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    Assistance with automatically emailing a contact when a certain cell changes from 0 to 1

    I am new to VBA and MACRO's Can anyone give me help on writing a code to email a number of contacts automatically for when cells G5:G55 changes from 0 to 1? thanks
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    Run macro when cell vaule in a range changes

    How could one start a macro when a cell value within a range is updated/changed? The challenge is that i have a fairly big matrix of 800 rows times 365 collumns which contain a macro to check column by column for double entry and change the background of the cell if it exist. This is way to...
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    Color Cell When Cell Value is actually Changed

    I am pretty new to Excel Macros & I have following code in my current spreadsheet as macro to highlight a cell when cell value changes for Column C. The way it works is **************************************************** Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Row = 1...
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    Change cell contents based on other contidions

    If the stock numbers are the same in column A, and in one of the corresponding status codes in column B there is an S (in that same series of same stock numbers), then I want a "Y" in column C, otherwise I just want the contents of column B in column C. There can be 1 to 9 stock numbers that are...
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    Changing cell currency format

    Hi, Long time user, first time poster. I need help changing the cell currency symbol. I need a drop down list to drive the change. Is there an 'IF' statement I can use or would this have to be some VBA coding? Can anyone shed some light on the subject? Thanks.
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    How to make a macro run each time a specific cell value changes.

    I'm very new to vba so I'm probably making hard work of this, but I've tried to write a macro that will hide certain rows based on the value of other cells. Good news is that when I play the macro it appears to work. Bad news is that I want to make the macro run every time the value of...
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    Keeping count of cell changes

    I'm trying to find a way where excel will keep a running count of how many times a cell has been changed in the next column. For example, if cell A5 is changed, B5 value would be 1. When A5 is changed again, B5 is 2, etc. I also need it to work for a range because it's a growing spreadshet...
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    Automatic cell reference update?

    If I insert a row above cell B3, which is related to some Code, will the Code automatically update to the new cell reference (B4)? Sorry if this has been posted before.

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