char(10) add text

  1. R

    Insert a line break after every 42 characters

    Hi All, I need a formula to insert a line break after every 42 characters in a cell , example if there is 266 characters in a cell there should be 6(266/42)line breaks. =REPLACE(REPLACE(A1,42,0,CHAR(10)),84,0,CHAR(10)) I tried this but i am not sure how to get the start num to change to...
  2. Smokeyham

    Add Hard Return (Char(10)) and new Text to existing text in Cell

    Hello, I've been given a spreadsheet with a series of cells which the person wants printed as labels. They would like add a hard return to the exisiting text, and also some addtional text to each cell ("Fiscal Year 2009/2010"). Here is a sample: Current Value Northwind Products Desired...

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