1. M

    Force users to save as .xlsm or pdf only

    Hello everyone, This thread is related and inspired on an old one: Force users to save as .xlsm or xltm only. In any case, I tried to replicate the code for XLSM and PDF format only. No luck. Although the two options are available, the PDF one didn't produce any good file. I would like to...
  2. M

    Disable Overwriting message

    I wrote my code to generate random numbers and every time there is a alert message say "Press Ok to overwrite data". How to turn this off? I tried With Application .DisplayAlerts = False .ScreenUpdating = False .AlertBeforeOverwriting = False End or Application.DisplayAlerts = False BUT...
  3. U

    VBA Copy, Move and Rename based on Cell Value

    Hi Guys, I have below data on a sheet with tab name "Data" Date NUM NAME TYPE DATE Subject Note 1 Note 2 10/1/2000 1 Ben Student - Math - - 10/1/2000 2 Ann Student - Science - - 10/1/2000 2 Cher Student - Math - - 11/1/2000 2 Joy Student - Science - - 11/1/2000 2 Sam Student -...
  4. B

    Rename Multiple Work Sheets using Macro based on a single Data Validation Drop Down in one Work sheet.

    Hello, I work for a construction company that does a variety of different projects, and we are trying to streamline our bidding document to cover all city locations as well as all types of projects that we construct. I am trying to create a VBA that renames the worksheet tabs based on the type...
  5. B

    Excel Macro Export to PDF

    Hello, I am using the following macro to save the current selected sheet as a PDF. When I go and edit the path I want it to save to it fails the macro and I think it has something to do with: ("userprofile") But if I create a folder on the desktop: \Holding\ it works fine. I would like to be...
  6. S

    Mass print PDF files based on file path and quantity in excel document.

    I have a excel list with 2 columns. One for the local path to the PDF file and the other the print quantity. (see example below) I’m looking for a way to mass print the first pages of each PDF for the number of pages listed on the excel sheet. Path Print quantity C://Test1.pdf 10...
  7. K

    Copying Selected Field Values from Sheet2 to Sheet 1, if the Value in multiple columns match in both sheets

    I have two worksheets. The following are the conditions based on which Values from Sheet 2 need to be copied over to Sheet 1. In Sheet 2: We have Column A, Column N, Column R Sheet 2 has multiple values for each instance of a Pipe A is the primary value(InstanceID), along with Columns N or R...
  8. P

    Saving and consult images with macros

    Hello dear, it is a pleasure to be part of the Mr Excel community. My query is based on the following: I have a budget management system made in excel that uses a spreadsheet to make a certain budget and saves the information of each budget in another spreadsheet that is used as a database to...
  9. C

    Macro to inport games and scores from website

    Hello. I need help designing a macro. I have no clue how to do it, never done a macro yet. I want to import into an excel file, the games and the scores from a web site (ie. Live Football Scores, Livescore ). I want to assign this macro to a button, so I can refrash the data...
  10. E

    Clear Contents two cells to the left if input date is <

    Attempting to modify a MACRO that deletes rows based on input box date < criteria - that works great! Now need to just clear contents of cell two cells to the left and not an entire row. Not sure what needs to be done on this line: ActiveCell.Offset(0, -2).ClearContents - not working. Dates...
  11. mehidy1437

    Export each row as separate image of a selected range in VBA

    Hi Guys, I want to export each row of my selection range as separate image in VBA. Image name will be from the first column data. Like as, S1001.jpg, S1002.jpg & go on. Is it possible? If yes, give me some idea with the code.
  12. F

    Formula or macro

    I have a cell H5 which the amount is changeable dependent on the day. In column b I fill these cells with numbers from 1-20 but need it to give me some sort of notice to remind others that we have reached whatever number is in Cell H5 (and multiples of that number) e.g H5=70....70, 140, 210,280...
  13. S

    Macro shortcut key not working when Using IRibbonControl

    I have created a simple macro code and assigned a shortcut key from Macro option (ctrl+Z) and it worked like a charm but when I am using iRibboncontrol then Shortcut key not working. My code given below - '''''''''' 'In Previous code and shortcut key worked well Sub HideAllExceptActiveSheet()...
  14. mehidy1437

    MsgBox appearing thrice in VBA?

    Hi Guys, I'm working on below code, end result is okay, but I'm getting the MsgBox thrice. After editing the cell when I press enter its giving the msg & have to press ok/enter another two times to deactivate the msg. This code is running on "Worksheet" with change event. Need your help to...
  15. X

    Sumifs within an Array?

    Is it possible to do a sumifs within an array? I have a large data set (circa 20,000 rows) that I am working on and one of the elements is a sumifs. Currently I'm creating most of the array, pasting it to a sheet, and then updating the remainder of the array by running the sumifs on the sheet...
  16. W

    Convert Table to Range in all sheets but only for a given range

    Sub TurnTablesIntoRanges() Dim wks As Worksheet, objList As ListObject For Each wks In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets For Each objList In wks.ListObjects objList.Unlist Next objList Next wks End Sub Hello, A novice here... I have few tables in each workbook in a multiply sheets excel file. Can you...
  17. G

    Auto-send email and auto back up at specific time

    Hi, I am trying to create an automated report to be sent out as an email. I need a email created and cells B6:S8 copied into a table and the email automatically sent from a PC. I already have a Macro to take a back up of the information in cells B8:S8 and paste it into the next available...
  18. T

    Macro to pull all amounts into a message box or userform and ask me which ones to edit etc

    Hi Everyone, I have a list of direct debits, sometimes I need to edit or adjust the amount i'm paying for one or more of them for that month I need a macro that can ask me which ones I want to change and by how much and then add reduce the following months amount by that amount? So here in...
  19. D

    how do I make a macro run on any key press

    How do I get vba code to run if any key if pressed?
  20. K

    macro list of name ranges includes some i dont want

    I have a macro for listing all name ranges in active workbook when a certain worksheet is activated. the code is Sub Rprt() Dim nm As Name, n As Long, y As RANGE, z As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set z = ActiveSheet n = 8 With z .[a5:O155].ClearContents .[a7] =...

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