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    Count a update of a cell

    Guys, I got this problem: I have a task that is update every day with the actual date.. I mean the cell has to be update every day cause it is a daily task. What I need is a VBA code to count if this cell was update or not that day something like <tbody> Monday Tuesday Wed Thursday Friday...
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    Count a daily check up

    Guys, I have a control of daily check up ( if he did or not the acitivity in that day). It means that every day one person takes the scanner and read a barcode that update a cell in my worksheet with the current date. My problem is that in the other day i have a daily meeting and then I can...
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    Strange updating of cell behaviour

    Hi All, Ok, I have never seen this one before. I have a cell that contains a simple sum formula of the cells above. When I change the value in one of the cells above the sum cell, the new result is superimposed over the old sum value, making the result hard to read because the old value has...
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    Dynamic Formula Help

    Hello, I am trying to make a dynamic chart that will update when I put 2 columns of information in: Portfolio and Benchmark returns. I have everything worked out except one area, and it has to do with a date. I have maybe 100 different portfolio paired returns, so I made one master worksheet...
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    UDF formula not automatically updating

    I have a custom function written in VBA, and for some reason, my cells on tab 3 are not updating when I modify data on tab 1. The cells on tab 3 call the custom function which uses a date entered in a cell on tab 1. If I change the date on tab 1, the formulas do not automatically update on tab...
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    doubleclick linking

    I am using a worksheet that contains a column (e.g. Col. C) of dates (format is dd/mm). A second worksheet has one cell (Col. K, Row 3)that needs to be populated by the data from any one of the cells in Col C when I doubleclick on that specific cell. I would like to be able to jump to...

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