1. B

    VBA: File Character Count

    I was wanting to see if there was away to add some code to my personal workbook so when I open and or save a workbook where the file path is more than 218 characters I will get a prompt telling me Ive exceeded the recommended character limit.
  2. I

    Specific cell must be Ucase advice

    Hi, I have the code shown below. My intention is that cell Z21 must be UPPERCASE So typing tom jones in cell Z21 then when i leave that cell it changes to TOM JONES Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("HONDA SHEET") If Not Intersect(Target...
  3. N

    Imported wrap text

    Very interesting. The data is imported from another source like this: 48 Limestone St.Markham, ON L6B0P6 (no space after St.) When applying Wrap Text it shows up as: 48 Limestone St. Markham, ON L6BOP6 When I use =Left(cell, 18) or =left(cell,17) I note that the result is the same - 48...
  4. R

    Remove commented lines

    I have an excel spreadsheet containing many rows copied from VBE. Some of these contain comments - always with a ' in column 1. I would like to delete these lines, but the ' is a hidden character and the program can not find it. Any suggestions, please?
  5. MrDB4Excel

    number plus alpha character plus symbol custom format

    I need to create a custom cell format as follows: Example: 17a > This custom format would only require me to enter for example 6c OR 23d OR 3f OR 17a OR whatever #a OR whatever #b OR whatever #c etc. etc. etc. Do you get the picture? Before the need for an alpha character this was simple...
  6. L

    Extract value between text and character

    Hello, I need to extract the route number, which can be between 1 to 3 digits, see example below: Route 1-1 South Route 26-7 Ludlam Route 29-2 West Route A 101-1 North As you can see the Route value and (-) dash character are constant. Is there a formula in excel and/or PowerBi I can use...
  7. G

    Extract text between a character and first space left of that character.

    Hi, The title says it all. I'm trying to extract the text between a character (character is "%") and the first space to the left of that "%" character. I figure it would need to include the left and find functions but I am having a hardtime figuring out how to put it all together. Any help...
  8. T

    Can't find the ampersand character in a character string

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2016 and am trying to find the ampersand character (&) in a cells that are just characters. There is no = at the beginning of the string. Something like Victory & International. I've googled for that and didn't find anything the pertains to my situation. So, how do I...
  9. kelly mort

    Check if a textbox contains more than one letter

    These are a few things I want to bypass. I am using textbox1 and textbox2 These are for textbox2: 1. The textbox should take only numbers and letters no other character accepted. 2. Letters should not start the entry. So A5 is not allowed 3. After a letter, no more input should be allowed...
  10. R

    keyboard Shortcut for the ½ character

    Hi I have some tedious data entry to do into a spreadsheet. Mostly text. Every once in a while I have to use the 1/2 character in a string So I can copy and paste the character from the clipboard (very quick) but copy/paste gets used a lot anyway so then I have - to stop typing. go find the...
  11. A

    How remove the Last 5 character throu VBA

    Hi Folks I need small macros removeing Last 5 character of the Word In Exp: AT_1833 I need AT only. Removring _1833
  12. D

    Remove Characters from Both Sides of a Formula

    Hello again, You guys are so helpful! I currently have the following formula on a cell: =INDEX(DI1:DT1,MATCH(MAX(DI2:DT2),DI2:DT2,0)) It is working great. However, I would like to add additional functionality to the formula, where 19 characters of the output are removed from the left, and 31...
  13. I

    PLACE TEXT RIGHT: place a character to the right in same place

    I am trying to put asingle text character al the way right when using "courier new" itlines up in he same place. The setup is: Name cell: Last, First Group cell: can be character two, three, or fourcharacters, and will be listed first Using FIND to get just the LEN of Last nameand comma...
  14. I

    Deleting row changes font color advice please

    Hi, I am using this working code shown below, It works like this. I complete each cell in my new row. In cell B7 i enter 17 characters,the 10th character is shown in a red font. Cell E has a date automatically entered due to this 10th character. If for any reason i decide to delete row 7 at a...
  15. R

    Text lookup

    Hi, I need to create a formula that looks at the mid point of a cell =MID(CellA1,20,????) and starts at character 20 and returns the next 2 words before a space. Cell A1 contains "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA RyanSmith Recruitment AFH 0967" Cell A2 contains "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA JonBlot Recruitment AFH...
  16. I

    Advice for adding line of code to existing code please

    Hi, I am using the code below which works fine. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim c As Range On Error GoTo AllowEvents If Target.Count > 1000 Then Exit Sub If Not Intersect(Target, Range("B:B")) Is Nothing Then For Each c In Target If c.Row > 5 And...
  17. J

    VBA: right of a character and include that character

    Hello, small problem: Right(elem.innerText, Len(elem.innerText) - InStrRev(elem.innerText, " / ")) This successfully pulls right of the "/". How would I adapt to include the "/" as well? Thanks.
  18. D

    converting a 6 digit string into a 3 character string

    First post. Need to get LUN ID from a Disk UID initial DISK UID is a string of around 20 odd characters. I only need the last 6 which i can do. but then i need to convert that 6 digit string into a 3 character string. like so initial 6 digit string 3 4 4 5 3 4 only intrested in characters 2...
  19. H

    LEFT and IF to make up to 10 characters

    Hi in Column A, I have a mixture of 7 and 10 character long project numbers. In Column B I want to reference all project numbers to a uniform 10 character format. With the 7 characters ones I want to add “/04” to them. Can this be achieved with a LEFT and IF formula? Thanks
  20. J

    char length question

    Hi Is there a script that would look at say, column F, and if the number of character length is 3 or less, replace that number with 2100? Thanks Jay

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