chart axis

  1. B

    How to set the Y axis using VBA?? Help

    Hi, I am not very good with VBA but, I'm trying to change the Y Axis to a value in a cell (basically i'm trying to tighten up the auto setting). I would also like it to only happen to a specific chart (Chart 45) every time the cell changes. I have managed to find some code that I think may work...
  2. W

    Custom excel chart

    Hi I have a stacked bar chart in excel. This is made up of positive and negative comments. I can get the negative topic names down one side of the axis but can't work out how to get the positive down the right hand side of the chart? (Example below) X axis...
  3. K

    Excel Chart with 3 Different values

    Hi, My concern is regarding a chart on Sales data which includes: Sales in number - like 11000, 12012, 12502, 13088 etc Rev$ in Million $ - like $2.3M, $3.2M, $1.4M etc Rec% in %age - like 86%, 75% etc so I can use two of these in a chart with Primary and Secondary axis but I am not able to...
  4. H

    Charts x Axis

    Hi, I’ve created a chart that details flow rate for every sporadic reading that was taken. This has charted well and details what I need it to. However, I’m having real problems formatting the x-axis (Date & time) which is taken from two separate columns. The problem I have is that I have...
  5. S

    Series line not correct after split

    I'm using this code to split a series line into 2 overlapping parts, so I can use different styles on them: Sub backfillDataSeries() 'make new series in Port Historical Risk 'if there is a backfill date in Rolling window data Dim cRange As Range Dim i As Integer For i = 3 To 122...
  6. J

    Formatting Transparency of Axes in VBA

    I'm sure this isn't news here, but Excel 2007's Record Macro function doesn't play nice with formatting charts. What I need to do is adjust the transparency for my (xlCategory, xlSecondary) and (xlValue, xlPrimary) axes. I've tried many different options for <!--?--><!--?-->"?" within...
  7. J

    Multiple Axis & Chart Type in Single Chart

    I am attempting to replicate the chart as seen on page 23 of the JP Morgan Chase earnings release for the financial institution I work for. I am struggling to make it work. I will be happy to send the Excel file if requested. My data is layed out as follows: Column A - Date Column B - Total...
  8. D

    help creating a chart

    Im not sure its possible but can someone help me if they can?!? below are the grade boundries for a GCSE subject and I want to create a 1 column chart for pupils to show how far they are away from acheiving certain grades! I want to create something that has the grades an numbers across the...
  9. cvincent

    Excel Double Axis Graph

    My double axis chart is tracking $ values on the left and count on the right. Dates are on the horizontal axis, with the oldest date to the right. The count is charted correctly; i.e. the dates correspond to the count. But the $ amounts are charting backwards. In other words, the $ amounts...
  10. J

    Auto y-scale not working correctly?

    I have a simple line graph with two data series. The one series has a lowest value of 12,04 and a highest value of 14,05. The second series has a lowest value of 11,36 and a highest value of 12,39. If I selct Auto scaling for Y-axis the Minimum, Maximum, Major Unit and Minor Unit the minimum...
  11. J

    vertical grid lines for multi-level category axis labels

    I am having a problem formatting a chart in Excel 2010. My chart has multi-level category axis labels, and I would like to have a vertical grid line separating each major group of categories. In Excel 2003, I could right-click on one of the gridlines and then specify the spacing I wanted between...
  12. J

    Bubble Chart w/ Y-Axis Categories

    I have a two dimensional table similar to: Circle Square Triangle Red 2 5 3 Blue 7 1 6 Green 3 4 8 Orange 1 0 9 and want to create a bubble chart where the shape category is on one...
  13. B

    Set chart axis values via cell values

    Using Excel 2010, is there a way to specify the minimum and maximum axis values of a chart in CELLS rather than have to go through the entire process of using the Chart Tools? For example, entering the values of "-10" and "10" in specified cells would set the minimum and maximum values of the...
  14. P

    Link Chart Axis to Cell Value

    Hello all, I ran into some issues regarding how Excel automatically scaled some of my charts - mainly I didn't like how it determined what should be the maximum or the minimum values of the Y axis of my Line chart. Manually changing the scaling isn't an option I would like to pursue as when...
  15. Z

    Macro to control chart axis

    Hello everyone. I am trying to create a macro that will adjust a chart axis based on some formulas. The macro I've been tinkering with works only if I click within the cells with the desired range and hit 'enter'. My understanding of a change_event type macro was that it was run whenever any...
  16. A

    Does my secondary axis exist?

    Hi, I've got a routine which builds up a chart using VBA using values created in a table. In the table the user has the option of plotting a series on the primary or secondary axis and it will be assigned there using the .Axisgroup property. So far so good. However, I want to add titles to...
  17. tydguy17

    Multiple Units on Chart Axis

    Hi, I need ideas on how to display a Metric and Imperial units on a chart. The problem is I need to somehow show these on the primary AND secondary axis. The chart is showing a comparison of pump performances with speed curves and an expected output torque. Y1 Axis: Output Speed (RPM) Y2 Axis...

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