1. M

    Randomly Select Based on a value of another Cell

    Hello- Trying to create a formula that randomly selects a tracking ID for each associate. In addition, make an alternate selection, but it can't be a duplicate of first random selection. Was thinking a VLOOKUP & RANDBETWEEN combo, but stumped. Not sure if I have to go through VBA route? Any...
  2. O

    Look up a table, check availability then create a drop down list.

    Hi Everyone, I have some tables that show information and availability of products. e.g., List of colours then columns that show what finishes they are available in. (Pic 01) Firstly I am not sure if I am doing this in the best practice, but this is what I have so far. I then have another table...
  3. M

    Drop-down list

    Hi there, I have a sheet named Workers with 2 columns. Each column has around 1000 rows. Under the column Shift (B clomun) there are only 3 options: mornig, evening, afternoon. Under the column Name (A column) are names of workers (example below). Name Shift John morning Paul evening...
  4. L

    Force user to select from list on adjacent column if option from list is selected

    Hi All, A user on this site kindly provided me with the below code. The code done exactly what I wanted at the time: "I have a dropdown list on column AY with 'In-Scope' & 'Removed' as the options. If a user selects 'Removed' I want to force them to enter free text in column AZ to explain why...
  5. A

    Power Query Table Consolidation & Data Validation List Values

    I have a workbook with several sheets. I have a power query that consolidates the values from those disparate sheets into one consolidated view. On each of those sheets is a column "Pass / Fail", and the values of that cell are derived from a dropdown data validation list. When the query runs...
  6. C

    Filter based on specific list of values

    Hello, Hoping for some help/point in the right direction. I have searched this forum, as well as Google and YouTube. I have a filter enabled, and rather than having to select every specific value each time, I want to be able to point to a list of values that I would be filtering by...
  7. Jyggalag

    Alphabetically sort list in Excel

    Hi all, I have the following list: Does anybody know how I can sort this alphabetically? :) Kind regards, Jyggalag
  8. O

    Print to Single PDF from Data Validation List on Mac

    Hey Everyone, So I've been looking online for this, but nothing seems to work. I have a dropdown list in cell B21 in sheet named CERTDELEGATES that pulls data form another sheet, Delegates. What I need is a macro that will print all the names in that list to a single PDF in the same folder as...
  9. A

    Have SQL code refer to cells in worksheet

    Hello all, I'm looking to enter the below query from a sql server database. However, in the Enter Connotes section, rather than entering in a list of connotes into the code, I would like for it to refer to a list of connotes in the excel workbook. I would appreciate it if someone could advise...
  10. E

    Pivot Table or Macro to filter data with multiple criteria

    I have a data sheet that I would like to make a pivot table or another sheet off of with a specific customer number and then day of the week. Below is an example of some of the data. Column E is customer numbers. I would like to make a table or sheet using specific numbers from column E and...
  11. sycodiz

    VBA MsgBox based on rows - continue if true cancel if false

    I have searched everywhere for this answer. I am sure it is out there but I feel like I am going in circles. So I came here to you awesome people for help and direction! I do apologize that I am not very savvy in VBA but occasionally I do have to create some crude macros and then come to you...
  12. R

    Creating multiple excel files from a template - renaming and saving them based on list

    Hello Guys! I am really new with VBA, i hope You can help me with this. My girlfriend got a task at her workplace, to create 400+ excel files. I think this could be easily done with VBA. I tried many codes, but unfortunately i don't have the knowlege to modify them at the moment, but i really...
  13. L

    Help figuring out how to do this.

    Alright, so a company that I work with makes racks for a large company to use. They are new and I go in every day and watch the racks when they get placed and make note of the rack number, time in and out, any issues that come from the robot etc. So we are trying to figure out now, an easy-clean...
  14. I

    Quick solution for 400 increment macro's with VBA?

    Hello community, Excel/macro noob here. I have a question. currently i am working on a 'barman list' in excel where the barman can click the + and the - to increment or decrement a value. For examle, "john" orders a drink, the barman clicks the + button behind his name and a 1 will appear. I...
  15. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Check if multiple String Variables are Blank

    Hello All, I have a small script that takes values from one sheet and populates other tabs based on specific criteria. I have a small declaration of variables that I am trying to validate that there are values within the variables, if not I want to change the variables to "N/A" as the...
  16. Q

    Get matching list between two columns

    I have two different brand lists in two different columns, New List and Reference List. I want to make a formula that returns only the matches between two columns, as shown in the table below. New List Reference List Formula Returns Brand D Brand A Brand D Brand Y Brand B Brand B Brand...
  17. C

    Search a string to find "whole word" from list

    Column A contains strings Column D Contains a list of words to search for Column B returns true if whole word found Only return true if whole word is found eg Dog not DogD If not in list return a null cell ---- If possible I would a more detailed result Column A contains strings Column D...
  18. B

    =unique formula giving duplicates

    Hey all!! I have a unique problem... pardon the pun haha. I have a really simple equation =IFERROR(UNIQUE('Lims Report'!D7:D5000,FALSE,FALSE),"") This formula has always worked for a simple list with no duplicates, and now I have a list using this formula that has given me a duplicate :( Has...
  19. S

    Mirror drop down list

    I have a problem, want to mirror a drop down list on 2 sheets so that when one or other is changed they both change to that same value I have created the first drop down list using DATA VALIDATION from a table on another sheet. I have then gone on to my second sheet where I want the mirrored...
  20. L

    Excel List and Google Search

    Hi everyone, I have a question I'm not sure if excel is able to do. If I have a list of businesses in excel and want to search the web (probably google) for their website address. Is there a formula or a way to upload my list somewhere and have each business googled and return their website...

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