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Aug 8, 2011
I need to figure out how to make a few different macro's. Here is the layout. On the first sheet "Data" is rows of data. The first row is the header, the following rows are the data. Column A and B has check marks, and the rest of the column has the data. The second sheet, "print list" is where the data will be transfered back and forth to, with the same layout as the "Data" sheet except that Column A contains a Macro enabled button, and column B is just a black cell. The "Print list" is associated with MailMerge in Word.
This is what I need to do. In the "Data" sheet, where all the data is contained, there will be rows and rows of information. If I click the checkmark on column A for any of the rows, it will copy and paste that onto the first available row on the "Print List" sheet regardless of the order checked. Then when I am done with mail merge, I can go to the "Print List" sheet and click the Column A button, which activates a macro to erase that row of information, and that in turns goes to the "Data" sheet, to that same row that had the information, takes off the Column A checkmark, and puts a checkmark into Column B.
For example, if I am on the "Data" sheet, and I put a check mark onto the Column A, row 5, 10, and 20, it will copy those rows of information and insert that into the "Print List" sheet. So then on the first 3 available rows, it will contain the information from row 5, 10, and 20. Then when I am in the "print list" sheet, I click on column A for the information containing row 10, it will delete that Column, go to the "data" sheet, find row 10, take off that checkmark in column A, and put a checkmark in column B. I hope this makes sense. I am STUCK!:(

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Aug 8, 2011
Also if I need to make a hidden column that contains the Row number, so that the macro can find that Column containing the Row number information, and find which to checkmark in the "data" sheet since the "print sheet" will be in different order.

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