1. T

    VBA - Compare 2 columns for partial matches, and return only last 3 characters of matches

    Hi all, I’m trying to – Compare Column G from Workbook 1, starting from row 2, to only the first 10 characters in Column A, starting from row 9, from Workbook 2 for matching values If there are matching values, copy only the last 3 characters in Column A from Workbook 2 to Column F from...
  2. V

    Split variety of full names into prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix using a formula

    Hi, I have a list of thousands of names that need splitting into columns: prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix. The full names are varied and therefore the formulas I have tried thus far do not work on the whole list. Formulas I have tried thus far: Prefix...
  3. U

    Extract the the one or two characters of a string, depending on number of digits

    Hello, I have a cell which contains the size of an item, "Size20" for example. I have another cell which I'd like to have equal 500 if the size is 16 or larger, in which I have the formula =IF(S22<>"",IF(VALUE(RIGHT(S22,2))>15,500,0),0) However, this does not work for cells such as "Size8", as...
  4. T

    Applying Conditional Formatting to only the first 10 strings in a cell

    I want to apply color to the first 10 characters in cell B63. It has a formula in the cell. I selected conditional formatting, then New Rule, then Use of formula to determine which cell to format then I entered this formula =LEN($B63)=10. It worked and applied the color to the first 10...
  5. G

    INDEX MATCH + LEFT Function

    Hi, I'm trying to go from the top formula to the bottom one. I have to match H9 (which is a string of 8 characters) to column A which has the same set of information as in column H but with an added number at the end. So I need to be able to match H9 to the leftmost 8 characters in column A. I...
  6. L

    Finding values that don't have the right # of characters

    I am working with a spreadsheet (received from an external source) where all values should have 9 characters. I want to highlight the cells where the values are fewer than 9 characters. Is there an IF/THEN or some sort of function that I can use to highlight? It is a very large spreadsheet...
  7. I

    Inputbox to select the range from user to apply a specific function.

    Hi All, I have following VBA code to remove extra hidden characters from a range. It works fine. But many times I need to change the range for removing extra hidden characters and for this everytime I have to go edit the macro. I want an inputbox to be appeared to select (from user) the range...
  8. willow1985

    LEFT function of a certain word by a certain amount of characters

    Hello, I am looking for a formula that can find a certain work and return only 10 characters to the left of that word. For example OTHER INFORMATION.... FOR PO# 55222 FROM COMPANY Left of "From Company" I want it to return the PO# 55222 Any help would be appreciated Thank you! :) Carla
  9. M

    User form Date Field Mask or Template

    Hi, I would like a user form date input field where "dummy" characters appear in the field when field is selected i.e. dd/mm/yyyy. These characters should be greyed out. When the user starts input to the field, input would overwrite the "dummy", in black. My attempts up to now have resulted in...
  10. J

    Excel VB Textobxes Characters

    Hi Excel Gurus, I nee a help on a cod to separate Texts at Textboxes. So I have here TextBoxComments, TextBoxA, TextBoxB, and TextBoxC. So the TextBoxComments is where the user would place the comments on the file. What I want to do is whenever the TexBoxComments reaches its first 255...
  11. H

    Text to Columns with multiple delimiters

    I wonder if you can help. I have been tasked with extracting text from a CSV download from an app of a list of standard responses. As a download these contain multiple strings of characters such as: <p>Hello {{ entity.person.display_name }}</p><p><br></p><p>Thank you for your...
  12. W

    Find and Replace

    Hi all, I have created a macro which reads column B and then creates separate sheets based on the values-text found on that Column. I obviously get an error while new sheets are created. The 1st one is when text is over 31 characters. This is resolved. The 2nd one is when i have the 7 sin...
  13. angeloudaki

    countif cell contains less than 6 characters, or contains digits

    How do I count a cell if it contains less than 5 characters, or contains digits (even if mixed with letters)? After data transfer, I have a list - some are email addresses, some usernames, some random text. I want to filter these to username which are less than 6 characters (for example) so us...
  14. kelly mort

    Validate userform textbox entry -multiple criteria -vba

    I have this textbox that I want it to hold this kind of text format: "12345678" or "ABC/1234/12" Now these are the conditions I want to validate: 1. If I start with a number, then accept only numbers and stop registering any key stroke when the length of the textbox reaches 8 characters 2...
  15. J

    Excel formula (not VBA) to extract delimited string?

    I have the abstract string "firstString/secondString/thirdString/fourthString" in C2. I want to use a single Excel formula (not VBA; no helper cells) to extract "secondString". Any ideas? Note that "*String" is any arbitrary sequence of characters, not including "/". So, the formula must...
  16. M

    Insert text before the @ character from email address in a cell

    Hi All I know how to insert characters x spaces from left or right, but in my column have a list of email addresses.They are all completely different and vary in length an characters before and after the @ sign. As an example I would like to change to and...
  17. G

    If/Then statements with three outcomes

    Hey all, I have a Userform with textboxes in it. A user can input up to two characters in each. How the values are formatted is dependent on how many characters there are i.e. Empty Textboxes are handled one way, single characters ("A") are handled another and 2 letters ("AB") are handled a...
  18. P

    Remove characters

    Hi all of you, kindly require to provide me support so that to run a VBA code which should remove the 8 left characters through col. "C". Therefore that the row 1 are the headings and the code should run from "C2". I present below an extract with original data and expected result. Thank you all...
  19. I

    adding comma to string value in Range

    i have 6000 rows in my range, i want to add a comma to the 7 character location from end. i have this formula that i tested in a single cell and it works BUT when I try to apply it to the entire range using a With Range, the syntax is off (get mismatch error) can anyone assist with proper...
  20. M

    Pivot table Drilldown has problems with titles with special characters.

    MrExcel I have been working with using your Pivot table drilldown vba code (Thank you for it!) but I have found that any titles with a special character i.e #, can not be formatted or hidden. I see in your code the section "For Each rCell In rFieldFormats. Resize(, 1)" that I think maybe...

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