1. M

    Having trouble with latest date in vba code for a pivot table

    Having trouble with latest date code for pivot table vba code. Trying to streamline our process of entering equipment hours and I started getting into vba since it seems like it's the way to go, I found some code that should do this but I can't get it working in my particular instance. Listed...
  2. S

    VBA to copy block of cells - keeping correct cell reference

    Hi all, Super novice here trying to get something done for my wife and a non-profit she is part of. I hope someone can help save me some time as I have been at this for hours. I have a set of raw data on one page that is organized by row. (a2, a3, a4...) I have a separate page with name tags...
  3. G

    Insert string before delimiter

    Greetings Excel Community, I am attempting to insert or duplicate a string value within a naming convention without having to do input manually. Is there a formula or a macro code that might be able to complete this possibly? Via the example below, I am attempting to duplicate the ID value...
  4. E

    Macro to run anytime a ActiveX checkbox is used (no linked cells)

    Hello All! I have written the code below that does what I want it to do, but it is assigned to 1 ActiveX check box. I would like it to run anytime an ActiveX checkbox is used, but also only effect the one checkbox being activated. Any help or guidance is much appreciated!!! FYI there is over...
  5. S

    Macro to add quotes, commas, transpose and select the transposed rows

    Hi All, I am constantly on a daily basis having to prepare data for SQL in excel so was wondering if there is an automatic way to add quotes, commas, transpose and select the transposed rows which i could simply paste into SQL. Here's what I do: 1. I paste all my data in column B1 onwards 2...
  6. V

    filter data or any other option - don't want to copy formula in all cells

    Hi, we have the data in sheet1 and sheet2 and using index and match formula, its working fine but we don't want to drag and drop formula from C2:C4 and again we have used formula in D2:D4, there is any formula from which we can get desired result so that don't do drop down SHEET1 125024568765...
  7. S

    Open and print a section of word document as pdf

    I have a macro enabled workbook to produce cost estimates for customer proposals. I have built a macro in cost estimate workbook to create a customer specific proposal in word from a word template that uses mail merge fields to pull in the data from various cells in the cost estimate workbook...
  8. C

    Conditional Formatting Macro

    I am trying to apply the following conditional formatting to a macro. It is creating the formulas and applying them to the correct range, but it is only setting the format for the first formula. Any ideas? This is my code: Sub CondishFormatMulti() Dim MyRange As Range Set MyRange =...
  9. V

    Transpose from multiple column

    Hi, we want to transpose some data from multiple column, is there any option to do it Query Table CodeAmountQty123456789101234567891012345678910807808824793812109113165266101112118081131SD-DE-16853808125901132428661651 Result Table...
  10. V

    Split in row and auto insert row as per requirement

    Hi, we have the following sheet where we want to split in row wise instead of column wise, can we do this from macro or any formula, its a large database query sheet...
  11. S

    Macro: Search and then copy the result and paste into Excel

    Hello. Please help me if it is possible to do a macro. I have a list in Column A1-1000 and I need to search one by one from a website and then based on the result, I need to copy the result under the second table and paste it in my Excel file (maybe in another sheet). Here is the example...
  12. L

    VBA/Macro to add extra lines from a value

    Hello Everyone. I have a file which will contain a different amount of rows and values and i want to be able to click a button (macro) which will look at the numeric value in column L and depending on that value it will create and copy the whole row. Data before...
  13. A

    How can I exclude subfolders in a subfolder

    Hello! I am new here and I hope you can help me as I am a noob when in comes to macros. I have a macro that I want to create that can list down all the file name and the file path of each item inside a folder. I also want this macro to list the items inside a subfolder. Note that there is also...
  14. J

    VBA to compare rows in two different sheets, if match highlight cell

    Hello. New to this board. I found some code that compares two worksheets (sheet 2 with sheet 1) to determine if there are any differences in the rows. The code works perfect for highlighting the entire row. If there is a difference in the row on sheet 2, it is highlighted in red. Instead of...
  15. Chris_010101

    Simple VBA Code help

    Hello, My excel is a master document that pulls in data from different excel sheets in different departments, each of which are all updated daily. I need to save the "master" excel once a week into a different excel with all the values pasted. This creates a weekly snapshot of the data as it is...
  16. R

    Print Batching

    I have been using Excel for a long time but am very new macros and would consider myself a novice at coding even. I have been trying to write a macro to basically batch print multiple documents available in web hyperlinks. I'm not even sure if what I am trying to do is within Excel's...
  17. E

    Large Spreadsheet Help!

    Hi All - I'm looking to develop a spreadsheet which can collate all of the contacts that we receive as a team. We have developed a template page for each company/ organisation that contacts us. I'm looking to create a summary page which provides a line with each company/ organisation number and...
  18. I

    Macro to remove brackets in Word

    I wonder if any VBA experts can help - I appreciate this applies to MS Word. I found the following macro to remove square brackets. Sub RemoveSquareBrackets() Dim oRng As Range Set oRng = ActiveDocument.Range With oRng.Find .ClearFormatting .Text = "\[*\]" .MatchWildcards =...
  19. T

    Increasing Number sequence based on cell value in a different column

    I have a large data set that I need to set an increasing number sequence in column A based on the value showing in column D. i.e. The number in column A increases by 1 each time the value in column D changes: A B C D 1001 AX11172 ILC010377, VSC003830 ENT002281 1001 AX8170 ILC006062...
  20. J

    macro to refresh pivot table and reapply filter

    How do I make a macro to update the pivot table and keep the filter selecting all values except #N/D as in the images below? Thanks in advance I inserted a new row and updated the pivot table, but the value 20 should be selected in the filter

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