cell reference

  1. andrewb90

    Use cell reference instead of text in VBA

    Hello all! I have this portion of code that seems to work, however I need instead of a fixed item like "California", I need it to reference a sheet and a cell instead. I feel like everything I've tried isn't working, and its probably something super simple that I'm doing wrong. For...
  2. T

    How to find blank cells in a range and the get reference to them

    Can anyone help me please, I'm trying to find blank cells in a range (O2142:O2206) and the get reference to those cells. And is there a way to only get reference to the row. see image below: I want it to look for the blank cells in column O (Date Job Delivered) because if there is cells...
  3. F

    Cell reference accross network

    Hello all, Could some one please assist, I would like to have a spreadsheet with cell references that refer to another spreadsheet stored under a different user. Example Network user 1 - master file Network user 2 - copy of master file with fewer data. Copy file to have cell reference that...
  4. S

    Pull a number from a cell and add to the subject of an email.

    I have a button on a workbook template that will save the work book and attach it to an email. I want to incorporate the ID number into the subject of the email. This number is changed each time the template is used. For example: If the ID number is 000001, I want the email subject to read...
  5. S

    Reference a cell in the Advanced Editor of Power Query Editor

    Hello, I'm trying to text in the advanced editor with a cell reference from a sheet in my workbook. I'm constantly having to manually update the advanced editor in 25 different tables which is taking me ~30minutes to run a report. Is it possible to do a cell reference for this? I've highlighted...
  6. M

    VBA code to auto filter using cell reference

    Hi, I need a VBA code to autofilter list of values reference from a different sheet. The filter condition is such it should contain the values in the referenced cells not equal to the value in the cell The code I have been trying is as below Worksheets("ZBA extract").select...
  7. M

    Copy Paste, but Doesn't Format

    Hello, So I am having an issue with formatting after copy and paste. My process is I copy a an entire row from one workbook and paste the row onto another workbook. Where I paste it is in one tab which I call "RAW DATA". I have another tab, my "Platform", that uses cell references or VLOOKUPS...
  8. M

    Reference Column that Auto Changes

    I have Column A that references another column on another tab. So I have cell A10 referencing W2 on tab 2. I want column A to change automatically when Column W on tab 2 changes (i.e.- a row is deleted) and not display any errors such as #REF . I understand why it does that, but I don't know...
  9. C

    VBA - Cell Reference as Worksheet

    Hello - i have an excel file that has numerous tabs. Each have a name, what i am trying to do is in the main sheet, enter in the tab name so that the info that is copied will paste to the correct tab. see code below - i get an error on the top line. The Tab will change each time i go into the...
  10. E

    Cell referencing across sheets.

    Hi, I am a beginner at excel. A number of months ago I created an excel file, used for sorting quantity data. The first sheet is used for importing (pasting) the raw data. This raw data is then sorted into other sheets depending on the "Product Type" column. I have since introduced two new...
  11. Norm Shea

    Referencing same cell when sorting linked spreadsheet

    I thought this was straightforward but it does not seem to be. I have a two spreadsheets and in one (call it S1) I get a calculated value in column C. In the other (call it S2), I want to link to the values in column C. If, in S2 B10, there is a reference =S1!C10, and I sort S1, how do I...
  12. D

    PowerPivot Substitute Cell Reference in Measures Portion of Cube Value Formula

    I have an interesting one here. I'm looking to try and substitute the text from a cell into the measures portion of a CubeValue formula in Excel. The CubeValue references data from a related sheet in PowerPivot and I'm bringing over multiple columns of numbers so it would make life easier if I...
  13. Z

    Is there a way to make it possible to edit one cell, then the value gets mirrored in another cell AND VICE VERSA?

    In case possible, how do I make a cell's value reflect in another cell and have the capability to edit the value on either cell? For example, I have cell A1 in Sheet 1 and A2 in Sheet 2. I want it that when I put "Pass" as the value for 'Sheet1'!A1, the same value appears in 'Sheet2'!A2...
  14. M

    Return a List of Cell Names Based on Value

    Hi Folks, I am assessing the values of several thousand data sheets. So far, I am running a macro to conditionally highlight cells of specific values, then writing down the table location. I am trying to expedite the process by getting Excel to list the cell names for me. I named each cell...
  15. M

    Macro & Lotus Notes

    Hello there!   I have pieced together several macros and I am almost good to go with my project. However, the macro I need help with is the actual sending the mail. The script I found, would generate a pop up and could use that to enter in an email address. However, I'd like to remove the pop up...
  16. Q

    Reference in every nth cell

    Hi guys, I need to figure out a way to enter a cell reference in every nth cell. Is there a macro or cell reference function I could use for this? Example: cell AA is referenced in cell BB, cell AB is referenced in cell B4, cell AC is referenced in B6.... and so on. I want to reference the...
  17. A

    Copy and Rename Worksheet Based on Cell Reference - VBA troubleshooting question

    Hi guys! I'm having some trouble with what I thought should be a pretty easy macro. I'm constantly working in a big workbook with many tabs. I want to be able to easily save a copy of the worksheet I am currently in and for the file to be named based off a cell reference. This code works when...
  18. Q

    Referencing range of cells one by one in every 4th cell (VBA)

    Hi, I needed some help writing VBA. I need to reference a range of cells one by one from sheet 1 (cells are in the range A2:A2357) to every 4th cell of column D in sheet 2, starting at D2. Please let me know how I can solve this. Thank you in advance for your help.
  19. A

    Excel VBA Checking if valid Cell referenc, strange behavior if run from Chart-Sheet

    Hi! I wonder if anyone can help me understand this in my opinion very strange VBA behavior (or if I miss something obvious). I have a Macro where I check if the content in an Excel cell can be interpreted as a cell reference. If so I do something if not I do something Else. A simple test...
  20. W

    Reference sheet with a zero value issue

    I have a workbook that I use to track attendance for meetings, training's and a few specific duties. I have a worksheet for each individual I track where I put the totals each month. I have another sheet that references each individual sheet to give me a good overall view for all individuals...

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