1. L

    Sorting by date

    Hi, I have exported a file as a CSV that includes dates and other information. Upon export, the dates are not in chronological order and I cannot seem to get them sorted into chronological order. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I also do believe that the dates are stored as text but can't...
  2. T

    Time Calculation for a Unique ID with Multiple Lines/Instances

    <tbody> ID Assigned Queue Queue Entry Time Time in Queue AAA Test 12/12/17 3:00 (need calculation) BBB Production 6/1/18 7:00 BBB Test 3/2/18 3:00 CCC Quality Check 6/12/18 2:00 CCC Production 6/25/18 4:00 AAA Quality Check 12/25/17 6:00 BBB Quality...
  3. masud8956

    Auto numbering of rows basing on true values

    Hi, I have a table where I import data from other worksheets. Column A is for row numbers. I have other data in columns B, C and D. A3 B3 C3 D3 1 ...x...y...z 2....p...q...r I need a formula to populate column A automatically with chronological row numbers when there is data in...
  4. K

    List Names in Chronological Order With Duplicate Dates

    Hi everyone! I hope someone can help me get to the final step. Using a formula, most likely an array, I would like to reorder my list of names in chronological order (by date). I have already created columns of data that I believe would get me to the final step, but I can't seem to finalize...
  5. M

    VBA - Arrange Data in chronological order referencing 3 seperate columns

    Hi, I am trying to create a macro that will arange my data in chronological order from oldest to newest. I have 3 seperate columns (G, I & K) which contain dates, although some of the cells may be blank or contain dates in each column. Is it possible to find the earliest date in each row...
  6. T

    VBA formula to copy format and paste cells for dates?

    I've got this code Sub Datar() Dim sel As Range, ass1start As Range, ass1end As Range Dim ass2start As Range, ass2end As Range Dim temp1 As Range, temp2 As RangeSet sel = Selection For Each Row In sel.Rows Set ass1start = Row.Cells(1, 1) Set ass1end = Row.Cells(1, 2) Set ass2start =...
  7. T

    Chronologically sorting dates in rows?

    Hey guys, I have a spreadsheet of assignments to students and I wanted to categorize them by assignment start date, and end date for each assignment. The problem is, the person who made the spreadsheet for me didn't organize the dates correctly so Assignment 1 might actually be Assignment 2...
  8. M

    Auto-Adjusting Graphics

    Hey Guys, I appreciate any help that anybody can offer. I am making a presentation formatted in Excel, and I have run into a small problem. The presentation has a section that is updated frequently that requires a good bit of time to adjust. What I have in place right now is series of boxes...
  9. R

    If statement with dates based in order

    I am trying to figure out how to calculate an if statement using dates. A2 = promised date B2 = completion date C2 = status If the completion date is before the promise date then the status should equal = "on time" If the completion date is after the promise date then the status should equal...
  10. A

    "Serial numbering" \ Numbering upon chronological order

    Hello dear forum members, I have a large data set for sale dates and times of various products. I would like to add a column, that for each different type of product (product SKUs provided), would number the sales chronologically. By this I mean the earliest sale of each product would get "1"...
  11. S

    Need for the data to be in Chronological Order

    I have a set of data which is set up in rows. The data needs to be in chronological order by row so the columns sync up to create a graph of the data. Is there a way to do this without going row by row (ie is there a way to sort by row than by column for multiple rows). Here is how my data is...

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