1. J

    Certificate Generator

    Hello, im an aspiring freelancer and my task is to be able generate bulk certificates for a coach im interning for… While doing my research via YT, i came across with this. I visited his link and his certificate generator has a file name of xlsb. So i assumed it was created using excel...
  2. R

    Retrieve SSL Certificate Validity details

    Hi, Is there a way to retrieve the SSL Certificate Validity details from a website and dynamically saving to specific cell. For example: B2.Value = google.com the on retrieve the details C2.Value (Not Before Mon, 13 Sep 2021 04:07:13 GMT / Not After Sat, 20 Nov 2021 04:07:12 GMT) and if...
  3. F

    Bypassing Website Security Certificate in Excel Refresh

    Hi, I currently have a code that runs when I open a workbook that simply refreshes all external data links, sorts information into order, saves and closes. A couple of different websites that I'm linked to have issues with certificates, and a popup appears halfway through the refresh all...
  4. W

    VBA split string and add to HTML body with formatting

    Hi all, I am trying to separate string from a cell based on character present and add it after to HTML body. Sample text (all in one cell): <tbody> Need to separate it by ";" and add it to HTML body for better look, like this: Think this is somewhat common problem, but can not find a...
  5. V

    Copying information to one spreadsheet

    Hello, I need help with a spreadsheet form, at my workplace I have Certificate to be filled in, so far manually:(, using other spreadsheet with information(Data Sheet). Both are forms not tables so there are lots of merged cells in them and have different layout, and I would like to make...
  6. B

    Digital Signature / Certificate

    I am looking for anyone who has had experience with Digital Certificates and Signatures. The end goal is that when an employee at the company I work for opens up a Excel xlsm, it auto Enables Content. I get there is a Trusted Location option, but I think a Certificate or Signature would work...
  7. O

    Excel Certificate Signing

    Hi People, I have purchased a digital certificate from a company called GlobalSign to sign my VBA codes (Excel). They sent me a USB (eToken) and helped me to install the certificate on my computer. However, the rest has become a nightmare for me. The problem is that I don't know how to apply...
  8. L

    mail merge - all certificates are in one file

    Sorry in advanced if this is an off topic. Hi I have a certificate as a template and I want to add first name and last name to the certificate from excel sheet. I managed to do the mail merge. What I want to do is to show all the certifications in one page. so lets say I have 12 certification...
  9. S

    Macro to open files in a folder, copy data if there is a match, close them

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help making a macro. I have a bunch of files in a folder. I want a macro that opens up each file one by one, and if the names match, then copy the value, date and certificate associated with that name onto the master spreadsheet. So in the folder, I have excel...
  10. J

    How to check details of a digital signature, e.g., who signed it?

    I'm trying to find out in code not just whether ThisWorkbook has been signed (by checking the .HasVBproject and .VBASigned booleans), but who signed it. After all, one of our clients might themselves get a certificate and sign one of our artifacts, so a security check based on just a signature's...
  11. P

    Problem copying Macro to external Workbook

    I have the following code that should copy a macro in the current workbook to another workbook I just created from VBA code. Const MODULE_NAME As String = "ShowE" ' Name of the module to transfer Const TEMPFILE As String = "c:\Modul.bas" ' temp textfile Rem ** export the...
  12. M

    VBA Macro Certificate

    Can anyone recommend a good place to earn a basic VBA Macro Certificate (preferably in a non-online class setting)? I’m an advanced Excel user who can basically use most functionally of Excel before crossing over into reading/writing in VBA. I’m considered the Excel guru at my company, but...
  13. B

    Random Certificate Prompts?

    I'm running excel 2010. I used a smart card to access some work files (used the certificates on the smart card to authenticate on the SharePoint server), and now it seems that no matter what excel sheet I have open, I get random prompting via a dialog box to select a certificate. This happens...
  14. O

    Too much digital certificates

    Hi, I had an issue here, I am testing and trying digital certificates since a months ago, but right now, I have created like 4 or 5 certificates and I only use 1. :B Is there a way to delete the other ones? Thanks
  15. Grizlore

    Digital Signatures in Excel 2007

    Am I missing something? Why apply a 'digital signature' to your VBA code anymore? In Excel 2003 your could digitally sign code and then the Users were prompted to either ENABLE, DISABLE, or install the certificate and then always trust the signer. In Excel 2007, they user can't ENABLE, unless...
  16. G

    Macro-driven workbooks for download

    I have developed a number of macro-driven workbooks (Excel 2003) which are designed to assist parents help their kids learn basic mathematical concepts. For example, one has multiple macro buttons, each of which will present the user with a different table of mathematical exercises for...

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