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    Can Excel Recognize the "SYMBOL 252" check Mark in a Conditional Formatting scheme

    I would like to set a scenario where I have a list in Column A with a value in column B. But I would like to be able to use the Wingdings symbol 252 (the Check Mark) as a character. When the check mark symbol is entered into Column C then the Column B cell will be formatted per a Conditional...
  2. C

    Conditional Formatting - Turn cell green if checkmark symbol, red if circled X

    Got it figured out. Thanks!
  3. A

    Filter Information Based on Checkmarks in a form

    Hello, I'm trying to generate an interactive report that will allow users to quickly see their desired information by using a form. The data is contained on worksheet that includes a column with a specific label and five columns of data. I want those labels to be included as options on a form...
  4. M


    I would like to create a formula that will display whether there is or is not data in a row. My formula is =COUNTA(B3:G3). How do I make this formula to either produce a checkmark if there is text in one of these cells or not rather than a number?
  5. D

    Find which column is my check mark

    Hello there, im not sure how to ask my problem, but i got the picture of it. The point is i want to know which colum is my checkmark in some arrays. This is the pict: How do i write the formula? Wish for the helps. Thanks :confused::confused:
  6. W

    Shopping list help - add checkmarks with formula's? how to find % off total

    I have been getting pretty into extreme couponing lately, and Ive been working on a spreadsheet that is becoming quite helpful when planning my shopping trips. Here is what I'm working with at this point. This is all working properly when numbers are entered into it by the way. So here is...
  7. J

    Macro and lists

    I need to figure out how to make a few different macro's. Here is the layout. On the first sheet "Data" is rows of data. The first row is the header, the following rows are the data. Column A and B has check marks, and the rest of the column has the data. The second sheet, "print list" is...
  8. B

    Updating Other sheets

    Okay, Say I have 4 coloumns of parts and 100's of rows for those coloumns. Than i have 3 seperate coloumns that i have coded that when clocked a check mark appears: If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub If Not Intersect(Target, Range("F8:F16")) Is Nothing Then...

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