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    Date and time in X axis when in different columns

    Morning, I have a set of data like the below: --------------00:30 01:00 01:30 02:00 01/01/2018 12 ---11--- 15 --- 20 02/01/2018 15 ---17 ---19 --- 25 03/01/2018 21 ---26 ---32 --- 40 etc. I am trying to get the date and time on the X axis of a chart with the data going across...
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    Do not update x axis in the chart if the respective value is na()

    Hi All, I updated the formula series for around 10 rows which resulted as #NA for 6 rows and values for 4 rows. I updated fixed dates as x axis for all the ten rows. I need the chart which displays only those 4 rows. In future, if the #NA changed as value, the chart has to be updated...
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    How do you aggregate the dates in an excel chart?

    Hello, I have a simple spreadsheet with dates in a column and a numeric value in another column. This data has been collected every day for a year. I want to create a line chart out of these two columns with dates on the x-axis and the number as the data point for my line. I want this same...

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