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    Change cell number/reference, but not sheet name in a macro

    Hi, first post. Need to change the cell number in a macro, but not the sheet name. For example, I recorded a macro for the action I want- changing formula to Sheet1!C5 to Sheet1!C4 and Sheet1!C43 to Sheet1C42 (see resulting code below). But what if I want to run this in cell that pulls from a...
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    Changing only a Sheet Name in a formula in copy/paste

    if a formula is: ='Game 1'!$C$6 and I want to drag that down in to several other rows, but i want it to game the game number from 1 to 2 to 3 etc... on down the list while leaving the column and row alone could it be accomplished dragging it into different columns (horizontally) as well?

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