1. S

    IRR vs XIRR

    I understand XIRR handles irregular cash flows while IRR assumes periodic cash flows, but why would XIRR return 10.5%/yr. vs IRR's 10%/yr. on the periodic cash flow involving monthly repayment of a 10%/yr. loan over 10 yrs. Is there a way to upload a spreadsheet to w/ this question?
  2. J

    XIRR with Non-Contiguous Entries (Single Column of Cash Flows, Multiple Entities)

    I have a stream of cash flows with with two different Categories by which I would like to generate IRRs. I know you can create TRUE/FALSE ranges to be referenced by formulas and I think this is probably the way I want to do this? Basically I want to calculate separate IRRs for apple/banana/pear...
  3. P

    Calculate XIRR after removing blanks from input table and appending today's date & today's value.

    Greetings, folks! Any assistance in solving this would be appreciated...
  4. D

    Filter and sort within XIRR?

    Hi all - I have a table of raw cashflow data which I'm hoping to do an XIRR formula on based on an inputted deal. However the raw cashflow data is not always sorted so that the first cashflow is negative. This causes issues with an XIRR formula Example data in table below. I was hoping to use...
  5. C

    XIRR Function with Multiple Cash Flows in Pivot table

    I am trying to calculate the XIRR of multiple cash flows from a pivot table. Is there an efficient way to calculate the XIRR of all investments without having to locate the first cash flow/date using the XIRR function? The highlighted figures are the initial cash flow amount and date of the...
  6. W

    Dynamic XIRR with zeros the numbers

    Hi all - I am trying to use the xirr function but running into challenges. I am a series’s of dates starting in A1, and series of cashflow in B1. The challenge I am running into is that if I have zeros in the first cell then negative for outflow before inflow starts, excel doesn’t calculate...
  7. J

    Withdrawal or disinvestment when using XIRR

    How does one account for a withdrawal or disinvestment when using the XIRR formula? For example, let's say I put 100K every year in an investment but then in the 5th year I withdraw 200k and transfer it into my bank account. And then starting the next year I continue investing 100k. So does that...
  8. G

    Monthly IRR Calculation for Stock Portfolio

    Hello, all. I'm trying to calculate the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of a stock portfolio but my cash flow data is monthly. I used both IRR and XIRR but it seems like the way I'm calculating them is wrong. How should I go about calculating the monthly IRR accurately? Since I can't attached...
  9. N

    Need to Reverse XIRR?

    Hello, I've seen similar problems and related (solved) solutions so I don't think what I'm requesting is impossible, but here goes... In the attached you will an XIRR calculated in cell A1 that pivots off of row 1 and row 36. I would like to instead change A1 to a desired XIRR outcome and have...
  10. P

    XIRR with non-contiguous entries for Flows (ranges) and Valuation (single period) based on cutoff date.

    Hello All: I am trying to find a way to calculate the XIRR for many investments over a vast Data Input structure that already exists and which is constantly being updated with new Inputs for the respective investments. The challenge is to find a standard formula that produces XIRR...
  11. K

    Calculate running XIRR for specific account

    Hi, Need help with the below issue. I have a dataset with multiple investment accounts for which I want to calculate the XIRR on a recurring/ongoing basis. Sample data for 2 accounts below Account 1 BCDEFGHI2AccountDateParticularsEmployee Contribution ($)Employer's Contribution ($)Total...
  12. K

    XIRR function with 1 value from another cell

    Hi, I am using Excel 2016 and need help using the XIRR formula for the sample data below: In the above sample data, I want to calculate XIRR in column D. It would be great if I could build the formula like =XIRR ((B$2:B3), C3), (A$2:A3), A3)) but unfortunately excel does not work as per my...
  13. A

    Help with an XIRR error - #NUM

    Hello, Can anyone identify what the issue is with the XIRR formula in the attached/embedded screenshot? The dates are consecutive. The dates are formatted as 'Date'. The cash flows are formatted as Accounting. The initial cash flow value is negative, representing an investment or cash...
  14. R

    Conditional XIRR with multiple columns for dates / cash flows

    I need a XIRR function that would only compute the XIRR for specific ISINs. This is a picture of a sample file with unnecessary info deleted: <tbody> ISIN DATE OF INVESTMENT DATE OF SALE BUY VOLUME SELL VOLUME US7475251036 18.11. 2015 2421 -385,86 US3546131018 3.12. 2015...
  15. D

    FV, IRR, XIRR Return Differing Investment Results - Why?

    I need to present to others a proposal on investing in some equities and bond funds and discovered that different functions return different results using the same parameters. FV, XIRR, and IRR, and the differences are not small. Here's a test spreadsheet I made that demonstrates the problem...
  16. O

    XIRR Formula when not Cash Flow not Starting in the First Month

    I’ve done a search for solution to my XIRR issue within this board and the web and have not found anything that’s quite the same to help me solve this issue. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and I will provide feedback on any proposed solutions. To get the answers I have, I modified...
  17. D

    using xirr on dynamic pivot table

    Hello - is anyone able to help with the below without the need for having to create a macro. I have a pivot table with 2 Report filters and 2 columns (Date in column A and cashflow in column B). The 'Row Labels' heading of the pivot is in cell A4 and the date start from cell A5 downwards, with...
  18. H

    What does XIRR tell me exactly?

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out what XIRR tells me exactly, I understand that it is a method used to calculate returns for a project, but in terms of what it actually means I am finding conflicting information from research online. Specifically I want to understand the difference between...
  19. S

    XIRR with non-contiguous last value

    I have been wrestling with a XIRR formula for the past week. I have a table with outflows and fund names for each outflow. I created a XIRR formula that not only takes into a count a specific fund identified in cell F2 but also prevents any XIRR errors when the initial outflow value is 0. The...
  20. K

    XIRR issue

    Why is XIRR 0% for years 2022-2025,but in 2026 its negative? Using a guess does not change the answer. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <col width="76" style="width: 57pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2779;" span="3"> <col width="69" style="width: 52pt...

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