cell as range

  1. A

    string move from down cell to up beside exiting cell sting without change

    Hi All string move from down cell to up beside exiting cell sting without change <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 23624718, 23624719, 23624720, 23624721, 23624722, I need like thsi </tbody> <tbody> 23624718,23624719,23624720,23624721,23624722 Thank you All </tbody>
  2. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Combine 2 Macros in One - Excel 2016

    Hello All, I am working on a piece of code that loops through a range of cells and builds a Cell with data. I have the code working fine but I was not sure how to write the code in a way that I could have the code do 4 loops with varying column placement (C = #) . So as a workaround, I just...
  3. F

    Select column using cells

    Hi, I have loop, where I want to select column starting from AF till to AQ: AF2:AF100 then AG2:AG100 then AH2:AH100 etc.... .... For i=32 to 43 last_rowx = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row ws.cells(i,2)...??? next i
  4. M

    Help creating a Marco that will Populate another Cell on a Separate sheet dependent on a data validation list

    Hi guys, My first post! Wh00! Okay, I'm a little stuck around these VB Macro's. I've done some C# about a year ago (a bit rusty now) but I understand the concepts so hopefully any technical jargon and methods should be understood fine. I've been asked to put together a Quick (and dirty) little...
  5. D

    VBA Select cells with value only

    I am having a lot of issues trying to select the cells with value only. For some reason, Excel selects all of the cells with value or blank cells that had a formula before and now they are empty. (see image below) Here is the formula I am using to select the cells with value: Sub...
  6. M

    Run-time error '424': Object required, email on button click with selected cell values

    Please Help! I included a code for send emails on button click with multiple cell values which comes in column A and B. These column are selected using dynamically generated checkboxes. I’m able to create dynamic checkboxes but I failed to retrieve the cell values to a variable. While I’m...
  7. U

    Passing a cell as range

    I am kind of new to objects in Excel even though I have been programing in it for over 15 years. I thought this would work but I get the error: Object variable or with block variable not set I have the line that called this as: COCell = FindCustomOption(COs...

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