1. A

    Find a Date when "d" formated

    Hi, I have one excel sheet with the date 30/01/2021 custom formated with "d" to show me only the day (30). When I try to find the same date, in the format 30/01/2021, with "Find and Select" I get the message: "We couldn't find what you were looking for. Click Options for more ways to search."...
  2. A

    Mark in red color for unidentifided Numbers

    Hi All, please check my code below, this code finds number in Main sheet and makes color change in respective sheets based on its usage lets say if the usage app in main sheet then code makes perticular row to green colour in other sheets if the usage is Ex then it marks that row in yellow...
  3. S

    How can I extract a certain number of characters before a particular string or character?

    So I have data in a column that is delimited by spaces. It would be simple to delimit by the spaces to get the desired result but the data is not as you can see below: 5pt 3rb 1st 1bl 1-2fg 3-4ft 0pt 5rb 1as 3bl 1to 0-3fg 4pt 5rb 2bl 2-8fg If I delimited by space, I would have st...
  4. S

    Find row with 2 criteria

    Is it possible to find a row with 2 criteria? I'm importing survey anwsers to a worksheet, now I want to find the answers of a specified person I need to find the row in the worksheet(ImportLimesurvey) that has 2 specified cell values: In that row: the value of the C-cell has to be one of the...
  5. R

    Find next available code

    Hi, I have a set of codes and I want to find the next available code. Below is an example for it. So if I enter 02-002 then I should get the next code available which is 02-002-0004. I am looking for an excel formula instead of VBA code. Thanks for your assistance. Product Code Input...
  6. E

    Loop works on 1st cell in range but then stops...any suggestions?

    Hi All, I am trying to loop thru each account in my account master, find the range of cells 7 rows over in the next tab, copy those cells into a calculation sheet with a multiple the values, then I want to paste the end result back into my account master sheet. I am able to get the 1st account...
  7. E

    Trying to find all instances of a client name and copy the range into a new workbook

    Hi All, I'm trying to find all instances of a client name and copy the range into a new workbook where I want to perform a calculation. These are my headers and I want to do a find on the client account number, such as 5 and then copy the range. My existing range runs from A1:I71573. I have...
  8. P

    Macro: Find - Match - Return Value

    Hi everyone, Here is an extract of my database. In the "Score" sheet we have different columns from which I have to find specific words to match with those from "Data" sheet. I would like to create a macro : If there is more than 1 Instr in columns C, G, K and O then columns S, T, U and V are...
  9. T

    Excel to find key words and paste the same in Criteria column

    Team.. Need your help again. I believe it is possible for Excel to find key words as described by user and paste the same in the dedicated cell. And I also believe this can be done without using a Macro. Please help out on the below.. I prefer not to use Macro's if possible please. Keyword and...
  10. A

    find function for array

    Hi everybody, I have a list of records (string type) and another list of words & prices. i want to check if the string contain the one of the word from the list (max 1 word) if its exist in the string take the price of the word. for exp Bosch Power Tools Combo Kit - string combo kit - word...
  11. M

    Extract name from a column in different sheet

    Hi I have a list of addresses in column A of Sheet 1 in a file (please see the 9 rows below). I will regularly need to populate the 'City' name in column B of Sheet 1, using the City names from column D of Sheet 2. And I've been advised to do this manually, but I'm sure there's a formula...
  12. S

    First NotBlank Column C and First Blank Column E

    Hi folks, I am looking for a VBA to search two column in a worksheet. As the title suggests, I would like the code to find the first non-blank in Column B (it will be text, if that makes a difference) Once it finds the first non-blank in Column B, it should look to see if Column E is Blank...
  13. G

    VBA Select range using Find method and variables

    Hi All, I have a set of values in Column A of a worksheet named "Data". Cell A1 has the value as "Description" Cell A9 is blank Cell A10 has the value as "Team Total" The current active cell is D100 I would like to use the VBA "Cells.Find(What:="Description" statement to get to A1 from...
  14. S

    searching for data in columns with the same argument

    Hello. I am trying to copy/paste data from 2 columns (containing several rows with required data) and transfer the columns to another worksheet in the workbook over a time span of either 23-24-or 25 hrs The problem is that I need to use an argument what is not consistent and I have a macro in...
  15. M

    Help with find, select and paste

    Evening all, I am pretty new to VBA and I could really do with some help with a spread sheet. I need to copy data from multiple rows (I only need up to offset 0,10 from these rows) when a cell in the range A1:A30000 in the sheet entitled DATA equals the value of TextBox7, to another sheet...
  16. dreen

    Using Find and Resize to transpose values error

    I am trying to take my current code, that uses a Find function to search for the value in cell "H4" (this value is in the worksheet where the code is) and find it in a second workbook searching from Columns A3-A100000 (Find functions start at the next row after the first, hence why in my code I...
  17. C

    Mix of Vlookup, find and substitute

    Hi All Have issues with this formula =VLOOKUP(FIND("*",SUBSTITUTE(A8,".","*",LEN(A8)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A8,".","")))),Data!B:C,2,0) What i want is to do a Vlookup on everything in the cell up to the full STOP (.). This formula is giving me the position of the last full stop...
  18. L

    Find and delete

    Hello! Is it possible to find a part of a word and delete it ? I have a column like : LaviniaAdm as exp AndreeaAdm not there LauraAdm adminansdghjk . . . And so on. A name followed by Adm written together. I have a long list so I don't want to delete it manually. Is there a way to insert a...
  19. M

    Find, Copy and Paste across all worksheets

    Hi, I'm really need help with this. Been trying to achieve this for the last 2 days. On my first worksheet, I have Values in column A and column B there are also values but they are hyperlinks. I'm trying to find the cells with the values from A across the rest of my worksheets and and replace...
  20. S

    Find and Replace Across Specific Sheets based on a Data set with correct names

    I have a list of correct and incorrect names as seen in sample file below. I am trying to loop through a list of sheets and do a find and replace for each item on the List. The Correct Name is what the replace is going to be and the Incorrect Name is the find. I have looped through specific...

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