1. D

    Vertical value and range chart

    First time I'm creating a post as I think I'm usually okay at finding solutions in Excel, but this has got me scratching my head. I'm trying to create a chart that shows a vertical list of categories that each have a value, and whiskers that plot the range in which the category values should be...
  2. J

    VBA Excel - Charts - how can you determine if a line series is dotted or dashed

    Hi, I work on a tool that formats Excel charts for best fit to a powerpoint template. My organisation produces projections on different kinds of topics. We make lots of graphs with dotted series for the projection period. Before copy to Powerpoint it is necessary to tweak the dotted series so...
  3. P

    Splitting Large Charts into Multiple Pages

    Dear Excel Experts -- I have a stacked bar chart that I am working with that is starting to out grow even 11x17 (Tabloid) paper sizes. I was trying to figure out how to have excel split it so that it would span multiple pages. Ideally I would like to have the data table on the chart also...
  4. C

    Getting duration data (MM:SS) to appear on a chart axis

    Hello. I am trying to chart the monthly median duration of a project and while I can chart everything perfectly using columns B and D (Month and Seconds - see first image below) what I really want to do, is use the data from columns B and C (Month and MM:SS). For clarity, the figures in column...
  5. N

    VBA: Generate Charts, copy/paste multiple charts to same Sheet

    Fairly noob here. I have a list of Person names on another sheet. I want to automate building a separate monthly trend chart for each person and paste them all onto a new sheet, one right after the other. Will this code work? Worksheets("Report").Range("A4").Value = Agent Call...
  6. W

    Creating Multiple Charts using VBA

    Newbie here. I'm trying to create multiple charts (i.e. different chart objects with one graph on each). I found a code on youtube that is linked in the comment that I'm modifying. For now I want to be able to give StartRow which is a starting point and create a scatter plot of the next 700...
  7. C

    using data to create the series label in Excel on X Y Scatter

    I’m trying to use the data (see images below) to have three data points for each dot on the scatter diagram. I need each series element to be custom selected data (not fixed label) so that when I hover over the dot all three data points are visible. I can do this manually; however, I want to do...
  8. S

    Changing Multiple chart references within a selection

    I have a macro that goes through all the charts in my workbook and changes the series inputs (in this case would change row 18 reference to row 19 but can obviously be amended as needed) I'd like to amend this macro so that I can just amend the charts in my selection instead of the entire...
  9. A

    Populate Column based on date range

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help me. This is driving me crazy! I have multiple charts which contain environmental monitoring data: These are based upon data pulled from colums containing dates sampling took place and then adjacent columns containing microbial colony counts. for...
  10. M

    Editing a filtered Chart Series using SeriesCollection

    I'm trying to write backwards compatible code to allow me to access a filtered series on a chart without using the FullSeriesCollection (available 2013 +) object. However, the normal SeriesCollection object doesn't have access to series that have been filtered out of the chart. Is there a way...
  11. I

    How do I make this comparison to peer graph?

    I need to make something like this in Excel. Four shades (I'll change the color) indicating quartiles - just four even shapes to represent. The numbers on the bottom represent the quartile value. The yellow marker is where the person is on that said scale. I've tried stacked columns and...
  12. L

    Chart range that skips non-numerical data points

    Hi all, I am trying to make a chart that skips points that are not numbers. For the x-axis my values are coming from this named range formula (paintMSdatapointnumber) which shows the last specified number of values. =OFFSET(' Paint'!$A$14,COUNT(' Paint'!$A:$A),0,-' Paint'!$X$11,1) I thought...
  13. T

    Macro to move chart data series reference down one row for all charts and all series in workbook.

    Hi guys I have a number of line charts, some with one series some with multiple. There are around 70 of these charts which plot a variable over the past year from table on another worksheet. The table has months down the columns with a value for each location of the variable. See attached. Just...
  14. H

    Macro to Change Y Axis Scale for All Selected Charts

    I'm trying to create a macro where a user can select multiple charts on a worksheet, and then upon running the macro, enter the desired Min, Max, and Major Unit values for the Y-Axes for the selected charts. All charts would have the same Y-Axes. I found the following code snippet to loop...
  15. R

    Using a Named Range in a Chart

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to embed a named range in a radar chart. The Chart Data Range is ='Raw Data'!$D$32:$X$33,'Raw Data'!$D$36:$X$36 The Name is ='Raw Data'!$D$36 Y Values are ='Raw Data'!$E$36:$X$36 Horizontal Axis labels are ='Raw Data'!$E$32:$X$33 I've got a Named Range called...
  16. C

    Creating chart from table with multiple series

    Hey, I have a table that has costs of 3 sample products. Each month, the cost is recaclulated for the 3 parts and added to the end of the table. I want to create a chart for each part number showing how the cost has changed each month, but I don't know how to get the chart to choose just 1...
  17. E

    Format the selected series in Chart in Powerpoint

    I would like to create the macro which will format the selected "DATA LABELS" in chart in powerpoint. Below is my code. But the problem is Im not able to write code for selected "Data Labels". Please assist Sub testSelection2() Dim shp As Shape Dim count As Integer Dim left_count As Double...
  18. K

    Charts changing section colors with slicers

    Hello! I have an interesting problem that I am occurring. I have created some charts that is looking at racial data through pivots. When using some slicers to within the data that I have, it takes away some of the racial information that is located. You can see with the images below. While...
  19. DRSteele

    North American Stock Market Indexes with 52-Week Performance Chart

    With the intention to help those struggling to find stock names and symbols for Data Types | Stocks, I put in some effort. I have uploaded to OneDrive a file containing all the stocks in the TSX Composite, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P500 and the NASDAQ100, current as of December 29...
  20. S

    VBA - Save Charts with Chart Title as Name

    Hi, I'd like to be able to save all Charts in a sheet with their Chart Title as their name, for some reason this is proving more difficult than expected. I believe it's the Title = part of the code that needs to be changed. Any help would be appreciated. Code: Sub ExportSheetCharts()...
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