1. D

    Creating New checkboxes with VBA for each new table row on Data Input

    Hello everyone, Im new here and also new to VB... Im creating some spredsheet for local hospital im working at, so it would make life much easier on some nurses to help them out, but im limited when it comes to advanced stuff of excel. I have attached simple example of spreadsheet, just to make...
  2. N

    Limiting checkboxes in a specific area when using the Wingdings option.

    Hello! I have 0 macro experience but have watched two different Mr. Excel youtube videos on how to use checkboxes and be able to count them. I am making a wellness tracking spreadsheet that should auto calculate their total points based on which boxes they have selected. I went with the...
  3. S

    Hide the check boxes when entire row is hidden.

    Hello All, I am using an VBA code:- Range("20:100").EntireRow.Hidden = True and Range("20:100").EntireRow.Hidden = False to hide and unhide the rows based on some conditions. Some of this rows contains checkboxes within cell. Hence I want the checkboxes in rows to hide as well when the entire...
  4. M

    Hide checkboxes using VBA based on another checkbox

    Hi everyone. I want to hide checkboxes based on the condition of another checkbox. If that box is checked, the other should show, if not checked, then the others should not show. I have linked the main checkbox to cell G140. When ticking/unticking the checkbox, G140 turns to TRUE/FALSE, as it...
  5. B

    How to suppress ActiveX checkboxes based on a macro

    I have a macro that I'd like to use to reset a form to original conditions - All rows/columns shown - Cell updated with today's date - Background colors reset - Clears contents from multiple ranges I'd like for this same macro to hide lines and the checkboxes within those lines. This section...
  6. K

    Copy/paste rows of data to new sheet if checkbox is checked

    Hi, I am new here and not very good with VBA. But I need to know how to write a code that will copy and paste rows of information from one workbook to another if the checkbox is clicked. Basically I am creating an Estimating sheet that has 100s of rows of possible activities. I want my...
  7. M

    Check boxes on a userform

    I have created a template sheet that I will be using for my team to create quotation. I have generated the first part of the form that completes the pricing part. I have a userform that I want to use to select different conditions to a quotation. I want the user to be able to tick/check the...
  8. B

    Checkboxes Yes No

    Hello, I have the following code that I picked up from some web page. This one inserts only one button to the left of the cell. I would like to have two checkboxes in one cell, one for "Yes" another for "No" and only one can be checked. I tried to replicate second option by adding "1" to the...
  9. W

    Multipage and checkboxes

    I really hope this is possible. I need to program a command button to send an email via Outlook... I have multiple tabs on a multipage (each tab labeled as a product type) In each page I have a long list of product in as checkboxes. I need the "Submit" button to find all of the checked boxes...
  10. H

    Checkbox editing

    Hello. new to here need some help with checkbox and conditional formatting, ill explain my problem. i have a column, eg A, which has dates in, so different dates in each cell in column A i have set some conditional formatting to change the colour of the cells in A depending on the proximity of...
  11. C

    Listbox/checkbox edit

    Hello. On my userform i have 2 checkboxes (Checkbox1, Checkbox2), where the data from those checkboxes are stored in columns 11 and 12 on worksheets("Data") depending on which checkbox is selected. I have an edit button (btnEdit) which is clicked after selecting a row from a listbox (Listbox1)...
  12. M

    Strange behavior for Excel 365 when deleting pictures

    I have run across some strange behavior, and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have a worksheet where the user can import pictures via VBA code. I also have a couple of checkboxes (form controls) on that sheet. I have a button that allows the user to clear the sheet of all...
  13. E

    How to detect if multiple checkboxes are selected

    I am creating an userform that have checkboxes users can tick off, and then press select files. I already have working code that corresponds to each of the checkboxes users can select, however I want to know if there's an efficient way to do this process. For example, let's say user wants to...
  14. T

    Set focus after tabbing through textboxes and checkboxes on sheet

    I have a sheet (not userform) with many ActiveX textboxes and checkboxes. It's used as a checklist for equipment inspections that gets printed out. Tabbing through the textboxes and checkboxes is hard coded on Sheet1 with: Private Sub CheckBox1_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger...
  15. J

    Form Control Grouping Greyed Out

    Hi all, I'm creating a set of checkboxes for a multi-series chart so users can select which series to display. I'm trying to group them into a groupbox but the option is greyed out/disabled: I can create the Group Box via the Insert option on the Developer Tab I can create and format my...
  16. I

    Sub for Creating Checkboxes

    Hey guys. So I've managed to modify some coding I found here to insert checkboxes into a file I'm working on. I am trying to make it into a Macro that I would call from another macro that that would place checkboxes in the center of the Range I would give it.. ie. Call CB("A1:B5") And that would...
  17. MFish

    Resize columns through VBA

    Hi, I am making a userform with checkboxes that will be a "Filter what you want to see" action. When you checkmark a checkbox it will then hide the designated column. When you uncheck it, it reverts back to unhide. My problem I have is it works great until you unhide the column and the...
  18. K

    checkbox to check automatically IF any of other checkboxes are checked

    So here is a brief snippet of my userform i have to use as an example: the top right-hand box (where it says "miscellaneous incidents") has a transparent label over top of the box so it cannot be manually checked... (i put a single frame around it only so that it can be seen for my example...
  19. C

    Macro To Uncheck Checkboxes

    Is there a way to have a macro uncheck all checked checkboxes, except for some? <tbody> A B C 1 X X X 2 X 3 X X 4 </tbody> So if every X represents a checkbox, and most of them are checked, I want a macro that clears all the checks, except the checkboxes in row A...
  20. F

    VBA: Delete checkboxes in cell range

    I am trying to set up a macro that will search the range of cells for any checkboxes, and if there are any in the range, they will be deleted (and then I add new ones in the next step). However, when I run the macro, it deletes ALL checkboxes in the sheet, rather than just those that are within...

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