1. B

    Google Sheets: Scripting Workaround for 50,000 Character Cell Limit?

    Problem: In Google Sheets, I use the IMPORTDATA function with an API call to a 3rd party data provider that frequently produces a text string that is longer than the cell limit of 50,000 characters. I have no control over the length of the text string that is provided to me, and when the...
  2. S

    How to delete last occurence of a character in vba

    Hello, I've got a weird problem where I'm struggling to detect the last occurence of the character "-" and replace it with "x". Does anybody have a way to take a string and replace only the last occurence of that character? (I've gotten a replace function to work, but it replaces ALL...
  3. S

    Windows 10 Enterprise / MS Office 2016 BUG!

    This appears to ONLY happen with Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit. MS Office 2016 32-bit The problem is using a Password Char for a textbox. This Windows OS will not read characters in a masked textbox. Is there a way around that? If I remove the character mask then the textbox works fine. But...
  4. R

    Dynamic range, conditional formatting, where second character in field is "e"

    As always, any and all help and suggestions are welcome. :) I'm very happy that this weekend is almost over, because my brain is full of Excel and it's made me start drinking wine already. So, in a quest that is somewhat similar to an earlier one, I need to turn all cells a medium light gray...
  5. T

    Add character to the end of a string

    What formula do I use to add a character to the end of a cell if that character is not already there? Example: there are multiple rows... some end in "NC" and some end in "N". I'm using the quotation marks to designate that the cells end in the letters. The quotation marks are not in the...
  6. K

    Count from "last to first" character max occurrences as long as it find

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> My data are in the column C:P, require results in the Column V:X</SPAN></SPAN> For example count max occurrences of the "last to first" character find in the each row</SPAN></SPAN> Row 6 last to first character "1" max occurrence=1, result In...
  7. K

    Count 1st character max occurrences as long as it find

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> My data are in the column C:P, require results in the Column R:T</SPAN></SPAN> For example count max occurrences of the 1st character find in the each row</SPAN></SPAN> Row 6 1st character X max occurrence=1, result In S6=1</SPAN></SPAN> Row 7...
  8. R

    Count the character number behind a certain character

    I hope someone can assist with this question. I require to understand the number of characters behind the final '\' character. Example: Monday\Tuesday\Wednesday Answer in next cell = 14 (14 characters behind the final '\') Or is a possible solution to count where the final '\' is in a...
  9. P

    Password Generator in excel FILE

    Hi everybody I have generator password in excel, but sometime, my password have dulicated character, which make my password less secure, can any one help me with the fuction to help my password not have a dulicated character. My password is in G1, the ingredient to make my password is from D5 to...
  10. E

    Formula Help

    Hello, I am first time poster looking for help with a formula which uses a sumproduct and vlookups: =SUMPRODUCT((VLOOKUP(__,__:__,{2,3,4,...},FALSE)>0)*VLOOKUP(__,__:__,{2,3,4,...},FALSE)) Here is a simple example of the formula in action: While the formula...
  11. Y

    Remove anything after the last slash

    what's the vba code to remove any character after the last "" in a string?
  12. P

    How to insert a character while the user is still typing

    Is there a way to insert a character while the user is still typing. For example if the user is entering the date, automatically insert either a "-" or "," or "/", or a "." after the first two characters. For this instance I just need to insert the character after the two digit month followed by...
  13. J

    Capitilization After Special Character

    Hi, I have made a code where if I were to write out a name in a textbox the first letter will be capitalized. It also capitalizes the first letter whenever I add a space between names. So, I am having this problem where whenever I put a special character or a number (For ex...
  14. M

    Find repeating characters in cell that are in sequence

    Been trying to figure this out lately- I have excel data in a unique system where a cell has multiple values for SKUs For example 1231223525 123512AA12 bR1124ABAGGA i was hoping if there is a formula or a Sub where we can run it on the cell like MID(A1, (LEFT(A1)=",") + 1, LEN(A1)) to...
  15. S

    Align Text on a Specific Character

    Hi. I want to align the text in a column so that a specific character (±) is in the centre. The number of characters either side will vary depending on the value, # decimal places etc, but the one constant will be the ± character. This is an example of some data: <colgroup><col...
  16. S

    VBA Read cell value character by character

    Hi All, I hope you can help. I've found below thread, and have a similar challenge. Instead of writing the text in the VBA code, I would like to pick up the text from another cell in the workbook. It...
  17. R

    recognize any character as oppossed to x

    I currently have this formula in a cell. It requires people to enter x for the calculation to take place. How can I change it so it will calculate as long as any character is entered into the cell? =SUMPRODUCT(--(Q7:T7="x"),CHOOSE({1,2,3,4},E7,H7,K7,N7)) TY in advance
  18. Jaafar Tribak

    Cool Customized standard InputBox to allow validating input as you type in.

    Hi all, Workbook Demo. As the tilte says, this is just a standard vba inputbox that I have customized with the use of the Windows API in order to validate user input dynamically as you type-in as well as masking the input with a password character (*) if required. Another cool functionality I...
  19. J

    Count characters in a string

    I want to count in cell B1 how many times the character ";" exists in Cell A1 In cell C1 I want to calculate which number character the 2nd ; is positioned Cell A1: yes;no;maybe;google;uk
  20. P

    Looking for a Specific Character in a Specific Location in a String

    Greetings, I know how to use INSTR to see if a string contains a specific character, and I know how to use INSTR to return the index number of a character in a string. How do I search a string for a specific character at a known index number? In other words, tell me if there is a 5 at index...

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