cell selection

  1. bjkluft

    Disable selection of unlocked cell on locked worksheet without unlocking the sheet

    Hello, Hopefully somebody can help me with the following issue. And taking in account that I found a huge amount of solutions already at MrExcel, my expectations are high ;-) I have the following situation: A password protected worksheet with a specific cell (for example B2) that is unlocked...
  2. J

    Cell selection altered after Worksheet Activate code ends

    I have four worksheets for storing diferent types of data, all four sheets have identical code attached. The sheets are protected and maybe filtered. The code is intended to stop the user selecting anywhere except column 1 on any row after row 3. Column 1 can be used for selecting that row as...
  3. M

    Calculating percentiles using individual cells instead of an array.

    So I need to calculate the 95th and 5th percentile for a specific set of cells. However, my data is 10s of thousands of rows long as it is temperatures from every day of the year over a period of 30-100 years. So I want to work out the 95th percentile for the temperature on January 1st of every...
  4. G

    On Cell Selection issue

    Hello, I have a quoting system in development. Raising a quote is not a problem. One of the features is that a combobox is displayed when certain cells are clicked upon and at the same time, a predictive search allows for short-cutting to the desired option. For example, when we click the...
  5. M

    Pressing enter copies in new formula before moving selection down

    Hello, Randomly this morning, my excel has decided that sometimes when I press enter (on a cell that is selected, but not clicked into for editing) it will copy in a formula to the selected cell before moving the selection down to the next cell (as opposed to just moving the selection). It...
  6. J

    Change or create macro from one cell to selection

    I recorded a macro that will split what exist as one row into 8 rows for the last columns J:Q My logic was to insert 7 rows above a selected cell (which exist below the cell that will be merged) and then merge the rows with the original existing row for columns A:I This will give me one cell...
  7. R

    Trying to script the selection of every other column from "F" to "X" looping through rows 3 thru 70

    My objective is to select cells on row for columns F thru X and have conditional formatting comparing to cell on same row in column z. I need to loop through row 3 thru 70. Sub FindLowestCost() Dim i As Integer For i = 3 To 70 Range("F3,H3,J3,L3,N3,P3,R3,T3,V3,X3").Select '****this line is...
  8. F

    Select column using cells

    Hi, I have loop, where I want to select column starting from AF till to AQ: AF2:AF100 then AG2:AG100 then AH2:AH100 etc.... .... For i=32 to 43 last_rowx = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row ws.cells(i,2)...??? next i
  9. B

    VBA: select a cell combiantion to execute macro

    I have a bit of a odd request. I had the idea that if a user selected cells in a specific order it would execute a macro. Example: Select A4, Select C12,Select G9 (macro executed) Thanks
  10. K

    Insert when selected?

    The concept seems so simple, but I can't find it anywhere! I just need a y to automatically show up in a cell when the cell is clicked on. That is all. :) Thanks in advance!
  11. B

    open excel 2003 with excel 2010

    I have a workbook that HAS to run excel 2003 because of 2010 not being able to import the proper file extension any longer. I have an excel menu with a lot of hyperlinks to different workbooks that run fine on 2010. I need a code to open an excel 2003 file within excel 2003 when either a...
  12. L

    Drop down list to drop with cell selection.

    I have a spreadsheet with drop down lists in 2 different cells. I would like for the list to drop down when the cell is selected. If I can get this to work I have additional lists I'd like to create. I have some knowledge of programming with VBA and this seems to be the kind of thing that could...
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