning...
  18. Z

    Vbe design mode

    Is there a way in design mode to have the properties dialog box caption set up for taking its value you from a sheet cell. Making the caption varible in design as well.
  19. C

    VBA raw eraser given specified column cell Value(s)

    First of all, thank you sparing a moment reading and trying to help. Its been couple of months that I am trying to develop a solution by myself combining idea's from other forums without success. Target: - From a Global file with area's and blank rows. Example in Caption 1 - Be able to let a...
  20. V

    Access query results in Excel with Captions

    Hi Have a VBA code that imports data from access query to excel but without formatting. I have given query fields names in in caption field but when i export it to excel, instead of caption names comes data fields names. Have lot googled on this but no gain !! have spent many hours on...

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