1. L

    Need to paste multiple rows in Excel multiple times

    I am looking for a macro perhaps. I have 3 rows of data Columns C to G I want to paste multiple times. Perhaps thousands of times. Is there a way I can cope C1:G3 and then paste it a number of times? I would like in some cases this to be 300 times, and in other cases 1500 times.
  2. A

    Need to solve a mathematical problem and I must use two fonctions to do it.

    Hi, I need to solve this using 2 fonctions (not 1, not 3). You hire an employee to pick up tomatos.If he picks up 8 cases an hour, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, but you guarantee him a minimum of 4 weeks, how many days do you hire him for 1000 cases? I'm really stuck with this one and I cant...
  3. T

    VBA Assigning workload evening to available users

    Hello, I'm trying to work on creating a spreadsheet that will automatically assign cases to available users evenly (Assigned user goes in column A) For the attached example I have 217 cases and 13 available users. I need items assigned out as a priority as follows: Cases with "Late...
  4. T

    Evenly assign workload to available employees following priority

    Hello! I have a spreadsheet with a list of items each day pertaining to cases employees work. Each case has an assigned owner but cases pile up and need to be evenly distributed. I’ve attached a dumbed down version of my spreadsheet without sensitive information. I need to assign the list...
  5. I

    Matching, lookup, or returning rows based on date

    Hello, I fairly new here this is the first time that I have ever posted on the forum but have visited here for other information that i have stumbled across. Hopefully, someone can help me figure out how to do it or tell me that it's not possible. I work as a case manager and I am trying to...
  6. S

    VBA - to paste between worksheets depending on cell values

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some assistance please with some VBA to paste between worksheets. I have a workbook with three tabs all containing the same headers and I am looking for VBA to help paste rows from the first tab to the second or third when there is a certain value in columns V or...
  7. B

    Inventory Sorting

    Hey everyone! I have a spread sheet that comes from a 3rd party and it lists ALL the beer packages in a particular store and how many CASES of each were sold. I need a formula that will break the cases into units, but only when necessary. For example: COLUMN A...
  8. T

    Sort array or sort string other way

    I have cell A1 which has string: -18 -11 -15 -8 -2 -5 -20 -14 -10 -7 0 -13 -19 -4 -1 -12 -6 -3 -9 I need to sort this string to be like: 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19 -20 Or string: 18 11 15 8 2 5 20 14 10 7 0 13 19 4 1 12 6 3 9 To be like 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7...
  9. I

    Formula for a dozen

    I have a qty in Column E. I need a formula that will divide by 12 and then count the extra. I have 66 in Column E. I need 5 (for 5 cases of 12) in column G and 6 (for 6 extra boxes) in column H. Can anyone help with this?
  10. D

    Refresh All Question

    Hello, When I use the below Macro and I open any other workbook when I have my 'CS Tech Cases - Bothell' book open it will try and refresh other workbooks as well. Is there a way that I can only have it refresh the 'CS Tech Cases - Bothell' and no other workbooks opened? I thought having...
  11. C

    Percentages of numbers

    So Im working on a sheet to measure performance in our warehouse. A1=226 cases per hour B1 = 74% (performance) In order for me to see what A1 would look like if B2 were 100% I make a formula like this "A1/B1" which equals 306 cases per hour. That's all fine and dandy, but what if i want to...
  12. J

    VBA Help

    Hi All, I need help on the following VBA code. I need to amend the formula below into a VBA code. I need to amend the 'O2:O662' section to show O2:O" & lastrow (used in previous VBA) or something that will work. =CONCATENATE("Number of Cases"," ",COUNTIF(O2:O662,">=£0.01")," ","out of","...
  13. M

    how to split multi line cell contents of two column into separated rows in excel using VBA

    Hi All, I'm Currently facing issue in splitting my Multi-Line cell contents into separate Rows in excel VBA. I tried searching in Internet the solution which i could find is for only one column Multi-line cell, i have two column multi line cell and i want to split the same. For more clarity I...
  14. Welsh Mark3

    address Cleaning / Standardization

    I have a file of about 2500 companies, however, the addresses are very badly formatted. There are no real defined column names such as address line 1, city state zip. In many cases the data is spread over many columns and if some cases repeated. I would like to create an output where these...
  15. S

    Select Case - With multiple variables?

    Hi All I have a bunch of data and I need a why to test if a set of conditions are met, and then do more code if different sets are. For example, 3 variables which are in A1, B1 & C1. I was wondering if there was a way to get a select case type code to work but each case is testing each value...
  16. M

    Find the first occurence of a value in a column

    Hi, Can somebody please help me out here. When the Pass/Fail becomes True, only at that point I want to take the average value in the third column(Load (=(B2+B3)/2)). But I only want to take the average when the pass/fail becomes TRUE in the first instance for each iteration(in this case -...
  17. E

    How to model this?

    Hello, I want to model the processing of some cases, so I know the process time of each case and the number of employees, so I can find the end date. However, depending on the deadline, the cases may need to be reprocessed every a fixed number of months, so that the total number of cases may...
  18. I

    Delete words in a single column

    I have column F10 where i have the "Quantity", in each cell, I have a number + cases or each or lbs, or Cases. I want to remove the words, just keep the number. Any help, scripts are welcome. Thank you <tbody> Quantity 1 Cases 1 cases 11 lbs 3 each </tbody>
  19. S

    If statement <> 25%

    Hi All, I’m trying to create a replenishment tool, and I want to come as close to shipping master cases as possible. Current replenishment = 190 Master Case = 105 I am trying to create a formula that looks at the current replenishment (190), and if it is within 25% of however many master...
  20. W

    Trying to figure out the average number of occupied rooms in a given time range...

    A little background... I work in a very busy surgical services department. We have a lot of rooms doing cases in a give day. We want to figure out how many cases are occupying rooms in a given time range. These ranges are: 0600-1500, 1500-1900, and 1900-2100 I already maintain a spreadsheet...

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