1. D

    When cell with formula changes -> edit adjacent cell

    Hi all, I want to know if its possible the below scenario: I have a table, with some formulas here and there, but in column O, I have a formula with some conditions and dependent on other 3 columns in same table. What I want to know, is, if I can have some kind of script that every time...
  2. S

    Looking for a code or formula what can identify any text and change this into a specific word

    I am looking for a macro or formula what can identify a cell what contains combination of numbers and letters into a word The combination of letters and numbers is on another sheet than the destination word. The sheet with the combination is in sheet what is called "Ullage Report" and this is...
  3. tzcoding

    VBA - Code That Will Log Cell Change Record By A Range And Log It

    Situation: I have this VBA code that logs any change that is made in the excel sheet and that great; but i need it modified. The plan is to use this in one column as a master change log. But i need a sepret one that will log the window user ID / DATE / Time and lock it to the ROW they edited. So...
  4. E

    Change Pivot Data Source Based on Cell Selection

    Hello, Workbook name: Report Sheet with pivot: Summary Sheets with data source: Source1 , Source2 (data in range A1:C14) In the above workbook, I defined the name PivotChange_Source with formula =INDIRECT(Summary!$A$1&"!A1:C14") to change the Pivot source within the Workbook based on A1 input...
  5. Z

    VBA: find duplicates and change

    I am a beginner at Excel VBA. I just wanna know what code I am going to use for changing the value of the selected column if found duplicate. For example, I want to create a code that changes the duplicates found from their original name to their original name + "_01" (or something similar). It...
  6. Hattie

    Which Event do I need?

    Hello, where would i put a macro to sort column A automatically when i select a sheet? so, if i am on sheet 1 and switch to sheet 3 i want whatever is in column A of sheet 3 to sort itself alphabetically, without me having to click anything. would it be a workbook change event? or is it a...
  7. Chris_010101

    VBA Code Help

    Hello, I use the below code for my absence tracker which was kindly provided on here. I now need to change it, so instead of looking at current 12 month rolling period and previous 12 month rolling period, it looks at: Current 6 months Tab - All absence in the last 6 month rolling period from...
  8. Chris_010101

    VBA Code Change

    Hello, @Petertenthije kindly provided the below code for my absence tracker on 13 August 2022. On the "current 12 months" tab, is held all absences within the current 12 month rolling period. The code will then activate upon opening the workbook and move any rows with an absence start date of...
  9. R

    Record previous cell value

    Hello, I am looking for VBA code which copies the old cell text value of cell A1 (the value of A1 is returned by a formula which references to other cells) to cell A2, every time cell A1 contains a new and updated value. (The value of cell A2 should also remain unchanged whenever cell A1 is...
  10. S

    Track changes then call changed value in module

    Hi! I've searched everywhere (not just this forum) and I can't figure this problem out and therefore I hope someone here can assist :) What I want: I want to be able to create a folder whenever a new entry is made in i.e. column A with the folder name being whatever is entered in the row. I.e...
  11. E

    VBA code change and recognize text

    Hi guys, i need some help with word VBA. I have text in a bullet point form on my word doc and i would like to have certain things be done, when i run a macro. I am fairly new to VBA, therefore struggling with the coding aspect. Here is the text in m word doc: Tsla is up by 23% as compared...
  12. A

    Change Event for Multiple Check Boxes

    I have 25 text boxes named in the following manner on a UserForm Name: id_[X]_box 1<= x <= 25 I am trying to write a program which can register a change event for all 25 boxes and populate the corresponding [DESCRIPTION] Labels. Naming scheme for Description Labels Name: desc_[X]_label 1 <= X...
  13. T

    If statement to seperate transactions by currency

    I am trying to build a spreadsheet to keep an accurate log of transactions, profit and current balance of 3 currencies. However I need help trying to segregate each transaction to only affect the balance of their matching currency. Here is what i have so far. So the goal is if for example...
  14. T

    Macro to pull all amounts into a message box or userform and ask me which ones to edit etc

    Hi Everyone, I have a list of direct debits, sometimes I need to edit or adjust the amount i'm paying for one or more of them for that month I need a macro that can ask me which ones I want to change and by how much and then add reduce the following months amount by that amount? So here in...
  15. L

    Automatically rank list based on numbers from highest to lowest

    Hi all, I was wondering if it's possible in Excel to automatically rank numbers from highest to lowest? So in this example, you see that the numbers go from 5 to -1, but if I were to change the -1 to 6, Excel would automatically change the list so that cake is first, candy second and chocolate...
  16. S

    Advanced Filter query - What are the rules with editing the extract?

    Previously, I have done an Advanced Filter query, with the Extract in the same Workbook, and: 1.) Sorted the Extract 2.) Made some changes to the Extract Sometimes this had a bad effect: With whatever change I made, it did the same thing to the rows above and below it - unwanted changes Other...
  17. B

    Conditional change: Change value in a cell based on specific text (ending in "X") in another column

    Hello Board, I am new to board and dumb, hoping someone would share a simple VBA code I have a large table of data of ~10000 rows. I'd like VBA Code to loop through: 1) evaluate data in column A for cells that contains 5 characters ending in letter "X" 2) If it finds such, I'd...
  18. S

    How to convert date

    Hi, I am downloading data from JDE in excel and dates are appearing like as follows, how to change them to normal DD/MM/YYYY ? 118362 119002 119246 119273 119316 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>
  19. pliskers

    INDIRECT formula with Relative Column References

    I have a formula using the INDIRECT function to reference the name of the tab indicated in cell A11. This formula works and pulls in the indexed value in column G on that page. What I'd like to do is copy this formula across several columns and have the referenced index column change to H:H...
  20. B

    using a cell reference in a range command in VBA

    Hi everyone, I am new on here and have a small problem. I want a command button to copy a range of cells and past somewhere else on the sheet. Simple enough I know, but if I have range("A1:A10") no problem, but I want range(A1:A&H1). I know this won't work, but I want the value to change to...

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