1. J

    char length question

    Hi Is there a script that would look at say, column F, and if the number of character length is 3 or less, replace that number with 2100? Thanks Jay
  2. L

    filling cells with random char

    Hi I wrote the code below to fill cells with random char. It does not work. I also have another question. Why Char() is not part of Application.Worksheetfunction? I thought all excel functions that you can find in Fx, you can find then under Worksheetfunction. But that is not the case. I found...
  3. A

    VBA help with creating a unique list

    Hello, I have a list of dataset on a sheet called "DATA_HOLDINGS". This has columns of "libname","dataset","variable","type,"lenght" and "varnum". This list at the moment is 40,733 but will grow. Under the column "dataset", there are dataset names with a list of variables for that dataset. The...
  4. W

    VBA Next Alphabet Char based on previous selected cell

    Hello! I have tried to do this using a formula, but sometimes the rows are separated by a few blank. How would i go about having a macro only work with the selected range of cells, look at the row above and add 1 to the CHAR. Thats what i am finding really tricky to figure out. If i need to...
  5. Y

    lookup for multiple returns

    I have a workbook that has employee info in sheet1. Sheet2 lists the employees dependents with corresponding employees social security number in column A. Some employees have multiple dependents listed in multiple rows. Is there a formula that I can use in sheet1 to list each dependent in...
  6. L

    char() function in vba

    Hi I was hoping to find a function in vba similar to char(). The code below does it work! Any idea on how to do the same thing? Thank you very much. ' print garbage char Sub garbagechar() Dim x As Integer For x = 0 To 100 Cells(x, 1) = WorksheetFunction.char(x) Next x End Sub
  7. E

    =MATCH Function not working even when =A1=A2=TRUE

    I've been using Excel/VBA for years and I haven't ever come across something this frustrating. I have a formula (see below), that results in #N/A because the MATCH function fails. I have checked formatting, TRIM() for spaces, and a CHAR() by CHAR() breakdown as well as using =cell=cell and got...
  8. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Compare if two cells have the same characters just not in the same order - Excel 2016

    Hello, I am working on a project that is comparing thousands of rows of data that have matching variations just sometimes not in the same order of characters within the string. I found a piece of code that seems to do a 1 to 1 match on two cells "A1" compared to "B1" that is doing something...
  9. J

    Exclude cells containing "_" from range given to dropdown list

    Hi! Here's an easy one for you guys! I have this table row of which I want a range including only cells without the underscore char. The underscores appear in no particular order. Example: Apple|Orange|Apple_Nutrients|Orange_Nutrients|Banana|Banana_Nutrients|Banana_Count Desired range...
  10. I

    Merging Values with IF Function

    Dear Excel Gurus, I once pray for your wisdom as I am not worthy of this... :) Guys, I have a question, I am trying to figure out, what is the "easiest" (besides manual) to merge values from one column to another. to be more precise, <tbody> Column A Column B Column C Column D 7 Char...
  11. Hobolord

    Extracting First and Last Name from Email address

    I currently have the below code that gives me the first name of someone from their email (assuming their email is in the format Sub Email () Dim EmailAddress As String Dim Name As String EmailAddress = Sheets("Detail").Range("A3").Value...
  12. T

    Replace "Expected =" error

    I have an excel spreadsheet that I am trying to remove a substring from the cell and insert into an adjacent cell - mimicking the "Insert Copied Cells" feature in Excel. Problem is that when I try to utilize Replace it gives me "Expected =" as an error. I realize with the current code I would...
  13. M

    Constructing a Cell Reference from Char Functions?

    I am trying to construct a cell reference from char functions; for example, if I want to reference the cell "A2" I would enter: ="A2"; which I could rewrite as: =INDIRECT("A"&2) ; which can be rewritten in char functions as: =INDIRECT( CHAR(34)&CHAR(85)&CHAR(34)&CHAR(50) ) ; where: "=CHAR(34)...
  14. M

    CHAR Function not working

    For all the CHAR values from 129 onwards I am getting a question mark (?) returned rather than the character set value. Is there a setting that has stopped this working? TIA
  15. K

    How to add hard line break to formula/cell?

    Got this formula in my sheet: =LEFT(R3,15). It return the first 15 characters from cell R3. Is there a way I can add hard line break to this formula - after character number 8? What I've found online so far (CHAR) seems to pick data from 2 columns, adding char between them... My aim is to...
  16. L

    Column Chart

    Hi I have 4 cells Monthly income = 1000 Monthly Expense = 900 I selected all of them and went to Insert-->Chart-->Column I have 2 bars but they are one beside each other (no space) between them. How can I create space between them? The char would look much better if there is a space between...
  17. M

    Char code for new Page

    I'm copying out a range of excel into MS word and would like include a page break. I tried setting the page break in the worksheet, but that doesn't seem to carry over into MS word. I've been looking for a Char code and found a form feed, but that doesn't seem to do anything. I just wanted...
  18. W

    Superscript 4 and greater

    I have four footnotes to a report that each include a calculation and text, I thought I found a solution until I needed to enter in my fourth footnote. Using the Char() formula, I have thus far been able to achieve having a superscript number, so far 1,2, and 3, and then text and formula as a...
  19. E

    260 Char file path limit

    Hello, I have questions concerning the 260 char limit for file paths. I have found several sources discussing this (I already have the one from microsoft), and even that you can use "\\?" at the beginning of the file path to overcome this, but not a lot of info on how to implement this. Can...
  20. W

    Return all Sheet names containing a specified value

    Hi, Im trying to automate a table so that it adjusts column headers based on a drop-down cell at the top of the worksheet (in cell B1, defined as 'NAME'). The column headers need to adjust to only show the Sheet names that contain 'NAME' within cells E9:AZ9 in each sheet. All sheets are listed...

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