1. S

    "Hide Items with No Data" greyed out in Slicer Settings

    Hi All, I'm using Excel for Mac, and am working on my budget. I've created a pivot chart with a slicer for my monthly categories, but would like for the categories with no values for the month selected to be removed from the slicer. I've googled a good bit, and tried unchecking "Hide Items with...
  2. M

    VLOOKUP using hidden/filtered data

    I have a list of prices, products, customers, etc. that are in categories (Beef, Chicken, etc.) and in subsets (Salisbury, Ground, Raw, etc.). I am using the Aggregate function to determine the lowest price. Then, I use the VLOOKUP function to search that lowest price for who is purchasing...
  3. J

    Finding Specific Information

    Hello! I am trying to do an INDEX formula to find specific dates. Everything was working fine until I realized that I have 2 categories that have the similar name. The 2 categories are "End User" and "End User Exception". I just want to find the "End User" and not have the "End User...
  4. D

    Compare and count from multiple sheets

    Hi All, Could someone please help me with the query below I have 3 sheets Labels, Labels and Categories and Results. I have to check the all the values in Labels sheet against Labels and Categories sheet and report the total numbers in Result sheet. Please see example below. Thanks in...
  5. D

    Need help grouping Categories and Sub-Categories

    Hello, I need to run a report for work to show me revenue and qty sold in each categories, and sub-categories. Unfortunately my ERP system doesn't break the category down so I have had to do it manually in Excel, this is how it's shown on our system - "Catheters > Gloves > Powder Free...
  6. B

    Pivot table subset showing percentage of complete dataset

    I'm currently working with a dataset which has one dimension(column) with categories a,b,c,d,e, and one dimension(column) with categories 1,2,3,4. I've exported subset 4 and made manual categorization of it, let's call them !,?,#,@. Then i made a pivot table of the subset with categories...
  7. Y

    Allocation of Expenses

    Hello, i was looking for help on an excel doc, its basically allocating the expenses into different categories but the names for the expenses differ, is there any way i can make the names fit into these specific categories or change each name to fit the category? EDIT...
  8. D

    Net movement between categories

    Hi All, I am tracking movement of members between categories, "Affiliate", "Fellow" etc. Members can move both ways between these categories, e.g. from Affiliate to Fellow, and from Fellow to Affiliate. (Note, if that sounds odd, its just an illustration). Does anyone have any ideas on how I...
  9. H

    VBA to Repeat Task a Specific Number of Times

    Hi there! So I hope I can explain what i'm trying to do clearly. I have an input table where users input hours for a labor category (column) and a task (row). The user also has the ability to insert more categories (columns) and more tasks (rows). In order for the information to become useful I...
  10. D

    Power Query Merge Issue missing Data

    Hi Guys I need some help with a PQ Merge issue i have to tables that i merge with the simple idea via a SKU it collects Categories from another table. All SKU's are present and the Cats are also listed. THis worked but when i add new items the Categories are not being picked up. I have added...
  11. S

    Dynamic Position for Pivot Table

    Hello All, I have 2 pivot tables based on the same range of data. There are reasons why these need to be separate for my use so they can not be combined. I am now introducing slicers to my worksheet. However, is there a way to make the position of my pivot tables dynamic based on the slicers...
  12. T

    How to split a list of numbers into 0-10, 11-20, 21-30 etc.

    Hi folks,   I have a long list (14,000 rows) of numbers (positive and negative) that I am trying to categorise into absolute value categories of 0 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30 and so on ... So for example, 13 would return "11 to 20" and -4 would return "0 to 10".   These are my formula...
  13. E

    Complex Solution Please!

    Hello, I'm working on my finances and have downloaded my statements for the past 12 months. I want to categorise my spending into various categories such as Car Expenses, Utilities, Loans and so on. What I am looking to do in Excel is after I have my statements imported I want to be able to...
  14. T

    Any chart our there that can handle non-time-aligned but related data?

    By "non-time-aligned" I mean... I am getting data for say 2 columns of similar categories but there may not be data for both categories for the same time. Very hard to explain. <tbody> Time John Fred 10 am 3 5 10:09 am 9 11 am 6 2 11:23 am 7 1 pm 5 1:56 pm 2...
  15. Q

    Using Multiple IF Criteria based on search on Text

    Hello People, I have 3 queries and would appreciate your assistance on them: 1) I have a specific concern which I've written in more detail after these 3 listed queries, on how to write a formula which will help group bulk of text data into the desired categories. 2) Could you recommend any...
  16. BrianGGG

    Convert Merged cells to duplicates

    Hello. I have a worksheet that I don't have control over that looks like: <colgroup><col style="width: 25pxpx"><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><thead>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] A B C D E F G H I </thead><tbody> 4 #C6EFCE[/URL] , align: center"]Category 1 #C6EFCE[/URL] , align...
  17. R

    Sum up to certain value ???

    Hi there, it's been a while since had such a hard time figuring out what I need to do with certain formulas. My question is this. I have a sheet with days and the overtime that is worked on those days. The overtime is split up in 4 categories. OT, DT, PPH, PPH OT. Now the target for the...
  18. B

    Recategorising Data Dynamically

    Hi, I have a budget worksheet with multiple worksheets and multiple categories on each worksheet. I have arranged these categories in what I think is a logical manner however, I am a mortgage broker and need to submit these budget spreadsheets to different lenders. The issue is that each lender...
  19. X

    Looking for some advice on putting a list of values into categories

    So, Essentially what I have is, a list of cars with their respective performance values for a game (Handling, Acceleration, Braking etc.) that I have then gotten a mean overall value for (Add them all up and divide by how many different values there are for each car). I am now looking to put...
  20. Z

    Excel Pivot Table Calculated Field

    Hi, I have sales data where they can be categorized in multiple categories. For example, on 10/1 I have 5 sales (notated by the last row) and they can fall under 6 categories. Here is sample data: Date . Name . Value 10/1 . Purses . 2 10/1 . Shirts . 3 10/1 . Watches...

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