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    Calculating percentiles using individual cells instead of an array.

    So I need to calculate the 95th and 5th percentile for a specific set of cells. However, my data is 10s of thousands of rows long as it is temperatures from every day of the year over a period of 30-100 years. So I want to work out the 95th percentile for the temperature on January 1st of every...
  2. G

    On Cell Selection issue

    Hello, I have a quoting system in development. Raising a quote is not a problem. One of the features is that a combobox is displayed when certain cells are clicked upon and at the same time, a predictive search allows for short-cutting to the desired option. For example, when we click the...
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    Pressing enter copies in new formula before moving selection down

    Hello, Randomly this morning, my excel has decided that sometimes when I press enter (on a cell that is selected, but not clicked into for editing) it will copy in a formula to the selected cell before moving the selection down to the next cell (as opposed to just moving the selection). It...
  4. J

    Change or create macro from one cell to selection

    I recorded a macro that will split what exist as one row into 8 rows for the last columns J:Q My logic was to insert 7 rows above a selected cell (which exist below the cell that will be merged) and then merge the rows with the original existing row for columns A:I This will give me one cell...
  5. R

    Trying to script the selection of every other column from "F" to "X" looping through rows 3 thru 70

    My objective is to select cells on row for columns F thru X and have conditional formatting comparing to cell on same row in column z. I need to loop through row 3 thru 70. Sub FindLowestCost() Dim i As Integer For i = 3 To 70 Range("F3,H3,J3,L3,N3,P3,R3,T3,V3,X3").Select '****this line is...
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    Select column using cells

    Hi, I have loop, where I want to select column starting from AF till to AQ: AF2:AF100 then AG2:AG100 then AH2:AH100 etc.... .... For i=32 to 43 last_rowx = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row ws.cells(i,2)...??? next i
  7. B

    VBA: select a cell combiantion to execute macro

    I have a bit of a odd request. I had the idea that if a user selected cells in a specific order it would execute a macro. Example: Select A4, Select C12,Select G9 (macro executed) Thanks
  8. K

    Insert when selected?

    The concept seems so simple, but I can't find it anywhere! I just need a y to automatically show up in a cell when the cell is clicked on. That is all. :) Thanks in advance!
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    open excel 2003 with excel 2010

    I have a workbook that HAS to run excel 2003 because of 2010 not being able to import the proper file extension any longer. I have an excel menu with a lot of hyperlinks to different workbooks that run fine on 2010. I need a code to open an excel 2003 file within excel 2003 when either a...
  10. L

    Drop down list to drop with cell selection.

    I have a spreadsheet with drop down lists in 2 different cells. I would like for the list to drop down when the cell is selected. If I can get this to work I have additional lists I'd like to create. I have some knowledge of programming with VBA and this seems to be the kind of thing that could...

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