cell address

  1. littlefish

    Find Cell Address from String Search

    I have a converted spreadsheet (from a PDF) that contains location records in multiple rows and columns for hundreds of properties. I would like to create a separate tab of two columns (property name/cell address,) based on a search for "NAME:" in the all of the data. The conversion did not...
  2. MrDB4Excel

    how to get a link to follow a relocated cell address

    The attached images of excel files give a full explanation of what I am looking to do. Essentially to get a cell address based on the adjacent cell's content and deliver that cell address. Then to have a formula update automatically to provide a link to said cell address as it changes due to...
  3. A

    Take input and convert to use as a cell address

    Hello Everyone, I want to take the input of the line number from the user . I want to run the operation from the cell range (A1:T100) (example) Taken input from the user (1000) concated to T1000 (Cell = "T" & Uinput) and used it in the Range("A1:Cell").Select But getting error. Please see...
  4. S

    get cell address from formula result

    Hi I'm making a dashboard where I import raw data reports from an old fashioned ERP system into different sheets. The dashboard sheet then retrieves and calculates different results and combines these into 1 view on 1 sheet.To find the top performing customers YTD, the dashboard retrieves it's...
  5. H

    Accessing the cell address used in a function.

    I've been looking for an answer to this, but I guess I don't know how to word my problem in the best way since I haven't been very successful. I have a cell that uses the MIN function to find the minimum value between two different cells. In another cell, I want to use the value from the...
  6. A

    Automatically cell linking in new sheet.

    Hey Experts I need your help. I have to create a financial statements for set of years. We know that closing balance of particular year becomes opening balances of next year, so we link the closing balance of last year to opening balance of new year in new sheet. When we are done with creating...
  7. P

    Address of last cell with data that is formulated

    Hi All, So have to admit defeat on this case. I am trying to find the address of the last cell that contains numeric data in a selection between CT30:IQ30 that is not 0. (Note that data is set by formulas, not direct numbers) I currently have the following formula...
  8. A

    Copy Cell Address to clipboard issue - PutInClipboard not working

    Hi, I previously used the following macro to copy a cell address to the clipboard, and subsequently paste elsewhere: 'Public Sub CopySelectionAddressToClipboard() Dim rngT As Range Dim strAddress As String Dim dobClip As DataObject If Application.Selection.count = 0 Then Exit Sub...
  9. J

    Return cell address of empty cells (required fields) in message box

    Hi - I am using the following code to search column D for either "Task Description" or "Method of Quoting" and when it finds either of those words, it looks in column E. If column E is empty then it returns an error message box. Does anyone know if its possible to return the cell address of...
  10. V

    Address of the return value of hlookup

    Hello, Im trying to obtain the cell address of the value returned by hlookup and then transfer another value to the cell below it. In the code month_match returns a string. I've defined Mat_add as Range. I get Application-defined or object-defined error, Office 1004error code. Wanted to know...
  11. R

    VBA: Do Loop with If Then Else in the middle and a need to return to a specific spot

    I have a worksheet that I have recorded my customers on. Each row is for a different customer. I offer a variety of products stored as columns in this worksheet. The customers can order any combination of these products. I am recording how many of each item they buy on the same row as their...
  12. N

    VBA -- Populate array with cell references (addresses)

    Hi everyone, Hopefully this is a pretty simple fix, as I'm just beginning to become familiar with arrays in VBA. I'm looking to fill an array with the cell addresses using a For loop. I'm wondering if the problem is occurring because the arrays are by default Variant (?). Thanks for your help...
  13. K

    Alter VBA for Cell Addressing in Excel 2013

    I found a VBA script to convert a column of text to a single cell separated by spaces (see below), BUT it will only select a list of data from column A and only return the data to column B. I was able to figure out that altering the numbers in rows 7 and 8 (dataRow =# and listRow =#) will...
  14. W

    How to find cell value if MAX is know?

    Hi, Excel have formula: =MAX(DB5;CX5;CT5;CP5;CL5;CH5;CD5;BZ5;BV5;BR5;BN5;BJ5;BF5;BB5;AX5;AT5;AP5;AL5;AH5;AD5;Z5;V5;R5;N5;J5;F5), row MAX value is CX5. I would like to get cell value in CW6 (-1 Row and -1 Column from MAX). Does anyone have ideas? Thanks!
  15. SubtleNoob

    HELP! Use cell contents rather than cell address in formula.

    I've tried looking round and there have been a few posts similar but the questions I could find didn't have the answer I needed within them. Its pretty simple and I have a fairly reasonable understanding of macros and can do some basic stuff so VBA is as welcome as a formula in any solutions...
  16. Z

    macro to reference a cell on different sheet via a constructed cel ref on a different sheet

    I am new here - just registered, and relatively inexperienced in Excel (- all self taught, but I so like Excel!). I have a specific problem with a macro to take a cell ref from a cell value on one worksheet and place a value of 1 in that cell ref on another worksheet - I have tried quite a few...
  17. V

    VBA Macro Create a Table from Cell Address

    Hello I Am Looking For VBA macro to create a table. The cell Address's though for the range of the table is bassed on the text in the cells. For Example A2 = "First Word" and D21 = "Second Word". I need a macro that will look up the cell address of each of those words and then create a table...
  18. T

    Find last used cell and return cell address formula

    I have a sheet which has data in a column but the length of the column range can change so I need a formula that will find the cell address of the last used cell in that column and be able to insert it so it can be used in the AVERAGE forumla =AVERAGE(E13:E[last cell used address]) The columns...
  19. M

    Conditional Formatting using cell 'address' column

    Hi all, I currently have a large data range which I will simplify as A1:F6 as shown below. In the G column I have a list of cell addresses calculated from numerous previous formulas referring to specific cells in the aforementioned data range within the same row. I am looking for a way to use...
  20. A

    form button on spreadsheet : identifying which row the button is on

    Hello hivemind, This is a hypothetical problem. I am imagining a spreadsheet with the equivalent of an info button in each cell of column A. The idea is the user clicks the button to open a User Form containing additional info about the entitity represented by values on that row. e.g., Row 1...

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