1. A

    VBA for Merge and Center Dates based on condition met.

    I do a LOT of scheduling people at my job. Kronos spits a nasty excel sheet with 1000's of rows and about 40 columns. I've got created enough macros to where it fine tunes it to what you see below BUT I would like to do a few more things to really make it so I can print these schedules for staff...
  2. T

    How to determine monitor size to centre text?

    I am creating a Menu program, with the opening sheet titled, 'MAIN MENU'. I would like to have this centred on the monitor and I can do this on mine simply by visually positioning the words. My problem is that I have no idea of the horizontal length of the user's monitor. Is there any way my...
  3. S

    Combine/Join 2 tables and get an output in 3rd table

    hi all, I have 2 different tables in Excel; I have managed to get them into Access database in Table format. But I have a task to join these 2 table and get a new table. I have written the query, but its not working; while executing I get the error that its too complex.... Request your help...
  4. M

    Center cash flow over the whole page print area

    Hi, Can someone explain to me how I can get my print area centered out over the whole page? Currently it leaves most of the page blank, but I want it to be spread out whilst keeping to fit the sheet on one page.
  5. C

    Index, Offset, Index... I'm getting crazy

    For the pros… Been working on this for the last day…. I have a monthly report that update each week. It consists of cost center and account number. I want to control the budget and have the total of each account for each cost center. Not very complicated up to now… Here is the fun part: I have...
  6. J

    VBA Code to Center Data

    I am trying to center data in column A, C, D, and E with a macro. I am using the code below but the sort will not work so I am not sure what I did wrong. Can anyone help? Range("A2,C2:E2" & Cells(Rows.Count, "E").End(xlUp).Row) <strike></strike>
  7. J


    Sorry if the title is confusing, I think i might be going crazy by now haha. Trying to look at two columns of data and output accordingly. to simplify it lets say COLUMN A can have data input either (1,2,3) or any combination of them ie. 12, 123, 13, 23 COLUMN B can have data input (1, 2...
  8. T

    VBA to replace formulas

    I have a template for journal entries that I need to get into a different format. Right now I'm writing formulas that are working, but I cannot drag down so I'm thinking there might be a vba solution. There are 6 columns, B:G, account, center, debit, credit, company, plant. account and center...
  9. D

    Center Across Selection Instead of Merging Cells

    Hi all, Here is a way to display long statements in any Excel rows instead of using merged cells. It works perfectly ''horizontally'' Does anyone know how to adapt it ''vertically'' ? It drives me crazy ... :( Here is the link...
  10. D

    VBA code break line error

    HI everyone, im requesting you help to understand the followin issue, im learning about VBA and most of my formulas are translated into VBA by using the recorder, but with this one: =IF(A2="Dash Record"," -PO Title: "&CHAR(10)&B2&CHAR(10)&" -Item Description: "&CHAR(10)&U1&CHAR(10)&" -Cost...
  11. P

    Fill down

    <tbody> Cost Center 1234 Total Cost Center 1234 </tbody> I have a table of information where, in column A there are title showing the beginning and end of each group. I want to fill down these titles. In the example above, I want to fill down the Cost Center 1234 in the empty...
  12. J

    Center a character automatically based on the formula

    Below is the formula. I was wondering if there's a way to make the asterisk center in the cell instead of being at the top so that it's perfectly inline with the value that generates from A!D10 =IF(A!D10=100,A!D10,A!D10&" *")
  13. R

    What's the correct way to share macros in secure environments?

    I'm a fairly new Excel user but I've been actively creating formula's for my work mates. I would like to also share with them some saved Macro's that I keep in the 'Personal.xlsb'. My company has pretty strict security policies, so I'm hesitant to start asking anyone to change their Trust...
  14. T

    Copy and pasting data to the next row in VBA Macro

    In VBA I'm trying to copy just the 21 in "Cost Center: 21 - Northern NS" and just the 30, etc, in "Cost Center: 30" as you see below. when I do this in a macro it copies the 21 all the way to the bottom and ignores the 30 and 40, how can I fix this? I tried to tag this, but I received an error...
  15. A

    VBA re-position (center) x,y axis labels based on height,width of inner plot area of a chart

    I'm trying to figure out how to use VBA to center or reposition the axis (x and y) labels based on the height and width of a chart's inner plot area. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
  16. M

    Transpose multiple rows at once

    Hi. Twice a year i have a task that i hope can be simplified. I'll just show the input and show how it should look at the end My working budget file has about 40 tabs (each tab represents a different Cost Center). Each tab if formatted exactly the same way (fig 1) Each cost center has 117...
  17. jim may

    On Sheet Activate code

    I have defined a sheet with a Scroll Area = "A1:K27" setting it thusly in the Sheet_Activate Event. At present it opens way off to the left hand side of the window. I'm interested in CENTERING - IT, but can't seem to get the code I need. I tried Chip Pearson's "Center on Cell" macro but it...
  18. L


    Hi, I am trying to create elbow connectors between two images in the sheet, i prefer it connecting Bottom center of image 1 to Top center of image 2, so that i appears as a tree structure. when i write code it creates between right center of image 1 to left center of image 2, something like it...
  19. P

    Place vertical connector in the middle of cells in column

    I wish to programatically to add a connector in the center of the cells in range B5:B11. I do have the following code below, but how to place the connector in the center (not left)? Sub AddArrow() Dim shp As Shape Set shp = ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddConnector(msoConnectorStraight...
  20. M

    Excel VBA Center header/footer “Align Left”

    Is there any way to align Center Header in Excel? I know there is no any built in solution but is there any VBA code that would work. I have been trying copying cells to header, setting center header with VBA but my Center Header is "Align Center" all the time. I have even found very complex...

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