checkbox value

  1. C

    Listbox/checkbox edit

    Hello. On my userform i have 2 checkboxes (Checkbox1, Checkbox2), where the data from those checkboxes are stored in columns 11 and 12 on worksheets("Data") depending on which checkbox is selected. I have an edit button (btnEdit) which is clicked after selecting a row from a listbox (Listbox1)...
  2. skacutter

    Check a checkbox in PDF form

    Why is this so difficult? I can fill in all the text values in my pdf form but I cant seem to activate a checkbox. How can you Enable, Activate, Check a checkbox using JSO? Here is how I fill a text filed jso.getField("topmostSubform[0].Page1[0].textbox1[0]").Value = "Something" When the...
  3. A

    Changing the value of all checkboxes

    Hi guys, I have tried searching for an answer to my questions, however, I have had no luck - so it may not be possible but here goes.. I have created a userform with a considerable number of checkboxes, however, when I submit the data I would like the entry to read 'Yes' for a TRUE value and...
  4. M

    select shapes based on checkboxes at the click of a button

    Hi, I am a newbie. I have a worksheet with 5 box shapes (Box 1, Box 2 ....) and 5 checkboxes (Check1, Check2, ....). What I want now is based on the check boxes I have selected the corresponding boxes should get selected on the click of a button. The code I have written is: Sub CSelect()...
  5. B

    Pulling out my hair because of Check Boxes.....Please help me I don't want to go bald.

    Good Morning to my fellow Excel users, The issue that I am having today shouldn't be an issue but alas it is. What I thought would be a simple repair to my companies estimating sheet has turned into an almost brain bleeding painful task. All I am trying to do is link two check boxes on two...
  6. L

    Multiple VBA with multiple check boxes and one Button

    Hi everyone I'm havin' this issue i have for e.g. 10 VBA and 10 check boxes and an 'execute' button so, i want this button execute exactly that vba, which I will select by checking checkbox Each time there will be only one box checked also I'll need to have names for boxes like you can see...
  7. T

    counting html checkbox values (Excel 2010)

    I am copying a large table of data from a report generated in Firefox and pasting it into Excel 2010. The data has several columns of html checkboxes. I need to do two things with the checkboxes and would like to do a third: 1: Count how many checkboxes are ticked in each of the columns. 2...
  8. D

    Saving change in Property (Help)

    This is very simple, but I can't get it to work. I have a userform that contains two checkboxes. If the user clicks on one checkbox, I want to save this property so that the next time the workbook launches, it will not display the form. For example, when checkbox1 value is true, I save the...
  9. M

    OLEObjects will not work with grouped controls?

    Hi Everybody. I am trying to set all checkboxes and radio buttons on a spreadsheet to False every time a drop down list value changes and I am using the following code: Dim ole As OLEObject For Each ole In ActiveSheet.OLEObjects If ole.progID = "Forms.CheckBox.1" Or ole.progID =...

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