1. F

    VBA to duplicate and name sheet according to list

    Hi, I have the following VBA Sub CopyTemplate() Dim wTemplate As Worksheet Dim wLIST As Worksheet Dim wCopy As Worksheet Dim r As Long Dim m As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set wTemplate = Worksheets("Template") Set wLIST = Worksheets("Lookup") m =...
  2. B

    Impossible to make a recurring sequence of strings with skips?

    Hi, I've been trying to make a list in excel that looks somewhat like this. Week 1 ...... Week 2 ..... Week 2 ...... Week 3 .... Week 3 .... Week 4 .... Skip Week 1 Week 4 ..... Week 1 ..... Skip But I've run amuck every single time. It's hard because i'm trying...
  3. I

    VBA macro for REPLACE cell value from a list THEN print in a single PDF Document!

    I found in this forum how to printout sheets with different values, but I'd like to print all the sheets in a single PDF Document. How can I fix this VBA code to do this? Sub PrintAll() Dim i As Long, LastRow As Long LastRow = Worksheets("Names").Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row For i = 1 To...
  4. SkywardPalm

    Trying to write data validation for if there is a certain value in AC column, a dropdown (that's based on a certain range) appears in AD column

    Anything I try gives me the error "the list source must be a delimited list, or reference to single row or column" What I have now is something like =IFERROR(CHOOSE(IF($AC1="Update Location",1,IF($AC1="Update Source",2)),SUMMARY!$B$17:$B$226,Master!$X$2:$X$1048576),"") where if Update...
  5. V

    How can I simplify this?

    Hi, New to vba and using it to make macros. I built a macro based off one I found online. It's designed to delete rows if they have certain criteria, but each criteria is in separate auto filter section. Is there a way to list all of the criteria(TV show names) in one "section" ? Sub...
  6. T

    Faster Alternative to Conditional Running Total than List.Sum

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to add a column that will sum up values in another column based on a few conditions. The code I currently have uses List.Sum. I have to do a similar conditional running total calculation several times in my query along with a few other transformations. The query...
  7. S

    List alpha numeric numbers between two references

    I found this by Snakehips and it was VERY helpful ! I tried to modify it but found that it only works with numeric entries and not alpha numeric entries. Rich (BB code): Sub Fill() [A4] = [A1].Value ato = [B1].Value [B4] = [A2].Value bto = [B2].Value [C4] = [A3].Value...
  8. D

    If Substring from a List contains Subtring, return that item from the list

    I have a column containing broken/good domains I want to compare it to a list containing all the correct domains, and return those from this list that partial matches with [Email Domain]
  9. D

    Text.Contains with List Parameter

    I want to check if each column value contains a substring of each value in a list, and output "FOUND" if true. Current Code: = Table.AddColumn(#"Source", "TEST", each if Text.Contains([Email Domain], RandomList) = true then "Found" else "Invalid")
  10. D

    List.ContainsAny not working in List.Accumulate

    If I use Text.Contains to have 1 filter only, it works fine (e.g. only those containing "@"). However, I want to combine the filters into 1 query so there won't be so many steps. Therefore, I'm using List.ContainsAny instead. I think it's because PQ cannot pick up List.Accumulate's "current" if...
  11. D

    Trying to make a form that will auto update values on different sheet

    I'm trying to out do myself, I have a basic form built out with drop downs and blanks. So far i have formulas in place that will find an "Available" ip by using xlookup, and i also have an xlook up to find the row, column and sheet name, i have a cell formulated to show a complete location (ex...
  12. D

    Convert each row to List

    How do I convert each row into a list without adding a new column? What I have so far: = Table.TransformColumns(TESTT, each Splitter.SplitTextByDelimiter(",", QuoteStyle.Csv)([TESTT])) It gives error: Expression.Error: We cannot convert a value of type Function to type List. Details...
  13. C

    Follow-up List

    I attached photos. I have a spreadsheet with multiple rows containing criteria to be met or unmet, and then columns pertaining to persons who have either met or unmet the criteria in the rows. What I would like to do is create a follow-up sheet that autopopulates any unmet items. The...
  14. D

    List.ContainsAny within same column

    I'm trying to check each list if any of its content matches any other lists' contents, and then flag them if found e.g. for each List in Time if List.ContainsAny(Current List, Any List from time column) then flag repeat for all...
  15. D

    List.RemoveItems with condition

    I have a column that contains lists of dates. How do I remove dates from those lists where value does not = x?
  16. B

    Need help to create a rule to change data based on the heading

    Hey team, In the one spreadsheet I have a data tab that has different pieces of information from 5 departs organised in a weekly table format, as a master sheet. I then have another sheet that summarizes data for each department individually with a week on week trend, but only for that month in...
  17. O

    cut off words (or replace by "") in list from strings

    Power Query: I have a column with strings and a list of words I need found in that column AND (this is the difficult part) when found these words need to get cut off from the string (or replaced by "")? How? A sort of textual substraction... have been trying so long... list.accumulate etc...
  18. S

    Insert different data type into a function using array.

    Hi, I am trying to generate headers for a table. I decided to create a function just to generate header for my table. and to decide which row the header will go to my idea is to put the first element of my array(array that will be pass into the function)as the row number. following is my...
  19. A

    Editing Auto-populated Text

    Hi! I've just been Googling excel forums trying to find a way to do this. I just want to make a cell auto-populate a body of text based on a dropdown menu selection. I know how to do that, though... However, I want to be able to EDIT the text that populates...and I DON'T know how to do that...
  20. H

    Link multiple dropdown lists to always show the same value

    Hi all! Your help with this would be greatly appreciated. I have 2 dropdown lists using the same source. When the value in either List 1 or List 2 is changed via the dropdown, I want the other to change to match. I've got it working for one using the below VBA code, however, if I repeat the...

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