Help with XIRR - Something it's wrong


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Aug 29, 2018
Hello! My name is Cristian and I'm from Ushuaia, Argentina, so, my apologies if I write it incorrectly.

I have a problem using XIRR in Excel (and Openoffice Calc)

When I use this cashflow

feb-07-2014 -20000
mar-12-2014 73375.05
sep-10-2014 4400
oct-10-2014 4400
nov-10-2014 4400
dic-10-2014 4400
ene-10-2015 4400
feb-10-2015 4400

XIRR rate it's too high. It's 175482535%

Here is another example

oct-19-2013 -20000,00
dec-10-2013 5391.00
dec-16-2013 67782.87
feb-06-2014 6952.66
feb-06-2014 3047.34

In this case, XIRR is 482085%

What does it mean? It's weird and it doesn't look right.
What can I do to get a consistent rate? I have a lot of cashflows with that kind of results. Something it's wrong.
Could somebody helpme?

Thank you!


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Aug 1, 2002
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