1. J

    please help me

    I have some text and digit in A1 to J1, but i want that if i type "O.K." in K1 then all line A1 to J1 changed to Blue Color.
  2. B

    Entering a date stamp if a value in cell is True

    Hello everyone, Couldnt seem to find the correct formula for what I am trying to do. In Column O There will be a Yes or a No depending on Checkbox selection on userform. Say cell O2 is entered or changed to true then I want cell P2 to have a non changing date stamp. here is a screen shot of...
  3. R

    is there a way to password protect cells from being changed?

    I have created a multi-sheet workbook with several VBA codes running and I want to make sure people can't mess it up. Is there a way to make sure people can only input information into certain cells and run the codes from the buttons?
  4. JackDanIce

    Object unexpectedly changed in VBA project window - how to change back?

    Hi, Working on a spreadsheet containing VBA, last night, closed it and it contained 1 Workbook object (ThisWorkbook) and several Worksheet objects) Today, in the Project window, two worksheet objects have changed icons and showing as Workbook objects?! This is causing an issue with a save...
  5. L

    using sheet code name to call Activate function

    Hi I have workbook which has worksheet called hello or sheet1(hello) that is how it looks like in the vba project window. The code below does not work because of Workbooks(1).Sheet1.Activate but if I changed it to workbooks(1).worksheets("hello").Activate it will work! Why is that? thank...
  6. J

    How to change text to red if value in cell changes and add last updated on date to the row

    I need to change the cell text format to RED if the value of the cell is changed (not formatting or just clicking in it). Additionall, when the cell is changed in a row, a column at the end needs to show the date last changed (mm/dd/yyyy) and name of computer that changedit. Is this...
  7. L

    text to time

    Hi I highlight cells A1:A3 and changed the format to Text. Then I entered time <tbody> 1:00 2:00 3:00 </tbody> They are all aligned to the left. So far so good. Then I highlighted them again and changed the format to Time. Nothing changed!!. What I needed to do is to double click on...
  8. L

    convert time to fractions 1/24/ 2/24 etc

    Hi I want to convert time to general (number). I want the numbers to be appeared like this 1/24, 2/24, 3/24,...., 24/24 I changed times to fractions format but I did not get what I want. In some cases like 10:00 pm, the fraction format changed it to 1 instead of 22/24. Thank you very much...
  9. L

    double click a cell with time as a value

    Hi I have a cell D4 which has value = 40:03:28 The value is aligned to the right side of the cell, which gives me an impression it is a number, right? When I one click (select) that cell. I see the following: cell value = 40:03:28 Formula bar = 40:03:28 Home tab-->Number group --> I see...
  10. C

    How to update column headers in "archive" sheet when "live" sheet has changed

    I'm not sure this question is going to make sense, but please bear with me: I have my task list in Excel. I have 29 columns of data (some of it task-related, some of it formulas to manipulate that data). When I complete or cancel a task, I don't delete it - I move it to the "Completed" sheet...
  11. Trevor3007

    find case in a certain cell

    hi, I use the following code Dim Changed As Range, Cell As Range Dim Clr As Long Set Changed = Intersect(Target, Range("m2:k300")) If Not Changed Is Nothing Then For Each Cell In Changed Select Case LCase(Cell.Value) Case "win10": Clr = 35 Case "no"...
  12. I

    Keyboard Shortcut changed from Today to Ellipsis

    Hi All Randomly my excel has changed CTRL + ; from todays date to ... When i go into options there is no option for keyboard shortcuts. Has anyone any ideas how to revert this back? Checked a colleagues version and only difference I have is having fuzzy lookup installed. Thanks!
  13. C

    Post "Date" in one Cell when any changes occur in cells C11:F61

    I have tried to follow an answer that you gave a fellow lost excel user. :) Unfortunately I can not get it to work so I need more information. I have a worksheet that is broken down into projects (areas in the worksheet). In each section I have to have one cell that tells when anything in the...
  14. L

    Date format in excel

    Hi My computer date/clock is DD-MM-YYYY. So I tried to enter the following. I understand all except 3rd and the 5th (the last) rows. Why Excel accepted yyyy-m-dd as a date and why accepted sept 14, 2019 as a date and changed to 14-sept-2019. but why did not change it to 14-09-2019 (why 09...
  15. E

    Application Intersect - referring to a named range

    Hi, Basically if a cell is changed within a range (q_one) I want to put a date in another range(q_one_date) in the same row that the target cell was changed. The code I got referred to a set cell range rather than a named range. I have successfully changed it to work if any cell is changed in...
  16. Trevor3007

    add colour to row(s)

    hi have this code :- Dim Changed As Range, Cell As Range Set Changed = Intersect(Target, Range("m2:k300")) If Not Changed Is Nothing Then For Each Cell In Changed If UCase(Cell.Value) = "YES" Then Rows(Cell.Row).Resize(, Cell.Column).Interior.ColorIndex = 35...
  17. G

    Automatically send an email out help!

    when any cell changes in row C it emails me what was changed and what it is now. Is it possible to see the names as well in row A in the email when any cell is changed in C.. So if C-3 was changed I see the information for A3 and C3 in my email. This is what im using any help be appreciated...
  18. A

    Macro 32bit vs 64 bit

    Hello. I'm unable to use a macro in a 64 bit version of excel that works in the 32 bit version of Excel. MS's documentation says the following. Can someone provide the known declarations that need to be changed or point me to documentation that say which declaration statements need to be...
  19. W

    Query on whether the default highlight colour of Data Validation List can be changed

    Hi All I am not sure if this is possible, but I thought I would ask the question in case. I am using Excel for Mac 2016 and have created a Drop Down list. As we scroll down the list - the entry is highlighted in royal blue, but I have been asked if I can change this to our specific green...
  20. J

    Issue with Duplicate Const & Dim Changed As Range

    Hi, Trying to get these two instances to run together but not sure how to simplify. Can provide any more information if needed. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim Changed As Range Const YesCol As String = "L" ' Set Changed = Intersect(Target...

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