1. K

    Delete Row when cell contains another cell text

    Hi, very new to this. I need help with finding data from one sheet to finding data in another sheet and deleting that row. I have had a lot of trouble with this and cant seem to crack it. Can anyone help a formula?
  2. D

    Selection.Find Run time error 91?

    Hi All, Hope you are all well! I'm struggling to overcome the error in relation to the below code, would anyone be able to help me out? Basically I keep getting the 'Run time error 91' for the bolded section of the below code. In the below I'm searching Column E for the value "4" and if/once...
  3. F

    Select only rows close to specific date

    Hi, I have a database in Excel, where Column A have 100 specific values, that are updated each month, and column B have a price, and Column C have the date which the values have been updated. But some month not all values are updated may only 60 or so. I need a way to get the values closest...
  4. S

    Finding a same value from cell from one workbook to another workbook

    Hi, this is my first post here, i am building a macro where the macro will import data based on cell value from the primary workbook. the cell value will be in workbook 1 but the data will be in workbook 2 and sheet name's will also be n the cell value only, i have build the macro on how to...
  5. E

    Reveal all matches with FIND function

    I’ve just entered the wonderful world of VBAs and I’ve managed to create this great partial Find function that saves a lot of scrolling and manual filtering. Basically, in my non-technical language, it looks for partial matches by comparing a list of names with a column of other, slightly...
  6. K

    VBA: Search for value and select and delete row with that value

    Hello everyone, I want to rearrange some data in an excel table. I have a variable ID_Nr defined as double and it is a number between 2 and 100. I want the macro to look for that number in column A and if found select the whole row and delete it. That way I am trying to eliminate all rows with...
  7. lynxbci

    Object required

    Hi, I am trying to select a column range by first finding which column has the title I require (in this case "UseThis") Then I want to select the range from that address (f.address) and offset it by a number of rows (in this case I am using 100) The code works and msgBox shows $H$1 as expected...
  8. M

    Match two and more condition and creat unique value

    Hello, I have excel with two columns: one is a city, the seconde one is a name of river. I need to find a intersection and get an unique value for each group. Each group is created from the same river and particular cities. If city has two rivers, this should be in the same group. But also the...
  9. M

    Find / Search Duplicate Values in slash or (-) character Data in one cell

    I want to find a value among the multiple values in one cell, I hope the given picture will help understanding the actual issue. Hope to get some solution from some Mr. Excel :) P.S :- Please i need some formula instead of VB Code
  10. H

    How to find the first value in a range that is greater than x

    I currently have a macro set up to find values in a range, however some values dont exist in the column and as such i end up getting an error 91. To get around this, i want it to find the next range. My current macro is as follows. Sub xfg() Dim findnextGL As Range Dim nextGL As Integer...
  11. M

    Count Number of digits 0-9 to the left of a Specific Character in a Cell

    I used a formula to parse a field that typically contains text like the following: 1F5H or 13F1H The following formula works just fine when the number of digits to the left of a given character is static, like 1 numerical digit. However, I'm not sure how to determine how many numerical digits...
  12. G

    VBA to search multiple cells.

    Hey guys, I have this simple code to export as PDF, range AB52 is where it pulls the file name to save as... is it possible to have multiple ranges for the code to look for? I tried "range ("AB52:AB54")" would not work. Is this even possible? If one cell is empty look on the other ones for the...
  13. Y

    compare and find prize through prefix

    Hi guys I was wondering if someone could help me with this challenage. I am looking for a formula to calculate a prize based on the prefix (telephonenumber breakout). These breakouts are to call international. See below the prefix and rate example template. It works like this, if the prefix is...
  14. Z

    find first letters in a string of alphanumerics

    I have a string ex: ".13 - LAR" I would like to get the first letters, or non alphanumeric and non numeric characters of the string. They are not always the same distance from the beginning so I can't use left or right function. However they always begin in the 6th or 7th position. Any thoughts?
  15. P

    Lookup and Find

    I feel like I should know this but am drawing a blank. I have a table of 3 columns and 10 rows and two values to locate. In column 1, I want to find the number 29850 and I want to locate in column 2 the term "report" and return the value in column 10. So an idea is as below: <tbody> Sequence...
  16. 5

    Find previous quarter and display as Q3 or Q4

    ​Hi, I would like to be able to determine the previous quarter from the current date and display as Q2 or Q3 or Q4 etc.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I have the code to find and display the previous month (see below) but am unable to find a similar one for quarter. Thanks in advance.<o:p></o:p>...
  17. J

    find the content of a cell in another sheet based on the content of a cell

    Hello, I'm looking for a macro to jump to a cell in sheet 2 based on the content of a cell in sheet 1. Basically what the macro should do is: Find cell A1 of sheet 1 in column B of sheet 2 and go to that cell. I've looked for a solution but couldn't find it. Hope it is a simple question...
  18. S

    Calculate no of days to go back to reach a specific day name

    I know this should be easy, but I keep tying myself in knots over this one. I have a date selected by the User. I'm trying to find a simple way of working out how many days before that date is a specific "day name". For example if I take the date as 23/12/2019, I want to find out how many days...
  19. P

    Replace and Find VBA code for a command button

    Hi goodmorning all, hope you can help me place I have cells which sometimes has forexample -1, -4, -3 in them the range is cellsB24:P39, so what I do at the moment manually is CTRL F (find and replace) clickon replace tab – in find what enter (-*) and in replace with enter (0) thenreplace all...
  20. B

    Save with references to unsaved documents

    Hello, I have an excel file that gives the above warning message when saving. I've tried to find references to any .xl. files with find but this gives zero results. Is there another way I can find unsaved documents in an excel file? Thanks. B

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