1. V

    VBA: Loop through columns and replace values according to cell value (two workbooks)

    I have two workbooks; one with data to be replaced (main workbook) and another where to find data to replace with (secondary workbook (converter) / two different sheets; product and subproduct). In main workbook there is columns: A: row_id = not to be touched B: product_id = product code to be...
  2. S

    VBA: Finding value defined by formula in range.

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to create a tool to copy the times my employees set on their log and paste them on a separe sheet the company used to log everyone's times. I managed to have the code 95% to how I want it to be. One thing is missing... Actually making it work... :ROFLMAO: So I've...
  3. Wad Mabbit

    Count certain words in a cell, even if they appear more than once

    Hi, I'd like to be able to count the number of certain words in a cell, e.g. in E4 I have Lamb, rice, coffee, coffee. In L4 (Beverages column) I want to know how many drinks have been had of either: beverage, tea, coffee ovaltine In L4 I'm using: =IF(COUNTBLANK([@[Food taken]])>0,""...
  4. J

    Find does NOT find

    I've been racking my brain over this for a whole day now and cannot figger out why my VBA FIND command is not coming up with results. Here's what I have: It's an XL workbook used to compare Electricity prices for suppliers who have Peak and non-Peak charges. The worksheet "Electricity- Peak-Off...
  5. B

    Finding keywords in a text and displaying them in a single cell

    Hey everyone, I am tryin to search keywords in a big text but cant figure out how. I have a cell with a big text in it and I want to find keywords in that text, if a keyword is found I would like for it to be displayed. To give a more clear example I made an XL2BB below. I would love for it to...
  6. L

    Search values and copy them to different workbook

    Hi, I am trying to find text in one spreadsheet ("PerformanceT2") in column ("E") and the copy cells from the row in which text was found from columns ("E") ("F") and ("V") from that spreadsheet ("PerformanceT2") and then copy these cells into different spreadsheet ("Cal.PerfT") and paste them...
  7. N

    find number of line feeds in a string

    Hi, I have a program where text to be displayed could be 1 or multiple lines. I want to display the text in a specific form and I have multiple forms for 1-line, 2-lines, 3-lines, etc. All good as long as I know how many lines are being required. In some cases though, I don't know that, so I...
  8. airforceone

    String Parsing

    ABCD1Copied EntryExpected Result2Dog*Brown,White,Black,Dragon*Golden,Green,Red,Black,Panda*Red,Black,GreenDog*Brown,White,BlackDragon*Golden,Green,Red,BlackPanda*Red,Black,Green As shown above I would like to parse the cell value for every "*" entry to arrive at the expected result, below is my...
  9. E

    VBA Find the incorrect row on a different sheet

    Hi all, I'm working on a macro that updates a database, based on the input of a form. This form is located on a different sheet. My code was working fine all the time until I noticed that it didn't perform any changes when the macro was run from the sheet with the form. That's why I had to...
  10. B

    Cut the last entry and paste in another column

    Hi , I got a column of 1000 numbers (fromD1 to D1000) and need a piece of code to do the below, while in A1, finds the very bottom non-empty cell in D (D1000), CUT the content and paste it in A1. then go down for 27 cells (to A27), again find the last non-empty cell of col D (which obviously...
  11. J

    FindNext property of Range Object cannot be assigned

    I have written a code, which includes the FindNext method. All the code works so far, only when it gets to the FindNext method it shows an error saying the FindNext Object cannot be assigned. However, I don't see where the Range Object (in this case "cell") is changed in any way for the FindNext...
  12. T

    VBA Find cell address with text to use as range variable

    In a workbook with multiple sheets, I want to find the address of a cell containing the string "MIS", which will always be in a sheet in which cell A1 begins "P " (with a space after the letter P). I then want to save this address to a range variable and pass it to another sub which will set the...
  13. Q

    Extract the last characters in a cell.

    Dear cordial greetings I am learning the basics of Excel's VBA language, and I have come across the issue related to the default color range. Investigating in different sources I have found a code that allows to obtain the values for the RGB primary color palette, presenting them all together...
  14. J

    Vlookup l match|search|find

    I want to mach 2 columns A is the unique list of name's static B is unformatted console list In C want Names that matches,and very close and higher/approximate possibile name to get captured In D column is any way to put an remark 100%,90%,80%, match...
  15. C

    Code not doing anything (no errors)

    Hi, Sorry for two posts about the same thing, won't let me delete the first one. I want to create a VBA code so that I can look up the string "Category 1" and use it as a reference to add a certain number of columns based on another cells value. The new cell values are to have the headings...
  16. S

    Help with using "find" or something else Arrays?

    I have a large spreadsheet with more that 400K rows of data on Sheet(1) with several columns but one column H contains URLs. I can copy the URLs to a another sheet in the same book (Sheet(2) = "UniqueURL") in column A and only display unique URL in alphabetical order (with heading). I then...
  17. D

    Excel Macro Find / Alter / Replace Function

    I have a spreadsheet that already has some macros that setup SUBTOTAL functions where I would like there to be SUM functions. The code that creats the SUBTOTAL functions I believe is this... Selection.Subtotal GroupBy:=1, Function:=xlSum, TotalList:=Array(22), _ Replace:=True...
  18. S

    Moving Columns - want to have a macro that finds certain ones

    Hi all! I want to create a macro that will find a certain column, based on the value of a cell in that column, and copy/paste values the data from that column to another sheet. The reason why i need it to find based on a value of a cell is because i have "customizable"/"moving" columns and...
  19. R

    Find a text in a sentence column

    Hi, I'm doing my first post here. Please excuse me if this is silly. I have col A and col B as text fields. In col C I have a query list. I'm trying to find if the text values in both col A and col B exist anywhere in col C and then return a true or a false. Please see the attached sheet...
  20. V

    VBA - Press button of find all inside find dialog box

    Hello guys, firstly i want to sorry my English, because i'm not using the translator. I hope you can understand what I writed. So, i maked a macro that open the find dialog box and search for the word "lote". My macro: Range("A1").Activate SendKeys "^lLOTE" Range("A1").Activate...
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