character limit

  1. A

    VBA Email Hyperlink to Workaround 255 Character Limit, With Conditions

    Hi All, I have seen threads with a solution to beat the 255 character limit, I am unable to amend it to work with the conditions i am looking for. The formula I have that works when below the character limit is: =IF(F3=Sheet2!$A$4,HYPERLINK("mailto:"&Sheet2!$H$1&"?subject="&A3&" "&B3&"...
  2. S

    Too many characters in the cells of my Pivot Table?

    Hi Everybody, Goal first, then my problem. My goal is to use the PivotTable to display the Vendor & PO# in two columns such as this using the following formula in my Pivot Table: =CONCATENATEX(Table1,[PO#],", "): Vendor PO# TopCon Medical 612-A2561 My problem is that when I try to move...
  3. T

    Potential Cell Character Limitation causing formula failure

    Hi Everyone, Perhaps I don't understand the separation formula I using well enough, but everything seemed to be working nicely up until data was entered beyond a certain point in a cell. Overall, I am using data imported from another source that is separated by double asterisks between terms...
  4. C

    (VBA) FormulaArray Character Limit

    I'm running into some problems with the character limit on the .FormulaArray property in vba. I've seen some workarounds but as far as I can tell, none of them would apply to my situation. The workbook I'm working on is a model that, in part, imports data from another workbook. The formula...
  5. J

    Split String into 2 Columns by 40 characters and 800 characters, Whole Word

    I have 90-120 character strings in Column A. I need Column B to take the first 40 whole word characters and Column C to take the remaining characters up to 800. I have been researching a solution to this problem and everything I have seen has been slightly off from what I am looking for. I am...
  6. V

    VBA Converting Cell Contents to Comments - 255 character limit problem

    I need to convert the cell contents in a column into comments. Here is code that nearly accomplished that: <code>Range.(Select Column Here).Select Dim c As Range For Each c In Selection </code><code> With c </code><code> .NoteText Text:=.Value </code><code> End With...
  7. C

    Cell Character limit and overflow remaining characters to another cell?

    I know you can limit the number of characters using data validation, but can you set a character limit then overflow the remaining words to the next cell or be able to set a specific cell to overflow to? i need to set the character limit in a cell to 59, any remaining words need to overflow to...
  8. X

    Macro For Excel Text Limit & Conditional Formatting Formula

    As excel has a 32,767 characters limit for per cell when applying wrap text. I am facing issue identifying the ones (out of tons of data) of which has exceeded the character limit. Is there a Marco script that will allow the following to be done? 1) When cell text exceeded 32,767 characters...
  9. J

    Cell reference character limit

    Working on an uploadable spreadsheet that translates info entered on one sheet to another. The comments field column on sheet 2 is formulated as =TEXT('Sheet1'!CellX, "") The comments are being referenced, but there seems to be a character limit, as longer ones are generating a #VALUE! error...
  10. W

    VBA FollowHyperlink Generating Email Template Without Subject/Body Character Limit

    Hi, I am trying to insert a button into my Excel spreadsheet that pulls the contents from neighbouring cells and inserts them into an email (which would become a template). The below code works in most instances, however when the characters in the mailto string exceed ~900 characters I receive...
  11. H

    2 easy questions for the gurus (formula&character limit related)

    hey there great guru's of Excel - i really need your help. I'll get right to it. FIRST PROB: i have a price column, and i need to reduce the entire column by 15% - I'm fine with taking the price column and pasting it into a new document, reducing, and pasting back into original document. i...
  12. B

    Data Validation List Character Limit Output

    I have a list that I use in data validation in a range of cells. I want to use the list in the data validation but limit the output to the first 5 characters. How can I do this?
  13. S

    2003 advanced filter 255 limit

    Have cells more than 255 characters, is it possible to use the advanced filter to search through them? Tried wildcards, no luck. Went through previous posts & found only one but that didn't seem to work (?)
  14. T

    Message Box: Cell Exceeds 1000 Characters

    Would someone be able to provide VBA guidance/correction for this, for Excel 2003? I would like a message box to pop-up when a user enters > 1000 characters into any Excel cell. The message box should only have an ok button (no cancel or retry) and also include the custom text that is shown...
  15. C

    Email merge to Word

    I'm using Office XP Professional, trying to do an email merge from Excel into Word. In a single merge field, Word transfers only up to 255 characters (with spaces), although an Excel cell will hold up to 32,767 characters. Is this a glitch between the programs or is there a way to fix this?
  16. J

    Visable Character Limit / Scroll within Cell

    I have a sheet with fixed row heights, but I want the user to be able to view everything in the row. There is likely to be up to 500 text characters in the cell. I wanted a scroll bar affect, within the cell. Although it is not true scrolling I thought I could use the vertical align...

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