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    VBA code to fix pivot table chart in position on worksheet, excel 2013, windows

    Hi, I am using the following VBA code to move/fix a selected chart to a specific location on a worksheet. The code runs fine, but I end up with 2 duplicate charts: 1 in the new position, and the original chart in its original position. I would appreciate any help in how to fix the code to just...
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    Swapping chart axis in Excel 2013

    I am trying to create a scattergraph of concentrations (x-axis) against depth (y-axis). Excel will let me create a graph where concentrations are on the y-axis and depth is on the x-axis. Firstly, the options available to me when I open the 'select data' window, is 'Legend Entries (Series)'...
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    Multiple data tables on a single graph

    Hi, I am trying to plot multiple tables on the same line chart in Excel 2007. I have a list of X and Y values for Table 1, Table 2, Table 3 etc. However the size of the tables are not the same for each table. For example, Table 1 might have 200 X and Y values, Table 2 might have 175 X and Y...
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    Chart help - Please

    Hi all, I'm new and I need help Is there any way to recreate this PDF chart exactly as it's presented in Excel? I have been trying to recreate it using a pie chart but I'm having trouble with trying to plot a secondary axis. Can it be done with pie chart or do I have to use a bar instead...
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    How do I get a value of ONE at the top of my Y-axis?

    Hello I'm creating a chart which shows league rankings, where one is the best (and for this particular chart 25 is the worst). I'm plotting the league rank against the date that rank was obtained. I want my y-axis to have a value of 25 at the bottom (where it meets the x-axis) and a value of...
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    scatter plot chart

    I'm working on a scatter plot chart and I have 2400 rows of data. I have 2 columns I need to plot and I edit my X-values and Y-values for the series in the Chart Wizard but somehow it reads the x-values as the number of rows I have rather than actual x-values that I specify. It's strange...
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    Changing axes X and Y in a plot in VBA

    I'd like to change the axis X and Y (change to the inverse function). The easiest way I thought is manipulating the ActiveChart.SeriesCollection properties - get the formula of the series and change the string into them - manipulate it changing X and Y values but I don't know exactly how...

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