1. R

    distribute recurring expenses over years by matching dates to enter amounts in cells for daily totals

    I have a very large spreadsheet that will show daily expenses for over 2 years. I want to be able to quickly enter regularly recurring expenses and see daily totals. I then plan to add income later and calculate daily cash-flow. I though I had found a suitable formula and everything seemed to...
  2. L

    Help with XIRR - Something it's wrong

    Hello! My name is Cristian and I'm from Ushuaia, Argentina, so, my apologies if I write it incorrectly. I have a problem using XIRR in Excel (and Openoffice Calc) When I use this cashflow feb-07-2014 -20000 mar-12-2014 73375.05 sep-10-2014 4400 oct-10-2014 4400 nov-10-2014 4400 dic-10-2014...
  3. J

    Filter Array Formula Results

    Hi, A B C D Starting Balance 120.00 150.00 200.00 Net Cashflow 0.00 -80.00 500.00 Ending Balance 120.00 30.00 700.00 I know I can get the whole row returned {0.00...
  4. G

    Portfolio Rollup VBA

    I'd like to create a portfolio of "Projects" by duplicating the cashflows from a single Project based on a velocity and schedule of basic assumptions (number of projects per month during a range of months or years). I uploaded an illustration of the desired output to dropbox here. Thanks in...
  5. Z

    cashflow format

    i am lookin for a daily cashflow format --a simple one do you have any format to use:eeek:
  6. D

    Cashflow modelling

    I have two sheets - one with variable data split out by days: <tbody> Day Number 1 2 3 1 2 3 Date 01/11/2017 02/11/2017 03/11/2017 etc etc 01/12/2017 02/12/2017 03/12/2018 New Customers 1 5 10 2 4 6 </tbody> Each new customer will pay by direct debit the...
  7. A

    Positive NPV yet IRR < WACC

    Hi Guys, I'm having an odd result in excel. I have a project with a positive NPV but the IRR excel is giving me (both IRR and XIRR formulas) is LESS than the WACC. It does not make sense, if NPV > 0 then IRR should also be > WACC. The CF's in the project do change signs in between and go from...
  8. E

    IRR without listing values

    Hi there, I'm trying to simplify how I use the IRR formula when calculating the IRR of a fixed income investment over a given term. Rather than listing out each years cashflow in cells A1:A5 and then using =IRR(A1:A5), I'd like to be able to create a formula along the lines of =IRR((annual...
  9. G

    macro - copying data in a row to another sheet

    Hi all, I am a novice to vba and macros so I apologize in advance. On one tab (data), I have a list of project numbers in column A ranging from A2:A12. Each project has a Construction date (column b), Construction cost (column C), Top phase date (column d), top phase cost (column e) so on and...
  10. R

    SUMIF formula only looking for the Month not the Days

    I use a SUMIF formula for a cash-flow to extract any payment made on a certain month to accumulate in the cashflow for that month. The problem I am having is the payment dates need to be put in at the first of each month (i.e 01/04/2014 even if it was actually paid on 14/04/14). Is there a...
  11. V

    Solving for Target XIRR

    Hi - I have a series of cashflows & dates going out to 2050. I have a target IRR of 10%. Going out to 2050 with my casfhlows definitely covers the 10% and more. I am trying to find a formula, or a way to be able to solve for how far out I need to go to hit my target IRR of 10%. Any thoughts...
  12. D

    Real estate Cashflow

    Hiii Greetings!!! I have a worksheet with the following parameters a) Sales Projected b) Project Schedule c) Payment Plan A payment plan is to be derived by taking the following criterias:- • When a person buys a unit he has to pay the cumulative percentage(multiplied by Bsp ) till date...
  13. R

    Spread Spend Based Between Dates

    Afternoon all and hope I find you well. I have created a working sheet, but the management and user-friendliness are around 1 out of 10. I am usually able to get cells to do what I need, but not in a space saving, tidy way and wondered if there is a simple solution to what I try to update...
  14. B

    Excel forumula for cashflow, please help

    I am attempting to create a formula for a cashflow sheet from an extensive budget spreadsheet. Below is what I am attempting to produce in plane English. Any help would be great. I can get the monthly cost but am having a hard time getting it to roll out over the months of the year. Formula...

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