1. A

    Carriage (Enter) instead of word wrap

    Can someone as assist with a code that will enter a carriage (Enter) whenever the multi-line textbox wraps the string to the next line. I know the multi-line textbox will do this for me, but I need this to enter it a cell to indicate to separate line. Thanks for you
  2. D

    Carriage return of text in a footer

    I have code that enters text in a footer, how do I force vba to enter a carriage return in the footer so the text is on more than 1 line?
  3. Z

    Carriage Return or Line Break or ALT+Enter in Cell problem

    Why Carriage Return or Line Break or ALT+Enter adding automatically in every excel cell ? is it a virus or corrupted excel software because I did not put anything its auto adding in every cell ? I have reinstall office 2013 many times and windows 7 also but same problem every time. please help...
  4. B

    Excel remove ONLY trailing carriage returns

    I'm trying to remove only the trailing carriage returns from my data. Sometimes there's 1, sometimes 2 or more. I don't want to remove other line breaks, only the trailing ones. Can anyone kindly assist?
  5. F

    Excel VBA creates PowerPoint Table - how to control bullet points?

    Right now I have code that creates a table in PowerPoint 3 rows x 2 columns. This is created from a worksheet in Excel, by copying a 2x3 range of cells. Within each cell are multiple lines of text. The problem I face is that the text in PowerPoint needs to be bulleted. I used the following...
  6. Nelson78

    VBA: carriage return in place of ;

    Hello everybody. I have a range composed by cells with data separeted by ; for example 125; 545; 5498; 154 Now, inside the cells, I need carriage returns to turn the text into this way: 125 545 5498 154 My unsuccessful attempt: range.Replace what:=";", replacement:=vbNewLine...
  7. P

    Combining text from multiple cells into one cell with carriage return

    I want to make macro to combine a group of data (separated by blank rows) from multiple cells in a column into one cell with carriage return (alt+enter) between each cell value. Can somebody help me with this. see below: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  8. Roderick_E

    Templating Engine Carriage Return

    Hi there, trying to make a templating engine udf function to handle string replacement but I can't seem to figure out how to handle carriage returns. I want to insert a carriage return when my engine processes <cr> string. Here's my code. The red line is my attempt to do the carriage return...
  9. J

    date/time format with carriage returnt

    Hi, any thoughts/solution son how I can have the date/time as indicated in code below. I would like same cell to display date top line, carriage return and time below date, all same cell. The following doesn't quite do it Cells(1, "A").Value = Format(Now(), "ddmmmyy & Chr(10)HH:mm ") thanks...
  10. rjbinney

    Importing Formatted DOCX Text Into an Excel Sheet

    I thought this would be super easy-peasy. But man I am stuck. I have a Word table - that has formatted text (bold, italic, indents, bullets, and carriage returns inside the cell) that I need to preserve. I'd like to be able to put that inside a spreadsheet. But when I copy-and-paste, it...
  11. RobbieC

    VBA - disable {ENTER} key but enable carriage return in cell...

    Hi there, I have a workbook which is purely for user input ie. the user is just inputting data. Many of the cells are designed to hold large amounts of text (which are formatted to wrap text). However when many people type, they like to hit the {return} key to invoke a carriage return. Excel...
  12. C

    Trim cell that has carriage return and split

    Hi, Had a macro that worked, they have now changed the data. I have a column that can contain a name with the following after the name , space, then (Team Member) ie George Smith (Team Member) The next cell may have up to 6 names, each with (Team Member); after each name Gary Wing (Team...
  13. E

    Can I use clean() with an array reference in index-match-match?

    I built a spreadsheet for a coworker that takes data from a website and collates it into a nice sheet that's linked into a Powerpoint that is displayed at a weekly meeting. I have the sheet set up so that is uses index-match-match to pull specific values from an array on another sheet...
  14. M

    Carriage Return Not Needed

    I am attempting to write to a txt file in excel from two separate ranges in 2 different sheets. Below is the code that works, but it leaves a carriage return at the end of the txt file that I cannot have when importing into our software. Could anyone be able to help a VBA beginner out with this...
  15. P

    Saving .csv files from excel without final Carriage Return.

    Apologies if this has been answered before, I can find similar topics but not an exact solution I need to create a .csv file from data in an excel worksheet for use in another application. When the csv file is created there is always a final carriage return / blank line which requires manually...
  16. F

    Problem after exporting Outlook emails into Excel

    Hi there everyone I've just converted a bunch of emails from an Outlook folder into Excel. All went well except for the field that is the body of the email is causing me an issue. In Excel, the converted field shows in the cell as e.g.: Name John Smith Company John Smith Limited Position...
  17. V

    VBA - Importing CSV File as Text removing LF and CR from String between Quotes before Importing

    Hello Everyone, I'm writing a Macro where I need to Import a CSV file as text where each line is not Delimited, but has a Fixed Width or is altogether. It also has to delete or not consider LF or CR that are between quotes before importing the data. So basically I'm trying to put every line in...
  18. L

    Help continuing vba code onto a new line..

    Hello, I have some code and I can't figure out how to continue it on a new line. I have to be able to do it somehow otherwise it's going to be a really long (horizontally) row. I've tried a bunch of combinations of " _ , "_, _, etc and nothing seems to work for some reason. Any help would be...
  19. B

    Press enter to start a new lin in a cell

    Hi, I have a merged cell - B61 (B61:H68) in which I want to type notes. I want to be able to hit enter and start a new line in the cell. I know Alt-Enter does this, but end-users of this spreadsheet will not know this trick. Is there VBA code I can use? Thanks in advance......:)

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