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    checkbox when row is hidden - resizing problem

    Hi, I am making a workbook for work. I'm using activeX checkbox to hide and unhide certain rows when a checkbox is activated. In the section of hidden rows I have another set of checkboxes. I got the code to hide and unhide them, but if I save the file with them hidden and reopen the file and...
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    ActiveX check boxes repositioning after saving

    Hi, I created a questionnaire on excel, with Activex check boxes. the checkboxes unhide the rows of the next question, depending on which one you answer. So I have hidden the checkboxes in the same rows as the question, using the 'move and size with cells' option. I set it up and it worked...
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    Checkbox Loop Help

    Hello, I've been trying to figure out how to loop check boxes to unhide rows in a separate sheet. What i've tried so far from going through the various forums in this site: So basically what i'm trying to do is I have a layout of a storage yard that has 79 units with checkboxes beside them...
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    Check Boxes to hide chart data

    I am trying to create a dashboard that will allow me to monitor my monthly sales, expenses, and profit. I have created three different line charts (one for sales, one for expenses, and one for profit). On each chart, each line represents a year (2003 is one line, 2004 another, etc.). Now I...
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    Hiding Check Boxes In VB excel 2007

    Hello!! Im Having trouble with my Visual basic code in Excel 2007. I'm using the code to hide two rows which works fine, however my code to hide the check box (second line of code) doesn't work so if anyone can see where I'm going wrong that would be great Sub CheckBox17_Click()...

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