1. C

    Pulling Data with 2 constraints

    Hi, I am trying to set up a calculation that calculates the flow RATE between dates where I actually have data. In the example table below, I have a total flow of 90 gallons on 05/05, and a total flow of 30 gallons on 05/02. Obviously, I don't want to have the formula set up to where its...
  2. C

    Cumulative amounts at different threshold rates

    Hi, There are many ways to calculate what I need to do but I can't seem to finish any route that I've attempted. I'm trying to calculate excise tax rates for gallons of alcohol transferred. The first 30K gallons cost 1.00/gallon, the next 100K (30,001-130,000) cost 0.90/gallon, and anything...
  3. apgmin


    If I Deposit $ 250 in a scheme, I get returns as under Cell value of Year 1 = A1 what is the yield of the scheme YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 YEAR 5 YEAR 6 YEAR 7 YEAR 8 YEAR 9 YEAR 10 TOTAL 0 0 0 4.30 28.61 44.52 65.44 100.42 112.12 374.89 730.30
  4. S

    Calculate hourly rate when SOME of the records are LESS than an hour?

    My formula is Daily Rate / (Total Hours * 24) Worked great until I hit a computation with 53 minutes. Background: job pays $45, and can take up to 3 hours, but often takes less time. For the first time, the job only took 53 minutes. The formula returns an hourly rate of $0.08 instead of a...
  5. Y

    Formula to make list shorter

    Hi guys, I was wondering if somebody could help me with the following. I have three columns, if somebody dials 93xxxxxxxx numbers the rate wil be charged 0.1575, and if someone dials 9320xxxxx the rate will also be charged0.1575. In this case i want to delete the row with the prefix 9320...
  6. K

    From excel timesheet create a import file csv

    Hi, really hoping for some help please. I have a excel timesheet which details hours worked against different pay elements. For example , columns would be ... Ee no., name, no.of hrs, hourly rate, total pay. Header above theses columns would be PE Basic pay( 88). Following to the right , the...
  7. Y

    Finding a value based on an effective date with multiple criteria

    I have a sheet with pay rates. There are about 80 different pay rates that differ for age, gender and competition type. Rather than have a sheet with a rate for every day of the year for the past 12 years I'm wondering if there is a way to do this with effective dates. So when I'm looking up a...
  8. T

    Excel 2010 Charts Question

    Hi, I a trying to create a 2-d column chart that has a secondary axis on the right hand side to show percentages using the data below Sales Success Rate Pre Launch 20000 15% Post Launch 30000 20% I want to see...
  9. reneev

    Pull info from First Column with Data

    I have a spreadsheet with Positions down the side and Steps across the top and the rates in the columns. I need a formula that will pull the rate for the first available step into one column. So for receptionist, it would pull the Step 1 rate, for Technician it would pull the Step 3 rate and...
  10. L

    multiple total time by number

    Hi I want to add time then multiple the result by rate which is 10. So I have my time formatted as hh:mm then I used =Sum(B1:B4) to find the total which is 21:00 Now I want to multiple 21:00 by 10 to find how much to pay I got 18:00, clearly that is wrong. So I convert the total pay cell to...
  11. B

    Calculate interest rate

    $1,000 grows to $1,000,000 in 200 periods at what interest rate? thanks :confused:
  12. tezza

    Transpose rows based on specific text

    Hi all I'm trying to speed up the transpose process. When I copy an order form from online it pastes it all into Col A but I need to make it easier to read as I already have the next stages in place. The problem is the site changes from time to time and I have to redo the sheet. The common...
  13. L

    Graph Question with 2 X-axis

    Hi I have 2 data columns A - Heart Rate (example 165) B - Perceived effort (8.5) I would like to chart both of these by having 2 X-axis... Heart rate on the left and Effort on the right... I can't see to set these up so that the lines are somewhat normalized and plotted to together... Can...
  14. F

    Using range.find with an offset

    <tbody> Name (Column AD) Category (AE) Total Hrs (AF) Pay Rate (AG) Wage (AH) John Doe 1 TT Field 12.5 <tbody> $104.55/hr </tbody> <tbody> $1,306.88 </tbody> John Doe 2 TT Field 4 <tbody> $104.55/hr </tbody> <tbody> $418.20 </tbody> John Doe 3 Field 15 <tbody> $34.85/hr...
  15. J

    Determination of the absence rate

    Hello everybody, I am currently trying to determine from the data model, how high the absence rate for the individual weeks or months. So far, I've just added the factor to the pivot calendar, whether it's a workday. The table with the presence or absence of the employees is structured as...
  16. SimonHughes

    Calculate Growth Value When Drawing Down Funds

    Hello, I want to create a spreadsheet where I start with a fixed value, say £100,000 which will grow at a rate of (say) 4%pa for 10 years when I will start drawing down capital at 10%pa. This part of the calculation is easy but what I then want to do is to apply the original 4% growth to the...
  17. J

    User Form or Formula?

    I have a list of 200 names in column A and a corresponding list of rates in column B. What I need to do is be able to enter one rate and have that rate be entered next to each of the 200 names. So if I enter $1.00, $1.00 appears next to each person's name. Would I use a user form or formula...
  18. G

    Dependent drop menu with formula

    I'm trying to create an excel sheet with 4 columns. Column A will have a dropdown list of choices. Column B will have a dropdown list of either yes or no. Column C will be the weight you need to enter. Column D will show the value after it auto calculate. On a separate tab, there would be...
  19. A

    Lookup formulas in specific columns

    Hi Everyone I have two spreadsheets. Sheets(1) is with unknown number of columns and rows. Sheets(2) is a list of profiles and rates. I need to look up the specific rate in Sheets(2) for the specific profile in Sheets(1). In Sheets(1), there are headings for 'Profile', 'Cost' and 'Rate'...
  20. H

    Excel function to compute Nominal Int Rate where effective Rate is negative

    I would like to know if there is a function in excel to compute the nominal interest rate if the effective rate is negative If the effective rate is positive the formula =Nominal works perfectly I can however compute this using a mathematical/accounting formula Book1AB1Effective Int...

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